“ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA”, which is about a month away from opening, will be available for pre-sale at Lawson Ticket from 12:00 on June 15, 2021 (Tuesday)! !!

Additional information on the creatures you can meet at ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA is also released


Sasaki Holdings Co., Ltd., Shogakukan Co., Ltd., Aid DCC Co., Ltd., Drill Co., Ltd., Dentsu Co., Ltd., Sunnyside Up Co., Ltd., Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd. Is a new type of experience-based facility "ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan no Zukan NEO" (hereinafter referred to as "ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA"), which will open on July 16, 2021. The Lawson Ticket ( https://l-tike.com/zukanmuseum ) will start from 12:00 on the 15th (Wednesday).

・ Ticket sales information

Pre-sale site: Lawson Ticket ( https://l-tike.com/zukanmuseum )

Sales start date and time: June 15, 2021 (Tuesday) 12:00 noon

<About the flow after purchase>
At ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA, it is necessary to reserve the visit time in advance. After purchasing the ticket, please reserve the visit time on the official website. (* Ticket purchases and reservations will be accepted on the official website from midnight on 7/1 (Thursday))

·Price list

<General charge * Tax included>

<Discount rate for persons with disabilities * Tax included> (Amount applicable to the person and one accompanying person)

<Notes on purchasing tickets>

◎ Same-day tickets can be purchased at the ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA facility ticket counter and the official website.
◎ Children under the age of 3 can enter the museum free of charge.
◎ Changes and cancellations cannot be made after the purchase is completed. Tickets have a designated date and time and may be sold out.
◎ If you have a disability certificate, please show it to the staff before entering the venue.
◎ Children (junior high school students and younger) must be accompanied by a guardian over 20 years old. One guardian is required for every three children, including children who enter for free.
◎ You can enter the building with infants, but you need to leave your stroller.
◎ Wheelchair users and people with disabilities can enter with a wheelchair or assistance dog.
◎ Opening hours are subject to change with advance notice on the official website. (Reservations can be made from one month before the desired visit date)

・ Five zones that make up ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA

[New] Antview Zone

In the Antview Zone, you can see the creatures that are usually found in thickets. Even in familiar forests and creatures, when you explore from the perspective of ants, everything you see is huge, and you can experience new discoveries and surprises.

[New] Waterfall zone

In the waterfall zone, creatures that symbolize the beautiful river, which is typical of Japan with abundant water, appear.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the day and the fantastic sight of the night.

Deep forest zone

In the deep forest zone, creatures that live in dense forests in warm areas and coniferous forests in cold areas appear. We are paying attention to the lives of creatures that utilize forests three-dimensionally.

Underwater zone

The Underwater Zone is home to large and mysterious creatures that live in a variety of freshwater waters around the world. Some creatures will not show up unless you are surprised.

Wild field zone

In the Wildfield Zone, you'll find creatures that live in savanna-like tall grasslands and sparsely grassed arid areas. Here, some creatures show up due to sudden rain.

・ Unique time that flows in ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA

This museum has a unique "flow of time" that condenses the day into 24 minutes. You can enjoy encounters with various creatures that appear in the landscape that changes over time, such as morning, noon, evening, and night.

・ Creatures you can meet at ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA

In addition to the elk, Alexandra's birdwing swallowtail, and southern tamandua announced at the time of the opening decision, this time we will newly release Amazon river dolphin and armadillo lizard, and Siamang, which is one of the first creatures you can meet at ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA. is.

Amazon River Dolphin [Underwater Zone / Daytime]

Armadillo Lizard [Wildfield Zone / Noon]

Siamang [Tutorial / Lunch]

・ Siamang's movement

・ About product sales sold at the official store "memoria"

The following items will be on sale at the official store "memoria" attached to ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA. (Some excerpts, all designs are provisional)

① ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA original creature card (with special creature sticker) 150 yen (tax included)
All 40 original cards featuring creatures that appear in ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA. Put the special creature sticker on the card on the "Official Creatures Encyclopedia" and aim for completeness.

② Official creature picture book B6 size 40 pages 700 yen (tax included)
Complete coverage of 39 species of creatures that appear in ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA. In addition, the official creature picture book comes with a sticker mount.

③ Canvas tote (logo) Large (approx. H390 x W330) 2,200 yen / Small (approx. H220 x W200) 1,650 yen
A tote bag featuring the ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA logo and the world of key visuals.
Expressing the excitement of encountering creatures in the museum. Available in two sizes, large and small, in two colors, kinari and black.

④ T-shirt (key visual) (M / L) 3,850 yen (130cm / 150cm) 3,630 yen
The T-shirt with the key visual of ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA. A design that parents and children can wear together. Available in two colors, white and black.

⑤ Ginza Matsuzaki Senmochi "ZUKAN MUSEUM Kawara Sembei" 3 pieces 756 yen (tax included)
Ginza Matsuzaki Senmochi was founded in Shibayo Aisaka in the first year of culture (1804).
After that, Sandaime J Soul Brothers moved to Ginza in the first year of Keio (1865), and it has been more than 200 years since spring and autumn.
"Oedo Matsuzaki Sanmikan", which represents Matsuzaki brewed rice cake, is carefully finished one by one by craftsmen on the smooth surface, and the taste of each season is drawn with sugar honey. Kawara Sembei is popular among men and women of all ages due to its pleasant texture and rich, soft sweetness that uses plenty of eggs. Please enjoy the standard products of the city of Ginza and the collaboration products of ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA.

・ What is ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan's illustrated book NEO?

This facility is a world where you can meet creatures that you could only see in the picture book, feel their breath, and go on to meet other creatures while exploring the space where digital and real are fused. It is a new type of experience-based facility where you can immerse yourself in. This facility, which is a "living museum where the" nature of the earth "is condensed," is an era in which information is overflowing and various technologies are updated daily. We will provide a new pictorial book experience where you can experience the "nature of the earth" with all five senses by "visiting" the space and time of the world you are living in.

The facility is designed to express real changes in the environment on the earth, such as the passage of time of 24 hours and changes in the weather, and you can experience the real "nature of the earth" with the passage of space and time. It is a new type of experience-based facility that aims to "create a real experience" that is as important as "reading and knowing" in learning. Please look forward to the new "Academic Entertainment", "ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan no Zukan NEO," which arouses intellectual curiosity through a series of discoveries and changes the values and mindset of "the nature of the earth" before and after the experience.

Visitors will be provided with special items as a navigator to detect and record creatures. Each time you step into each zone, the item will help you learn about the ecology of the creatures.

・ What is "Shogakukan Encyclopedia NEO"?

"Shogakukan's illustrated book NEO" is a series of illustrated books released by Shogakukan.
Shogakukan's signature book with a cumulative circulation of over 11 million. It was published in 2002 as a project for the 80th anniversary of Shogakukan's founding. The origin of "NEO" in "Shogakukan no Zukan NEO" is taken from the acronyms Nature (nature and creatures), Earth (earth and space), and Origin (asking for origin).

·Equipment outline

Facility official name: ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan Encyclopedia NEO
Organizer: Zukan Museum Limited Liability Partnership
(Sasaki Holdings Co., Ltd., Shogakukan Co., Ltd., Aid DCC Co., Ltd., Drill Co., Ltd., Dentsu Inc., Sunny Side Up Co., Ltd., Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd.)

Location: 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6F
Access: 1 minute walk from Exits C2 and C3 of Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line
2 minutes walk from Exit A1 of Hibiya Station on the Tokyo Metro, Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line, Toei Mita Line
JR Yamanote Line / Keihin Tohoku Line Yurakucho Station Ginza Exit 4 minutes walk

Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00 (* planned)
Closed days: Same as the closed days of Tokyu Plaza Ginza (* 1/1 and irregular holidays once a year)
Official HP: https://zukan-museum.com/ (Inquiries from the general public: info@zukan-museum.com)
Official SNS: [Twitter] @zukan_museum / [Instagram] @zukan_museum

Infectious disease preventive measures: Regarding infectious disease preventive measures such as new coronavirus at the time of opening,
We will give top priority to the health and safety of all visitors and take measures so that they can experience with peace of mind.