In the hot summer, Shiseido Parlor’s curry “2021 Midsummer Curry Fair” & Arrange freely ♪ “Summer Vacation Special Children’s Plate”

Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store Restaurant will hold the "2021 Midsummer Curry Fair" from July 20th (Tuesday) to August 31st (Tuesday), 2021. We offer a wide variety of curry that will appeal to you, such as curry using Omar shrimp and scallops, soup curry using "Kinokuni Mikandori", special dry curry that can be arranged for omelet rice, and curry of Japanese beef sirloin. I will. The multiple spices used in curry are said to be Chinese herbs to eat, and are expected to have health benefits as well as summer heat fatigue prevention effects.

During the same period, we also have a "Summer Vacation Special Children's Plate" where children can freely choose and arrange their favorite menus. Why don't you spend a fun time in Ginza during your summer vacation?

Shiseido Parlor Curry "2021 Midsummer Curry Fair" Image

Arrange freely ♪ "Summer vacation special children's plate" image

"2021 Midsummer Curry Fair" July 20th (Tuesday) -August 31st (Tuesday), 2020

Wakayama Prefecture "Kinokuni Mikandori" Breze and Summer Vegetable Soup Curry 2,900 yen

・ Wakayama Prefecture "Kinokuni Mandarin" Breze and summer vegetable soup curry 2,900 yen

"Kinokuni Mikandori", which is characterized by the original taste of chicken and moderate elasticity and softness, is simmered in a juicy curry-flavored bouillon. The soup curry with a fragrant spice enhances the deliciousness.

Dry curry rice Shiseido Parlor style 3,200 yen Option +500 yen can be arranged for omelet rice.

・ Dry curry rice Shiseido Parlor style 3,200 yen

Shiseido Parlor's special curry rice is fried with rice to make dry curry rice. We can also offer omelet rice with dry curry rice wrapped in eggs for +500 yen.

Omar shrimp and scallop curry with saffron rice 4,900 yen

・ Omar shrimp and scallop curry with saffron rice 4,900 yen

Lightly cooked lobster and scallops are combined with the umami of crustaceans and coconut-scented curry sauce. A luxurious gem that feels summer.

・ Wagyu sirloin curry 5,000 yen

You can enjoy Wagyu beef sirloin, which the head chef has carefully examined, in a curry specially made by Shiseido Parlor. In front of the customer, Garcon will flambe with cognac to finish.

Curry fair special set 1,700 yen

We have prepared soup, salad and coffee recommended by the head chef as a set with the curry menu.

Curry fair special dessert Uhu a la Neige Lemon and yogurt combination 900 yen

・ Curry fair special dessert

・ Uhu a la Neige Lemon and yogurt combination 900 yen

The end of the midsummer curry fair is a refreshing dessert that goes well with curry.

Exciting and fun plate image that you can freely arrange the menu and feel a little mature

・ "Summer vacation special children's plate" 2,700 yen

・ Deployment period: July 20th (Tuesday) -August 31st (Tuesday), 2020

At Shiseido Parlor, we have prepared dishes that are popular with children. It is an exciting and fun plate that you can choose your favorite menu and arrange it freely and feel a little mature.

An array of popular menus for children at Shiseido Parlor

Select from appetizers to desserts ♪

[Appetizer] Potato salad / macaroni salad / king crab salad (+300 yen)

[Soup] Corn potage / pumpkin cream soup / vegetable soup

[Fish dish] Fried shrimp tartar sauce / sole meuniere / club croquet tomato sauce (+500 yen)

[Meat dish] Cheese hamburger steak / meat croquet tomato sauce / Japanese beef fillet steak (+500 yen)

[Rice dish] Chicken rice / gratin of small shrimp and butter rice

[Dessert] Strawberry sundae / chocolate sundae

☆ This is a special plate for summer vacation where children can freely choose and order each menu one by one and finish it.

* Menu contents and offer period may change depending on the availability of ingredients.
*The list price is tax-inclusive price. A 10% service charge will be charged separately.
*The photograph is an image.
* During the issuance of the state of emergency, the provision of alcoholic beverages will be suspended upon request.

* We are implementing measures to prevent new corona infections so that our customers can use our services with peace of mind. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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