[Loft] “Super Markit! Village” will be held, focusing on 13 villages, the third in a series that re-edits the charm of Japan!

We also develop sustainable miscellaneous goods such as local products and straw straws

Ginza Loft will introduce the charm of Japan's "village" as a collaboration project with SUPER MARKIT Co., Ltd. from October 11th (Monday) to November 3rd (Wednesday), 2021 "Super Markit! Village (Super Mark It! Village) "will be held . This is the third installment of the "Super Markit!" Series, which focuses on things and things all over Japan and re-edits the charm of the region. In June, the first installment was "Super Markit! EHIME". ) ”, And in September, we held the second“ Super Markit! Island ”. The theme common to the series is "SDGs". In addition to selling sustainable items and local products unique to villages with a large forest area, we also offer easy-to-use outdoor goods.

<[Super Markit! Village] Overview>
◆ Period: October 11th (Monday) -November 3rd (Wednesday), 2021
◆ Venue: 1st floor special venue ◆ Planning and production: SUPER MARKIT Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
◆ Village names: Sarufutsu Village (Hokkaido) , Ogata Village (Akita Prefecture) , Tokai Village (Ibaraki Prefecture) , Hinohara Village (Tokyo) , Chōsei (Chōsei) (Chiba Prefecture), Yamagata Village (Yamagata village) (Nagano Prefecture), tabayama (tabayama) (Yamanashi Prefecture), Shinjo Village (Shinjoson) (Okayama Prefecture), Avenida village (umaji) (Kochi Prefecture), Toho village (Toho unevenness), Hoshino (Hoshino unevenness), Yabe village (Yabemura) (Fukuoka Prefecture), 11 Metropolitan of Yamato village (Yamatoson) (Kagoshima Prefecture) 13 villages in prefecture ◆ Number of products: Approximately 100 types (about 50 types of food, about 50 types of miscellaneous goods)

[Example of local products from each village] * All prices include tax
10 straw straws (bottled) ( Hinohara Village )・ ・ ・ 550 yen Use the remaining straw after threshing the wheat harvested in the field. A sustainable straw that is carefully made by cutting each section between knots. You can use it repeatedly if you dry it well.

Straw straw

CAMP TEA STYLE Gyokuro (Yabemura)・ ・ ・ 864 yen Powdery and convenient to carry. Recommended for camping, mountaineering and trekking. Contains 20 bags.


・ Wolf mug (Tabayama village)・ ・ ・ 880 yen Tabayama village where wolf folklore remains. We will develop wolf goods drawn by painter Mai Tamagawa. In addition to mugs, 1 go drink (1,100 yen) and tenugui (1,100 yen) are also available.

Wolf mug

WARE CHOCO (Shinjo Village)・ ・ ・ 400 yen A crunch chocolate of rice that is made by carefully roasting the brown rice of Shinjo Village's specialty glutinous rice “Himenomochi” and adding it to chocolate. It is hungry and recommended as a supplementary food during exercise and as a companion for mountain walking.


[Relaxing in the village, easy outdoor goods]
・ Holiday COLA (STUDIO HOLIDAY ) 150ml・ ・ ・ 1,598 yen Craft cola syrup made by blending 7 kinds of spices with fruits grown in the sun.
It is recommended to divide 1 syrup by 3 carbonated water. You can enjoy it even if you divide it with tea or milk.

Holiday COLA

・ Craft grill ( CASUS GRILL )・ ・ ・ 1,320 yen Disposable stove made of 100% natural materials such as cardboard, bamboo sticks, and charcoal.

What is [Super Markit !]? 
Planned and produced by SUPER MARKIT Co., Ltd. A brand that focuses on things and things all over Japan and re-edits the charm of the region. We will carry out SDGs initiatives that will lead to the sustainable development of regions and producers.

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