[Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore] Painter LY’s solo exhibition “LUV STORIES” will be held from October 16th (Sat). Announcing a new work created with the theme of a book.

To commemorate the solo exhibition, online lottery sales of edition works will also be held.

Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore (GINZASIX 6F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will hold a new solo exhibition "LUV STORIES" by painter LY from October 16th (Sat) to October 26th (Tue), 2021. In addition to new works created under the theme of "books", mural art and edition works will also be exhibited. In addition, to commemorate this solo exhibition, an online lottery sale of edition works will be held from October 15th (Friday) at the art EC "OIL by Bijutsu Techo".


LY is a painter who is active both in Japan and abroad, and is a writer whose signature is the monster "LUV", which continues to draw monochrome pictures and projects his feelings and feelings.

In this exhibition, we will exhibit new works created under the theme of "books". This exhibition is entitled "LUV STORIES", and 15 works depicting various scenes related to LUV and books and 15 short sentences are linked to each other to create a unique world view of LY.
In addition, we will also showcase the mural art that is the root of LY's production, which has been produced in Tokyo, the United States, Paris, Bangkok, Malaysia, etc., centering on legal walls.

In addition, we will also exhibit the portrait work "Our Eyes Met" of "LUV", which will be sold by lottery online at the art EC "OIL by Bijutsu Techo".

Please enjoy LY's fascinating exhibition at the venue.

・ Artist statement

I got lost in a deep deep gray forest,
Reading and skating are great,
I forgot the book I read on the train at home,
It's like the story I read last time,
The bookstore hasn't opened yet,
We always discuss this ending,
I couldn't sleep because I was worried about the continuation
Also lost,
I haven't met many people who want to talk about this photo,
I read more at the park and waited for you,
20:00 reading party,
Your recommendation is always boring,
I've been waiting outside for another 50 minutes,
I bought each one of my favorite books at a bookstore in the back of the forest.
I really like this story, which you read before you go to sleep.


・ Artist profile


Born in Tokyo.
Using white and black and many grays, I draw the streets and streets I have imagined from an early age, as well as the streets I visited overseas. A monster "LUV" that projects his feelings and feelings wanders in the scenery. Studied painting at an art school from an early age, encountered street art in high school, and learned about the charms of mural painting and street art.

<Main exhibits>
2020 "Duo show Neo Luv" GR GALLERY, New York
2020 "LUVS" Avenue des Arts, Los Angeles
2021 "The Ways LUVS Look" GR GALLEY, New York

・ Exhibition details

LY "LUV STORIES" Exhibition

Period | October 16th (Sat) -October 26th (Tue)
Time | 11: 00-20: 00
Venue | GINZA SIX6F Central event space in Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore GINZA ATRIUM
Entrance | Free sponsorship | Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore cooperation | GALLERY TARGET
Inquiries | info.ginza@ccc.co.jp
* Please email us for inquiries. Please refrain from making inquiries by phone.

Special page | https://store.tsite.jp/ginza/blog/art/22572-1003371001.html

・ About sales

<Sales of exhibited works>
It will be on sale at the store from 10:00 on October 15th (Friday).
* Depending on the pre-sales situation, the work may be discontinued before the exhibition period starts.

<Online lottery sale of edition works>
To commemorate this solo exhibition, we will carry out an online lottery sale of the portrait work "Our Eyes Met" of the black monster "LUV" that appears in LY's work. Applications will start from 10:00 on October 15th (Friday) on the special page of the online store "OIL by Bijutsu Techo".

URL | https://bijutsutecho.com/lp/ly-luvstories/
* This URL will be released on October 15, 2021 at 10:00 AM

《Our Eyes Met》 Framed, diameter 500mm, thickness 25mm

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