Providing a full-fledged performance video shooting experience that “makes you feel like an artist” Held an experience-based event “TAKEOUT SHOW”

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Period: November 10th (Wednesday) -November 21st (Sunday), 2021 Place: Yamaha Ginza Studio

Yamaha Corporation has taken full-scale performance videos with a high-quality multi-angle camera in order to encourage customers' courage and passion to enjoy playing musical instruments and to disseminate them on SNS. We will hold a hands-on event "TAKEOUT SHOW" at Yamaha Ginza Studio where you can take the video home. This time, as an event where you can experience shooting a video of a piano performance, it will be held for a limited time from November 10th (Wednesday) to 21st (Sunday), and advance reservations will be accepted from today.

"TAKEOUT SHOW" is a free trial event where you can take attractive performance videos using full-scale equipment. You can feel like a professional artist by shooting the Yamaha grand piano "S6X" on a stage illuminated by shooting lights using a multi-angle high-quality camera and high-quality sound microphone. You can experience video shooting. Even if you don't have specialized skills in shooting and video production, anyone can easily shoot performance videos with the automatic shooting system. After recording, you can download one of the multiple video data shot in time to your device such as a smartphone or PC and send it to a video site or SNS, or use it for your own recording. You can take it home.

<Overview of "TAKEOUT SHOW">
Holding period:
November 10th (Wednesday) -November 21st (Sunday), 2021 11: 30-18: 30
Reservation acceptance period:
From Thursday, October 21, 2021 to Thursday, November 18, 2021
Yamaha Ginza Studio (7-9-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Event experience time:
1 hour (1 person / time, up to 5 attendants)
way to participate:
Advance reservation system * Please make a reservation from the following website at least 3 days before the experience.

  • There are conditions for the performance music. Please be sure to check the website when making a reservation.
  • Equipment used: Mirrorless single-lens camera "OM-D" (equipment cooperation: OM Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.)

"TAKEOUT SHOW" experience video by popular pianist YouTuber Yomii

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