Hibiya OKUROJI Kochi Prefecture Gourmand Fair Held

[JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd.]

Restaurant fair using seasonal fresh fish and processed fish products from Kochi prefecture

◆ At "Hibiya OKUROJI" operated by JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd., an original menu using fresh fish and processed marine products from Kochi Prefecture will be available from January 12th (Wednesday) to February 11th (Friday), 2022. It will be provided at all 6 stores.

◆ We have a wide range of menus such as main dishes such as bonito straw grilled arrangements and amberjack charcoal grilled, and snacks such as moray eel frit that you can enjoy with sake.

◆ You can participate in two types of gift campaigns during the fair. This is a campaign where you can win special products from Kochi prefecture by lottery, so please apply.

◆ For a total of 6 days from January 14th (Friday) to 16th (Sunday) and January 21st (Friday) to 23rd (Sunday), 2022, "Kochi Family" will sell special products of Kochi Prefecture and provide tourist information. "Shop" will open for a limited time. Please enjoy the charm of Kochi prefecture at Hibiya OKUROJI.

・ Fair outline

Venue: Participating stores in Hibiya OKUROJI Period: January 12th (Wednesday) -February 11th (Friday), 2022
Participating stores: MARBLE ARCH, WHISKY HOUSE MADURO, THE HAMILTON GS, MIXOLOGY HERITAGE, PUBLIC HOUSE Little GANG, Sake Hibiya Athenyor (6 stores in total in Hibiya OKUROJI)
Official HP: https://www.jrtk.jp/hibiya-okuroji/topics/detail_00585/

・ Two types of gift campaigns

A stamp rally present campaign will be held during this fair. You can also apply for a gift campaign sponsored by Kochi Prefecture, so please enjoy the original menu before applying.

① Kochi family x Hibiya OKUROJI stamp rally present campaign <br /> For those who ordered the original menu at the two stores participating in this fair and answered the questionnaire, a set of dried bonito and bonito Kochi prefecture special products such as tataki will win 10 people by lottery. For the application form, please refer to the information card installed at each store.

② Kochi Family Gourmand Fair Present Campaign (sponsored by Kochi Prefecture)
For those who ordered the original menu at the stores participating in this fair and answered the questionnaire, 1,000 people will be selected by lottery for special products of Kochi prefecture such as Kinmedai, Tosa Akaushi, Tosa Hachikin Jidori, Tosa's local sake. It hits like. For details, please check the store's original menu or special website.

Special site: http://pr.gnavi.co.jp/promo/kochifamily-gourmetfair/
* "Kochi family" is the name of the Kochi prefecture promotion campaign conducted by Kochi prefecture and Kochi prefecture local production foreign trade corporation.

・ Limited time shop "Kochi family shop"

Opening period: January 14th (Friday) to 16th (Sunday), January 21st (Friday) to 23rd (Sunday), 2022 6 days in total Business hours: 11:30 to 17:30 Venue: G13 (opposite NIIGATA1 ○○)
Contents: We sell Kochi prefecture special products and distribute tourist pamphlets.

・ Original menu of each store * All prices include tax

MARBLE ARCH (Spanish Bar from London)
・ Moray eel frit (1,400 yen)
Moray eels from Kochi prefecture, which are rare in the Kanto region, are fried softly in beer clothes.
・ Cold bonito-style Tuna pot (1,050 yen)
This dish is an arrangement of bonito straw grilled in the style of a Spanish fisherman's dish.
・ Chotaro Shellfish Plancha (1,000 yen)
Enjoy a kind of colorful and cute scallops on an iron plate.
[Recommended pairing drink] Kochi Prefecture Yuzu conch piercing and gin cocktail

・ Assorted Soda bonito crisps and mala green beans (400 yen)
It is a snack of crisp and spicy green beans with smoked taste and bonito umami.
THE HAMILTON GS (Authentic Bar)
・ Fish sandwich using ginger red sea bream (2,420 yen)
Excellent compatibility with homemade tartar sauce.
[Recommended pairing drink] Johnnie Walker Blue Label Soda Discount

・ Kochi Prefecture Hachikin Jiuqu Onion Koji Frit Teriyaki Sansho Sauce (2,200 yen)
Kochi Prefecture Hachikin Jiuqu is soaked in onion jiuqu and crispy with cornflower.
The sweet and spicy sauce goes well with our proud old blend highball.
・ Kochi Prefecture seasonal fish poire sea bream cream sauce (2,200 yen)
Marinated fresh fish from Kochi prefecture and baked in a high temperature oven at once.
[Recommended pairing drink] Various old blend highballs

・ Soda Smoked Crisp Yuzu Salt / Ginger Soy Sauce (1,100 yen each)
Smoked Soda-bushi is a crispy, crispy new textured snack. It goes well with beer.
[Recommended pairing drink] Guinness, Heartland

Sake side weather Athenyor (wine & sake bar / robatayaki)
・ Gokumi Kanpachi confit with kumquat and dill salad (1,200 yen)
By slowly cooking Gokubi Kanpachi at a low temperature, the taste increases and it becomes juicy.
When eaten with kumquat and dill salad, the refreshing acidity spreads.
・ Charcoal-grilled amberjack, fresh tomato and lime sauce (1,200 yen)
The charcoal-grilled amberjack, which is moderately greasy, is covered with incense and is even more plump.
[Recommended pairing drink] Today's wine

・ Hibiya OKUROJI basic information

[Address] 1-7-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo [Official HP] https://www.jrtk.jp/hibiya-okuroji/
[Official instagram] @hibiya_okuroji_official
[Access] 6 minutes walk from JR "Yurakucho Station" and "Shimbashi Station", 6 minutes walk from "Hibiya Station" and "Ginza Station"

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