IKEBUKURO HANA CIRCLE PROJECT [Enrich your heart in Ikebukuro, which is full of flowers and greenery. To a town that you want to visit again and again. ]

Implementation period: May 13th (Friday) -June 12th (Sunday), 2022

Sunshine City Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoto Aiba) hopes to visit the city of Ikebukuro as many times as possible through various experiences with companies and organizations based in Ikebukuro. , "IKEBUKURO HANA CIRCLE PROJECT" will be held from May 13th (Friday) to June 12th (Sunday) with the theme of "Flowers and Greenery".

This project is also one of the projects for the 90th anniversary of the enforcement of the ward system of Toshima Ward, which has been double-selected as the "SDGs Future City" and "Local Government SDGs Model Project" set by the Cabinet Office. We will sell themed miscellaneous goods and cosmetics, workshops, and garden tours around several gardens. Through the Hanasaku Project, we aim to experience a rich time in Ikebukuro, which is colored with "flowers and greens," to feel healing, and to be an opportunity to think about the importance of nature and the sustainable world.

At Sunshine City, you can create a flower garden using cardboard for local children, a cardboard art workshop to paint with paint, and a weather 〇 × quiz given by a weather forecaster of the Japan Meteorological Association. We will hold "IKEBUKURO HANA CIRCLE Garden Tour" to visit 3 gardens including "City PLAYPARK" and "Sunshine City (Sunshine Garden, Sunshine Village)".
The Hanasaku Project will connect "friends" and form a "ring", and will liven up the Ikebukuro area so that everyone who visits the town will feel cheerful and enjoyable! !!

HANA CIRCLE = Flowering / Hanasaku Project

・ Hanasaku Project Overview

・ Implementation period: May 13th (Friday) -June 12th (Sunday), 2022 * Implementation date varies depending on the facility ・ Project members: <Facilities> IKEBUS / Ikebukuro Shopping Park / Ikebukuro Parco / Sunshine City / Jiyu Gakuen Tomorrow Kan / Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store / Tokyo Daiichi Tomo no Kai / Japan Meteorological Association / Hareza Ikebukuro / Women's Notomosha / Mujin Ryohin Ikebukuro Seibu / WACCA IKEBUKURO
<Park> IKE ・ SUNPARK [Toshima Midori Disaster Prevention Park] / Ikebukuro West Exit Park (GLOBAL RING CAFÉ) / Naka Ikebukuro Park (Hareza Ikebukuro Area Management) / Minami Ikebukuro Park (Racines farm to park)
・ Support: Toshima Ward / Toshima Ward Tourism Association / Starts Publishing Co., Ltd. (OZmall)

■ Please check the official website for event details at each venue.

・ Hanasaku Project Outline of Sunshine City Initiatives

■ Sunshine City PLAY PARK
A children's playground has appeared in the area outside the entrance to South 3 on the 1st floor of Alpa, a specialty store in Sunshine City.

① Cardboard art workshop <br /> Full of play with the theme of "flowers", such as creating a cardboard flower field and an art workshop to paint with paint. (1,000 yen / person, about 30 minutes * Advance reservation required)

Cardboard art workshop

(2) "Weather 〇 × quiz" given by a weather forecaster * Held only on May 21 <br /> Learn more about plants, weather, and disaster prevention through the 〇 × quiz given by a weather forecaster belonging to the Japan Meteorological Association. can do.
Implementation time: 11: 00 ~ / 13: 00 ~ / 15: 00 ~ * Please gather at the venue at least 15 minutes before each session.

"Weather 〇 x quiz" given by a weather forecaster

Schedule: May 21st (Sat) 11: 00-17: 00 * Canceled in stormy weather * July 16th (Sat) -September 17th (Sat) -November 4th (Fri) -6th ( Sun) will also be held

A one-day tour that includes a tour of the three gardens of IKE / SUNPARK, Sunshine City, and Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, and lunch at a cafe in the park. You can enjoy learning about the cyclical gardening of SDGs.
Schedule: Thursday, June 2nd, 11: 00-15: 00
Participation fee: General 3,000 yen, university students and younger 2,000 yen (lunch included) * This tour is for elementary school students and above.
Reservation / Inquiries: Toshima Midori Disaster Prevention Park Management Office 03-6914-1782

● Tour contents
Experience ethical seedling planting at IKE / SUNPARK and learn about circular gardening. For lunch, you can enjoy vegetables and herbs grown with compost made from garbage at "EAT GOOD PLACE" in IKE ・ SUNPARK. In the afternoon, we will visit Sunshine City's Sunshine Garden, Sunshine Village and Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 9th floor rooftop food and green aerial garden.


Sunshine garden

Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 9th Floor Food and Green Aerial Garden

■ Toshima Green Wave 2022
"Toshima Green Wave 2022" is one of the activities to increase greenery promoted by Toshima Ward. Greening events such as tree planting and tree care are held in various places in the city.
Sunshine City will also participate in this activity and will plant 11 new seedlings in the sunshine garden to support community development full of greenery.

■ Flower Gift Fair We will exhibit gift items with the theme of "flowers" such as "floral patterns" and "flower scents".
Schedule: Now being held-Thursday, May 19th
Location: Specialty store street Alpa B1

■ Other spots where you can enjoy flowers and greenery in Sunshine City

Sunshine Village (Spanish Stairs 2F-4F)

"Picture book open space" where you can enjoy picture books (Alpa 1F, a specialty store street)

■ Sunshine Square-Sunshine Garden-will certify efforts to provide comfortable and safe urban green spaces from the certification system that evaluates green initiatives by the social and environmental contribution green space evaluation system "SEGES" from FY2017. It is also certified as an "oasis of the city".

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