The 1st anniversary of the opening of “LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée”, which is popular for its sweets like art works! !! Limited release of commemorative sweets and special campaign with gratitude

[LOUANGE TOKYO Co., Ltd.] Press release

LOUANGE TOKYO Co., Ltd. has celebrated its 1st anniversary since opening "LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée" on May 8, 2021 in Ginza 1-chome, Chuo-ku.

For the past year, based on the concept of LOUANGE TOKYO, "Manufacturing that provides time and space," we have provided various forms of sweets that will be remembered by our customers.

To commemorate the 1st anniversary, we will be offering a special version of the popular Coffret Noomy at "LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée" in May. In addition, we will also carry out a 1st anniversary campaign where you can enjoy standard sweets at a great price.
Please spend a blissful time with the sweets of LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée.

Pancakes made with fluffy rice flour. The caramel sauce matches perfectly with the crispy caramel tuil, giving you a deep and mature taste. LOUNAGE TOKYO Le Musée's popular creme caramel is added for a luxurious finish.

¥ 4,400 (tax included) (eat-in)

Fresh tart with plenty of carefully selected domestic strawberries and berry fruits. The tart part of the base is combined with Brize, which has a crispy texture. It is a gem that you can enjoy the best mariage of vanilla damand and light almond butter cream with rum.

¥ 5,400 (tax included) (takeout)

The ultimate mango tart with a luxuriously decorated "sun egg", a rare ripe mango from Miyazaki prefecture. Coconut cream and milliton add a touch of glamor to the taste. The tart dough is succulent and you can enjoy a moist texture.

¥ 6,480 (tax included) (takeout)

 LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée 1st anniversary campaign 
To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the opening, we have prepared a campaign to sell Kanuchi Phrase and Parfait Soft at a special price with a feeling of gratitude for your patronage.
We offer 10% OFF for take-out / 30% OFF for eat-in, and 50% OFF for take-out limited parfait software.
The campaign is open until the end of May, so please take this opportunity to enjoy our proud blissful sweets at a more reasonable price than usual.

< Kanuchi phrase >
"Canelé", which is popular for its new sensation sweets of cheesecake and canelé, has a strawberry cheese cream in a limited-time flavor. Accented with smooth ganache using Hokkaido pure white and Amaou puree, and finely chopped sweet and sour cranberries. By pouring beeswax into a copper mold and baking it, the texture is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

¥ 2,754 (tax included) → 10% OFF for takeout / 30% OFF for eat-in until the end of May

< Parfait Soft Pistache (takeout only) >
The corn contains mousse of flue rouge with red wine, framboise, and strawberry sauce, and the mariage with pistachio makes it an outstanding parfait soft. With a crispy fiantine texture as an accent, it is a sweet with a cute pink and white corn.

¥ 1,296 (tax included) → 50% off until the end of May

< Parfait Soft Kanuchi (takeout only) >
It is a specialty made from the popular product Kanuchi into a parfait soft. It is a parfait soft that combines baked cheesecake with rich orange flavor and orange sauce. With a crispy fiantine texture as an accent, the refreshing aroma of orange and the rich taste of canuchi parfait soft are outstanding.

¥ 972 (tax included) → 50% off until the end of May

Handling of listed products <br /> Dealers: LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée (1-9-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku)

[ L OUANGE TOKYO Le Musée Chef Career ]
■ GRAND CHEF Koji Fujita
2006 Coup de Monde domestic qualifying (Chocolate Pies category)
2007 WPTC Domestic Qualifying Winner (Chocolate Pies Category)
2008 WPTC Main Battle Participation Team Overall Runner-up Category Winner (in charge of Chocolate Pies)
2010 Nouvelle Patisserie du Japon becomes a board member
2012 Inaugurated as a director of Utsumikai
2012 WPTC main race participation team overall victory (taste charge)

About LOUANGE TOKYO ~ With a compliment to your loved one ~

LOUANGE TOKYO has set out the following uniqueness to breathe new life into the modern sweets industry. It is a commitment to "carefully selected materials", product development with higher artistic and fashionableness, and injecting a message into all products. The origin of "LOUANGE" means compliment in French, but we named it LOUANGE ~ compliment ~ with the hope that we can help our customers with their production by giving us our products. We are manufacturing based on the concept of providing "time" and "space" rather than simply providing customers with a product called cake. And we have been studying every day so that our customers will be happy. We will continue to strive to create highly satisfying products.

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