“Bucheratti Exhibition-Passione-” held in Wako, Ginza

The theme is "passione," which has strongly linked Wako and Bucheratti for many years.

Introducing the collection of Italy's long-established jeweler Bucheratti, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year since Ginza and Wako started handling. In this exhibition, entitled "Passione", you can see a number of jewelry specially ordered from Italy, including items with fine goldsmiths born from traditional techniques and vibrant colors that make you feel passionate. increase.

Founded by Mario Bucheratti in 1919, "Bucheratti" was hailed as the "Prince of Goldsmiths". The technique and aesthetics were inherited by his son Jean Maria, and became widely known in the world as the prestigious Maison of Italian jewelry. Furthermore, Andrea, the third generation, continues to pursue traditional techniques and new designs with her daughter Lucrezia, without losing her passion for goldsmith jewelry.

A ring with a bold and elegant design that is typical of Italy, a country of passion. Skilled craftsmanship enhances the fresh brilliance of the central stone.

Ring (from above)
Tax-included ¥ 8,400,000 (18KPG / WG, tourmaline, diamond)
Tax-included ¥ 16,995,000 (18KWG / YG, emerald, diamond)
Tax-included ¥ 6,215,000 (18KYG / WG / PG, amethyst, diamond)
Tax-included ¥ 5,720,000 (18KYG / WG, citrine, sapphire, emerald)

A butterfly brooch full of vitality, in which Bucheratti expresses "passion" by combining multiple colors.

Brooch <br /> Tax included ¥ 14,135,000 (18KYG / WG / PG, sapphire, tourmaline, diamond)

Bucheratti Exhibition-Passione-
June 17th (Fri) -29th (Wed)
10: 30-19: 00

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Wako Main Store 2nd Floor Jewelery Square 4-5-11, Ginza, Chuo-ku, 104-8105
Inquiries: (03) 3562-2111 (representative)

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