Made in Japan Festival “Fujimaki Department Store & # 8221; Exhibition & # 8221;” held in Ginza, Tokyo August 5th (Fri) -7th (Sun)

Craftsmen and creators of brands representing Made in Japan gather in Ginza, Tokyo! "Fujimaki Department Store" 10th Anniversary Event "Fujimaki Department Store" Exhibit Brands Decided!

Summer, 10th anniversary, the "festival" of Fujimaki department store begins!
At the select shop "Fujimaki Department Store" ( ), which sells only gems with the theme of "Japan", August 5th to 7th, 2022 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its founding. We will hold the biggest real event "Fujimaki Department Exhibition" for 3 days on Sunday.

Fujimaki Department Store, which usually introduces Japanese gems mainly on its website, has been supported by many customers for 10 years. Approximately 200 of Japan's leading brands that color the 10 years will gather in the special space of Tokyu Plaza Ginza.
Not only can you see selected brands from all over Japan, but you can also enjoy experiences for children and adults one after another!

■ Event special page

August 5th (Fri) to 7th (Sun), 2022
11: 00-20: 00 (* Until 18:00 on the last day)

[Main venue] Tokyu Plaza Ginza 3F special space (5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
[Venue 2] Tokyu Plaza Ginza B1F Fujimaki Department Store Ginza Store
[Online venue] Fujimaki Department Store website

■ Exhibition brand decided!
In the vast main venue of the special space on the 3rd floor, popular brands from Fujimaki Department Store are lined up. Leading craftsmen and up-and-coming creators who have been supported for 10 years will welcome you directly. Many products that are not sold at Fujimaki Department Store on the WEB will be lined up.
In addition, there will be a demonstration by a craftsman of traditional crafts. You can enjoy it right in front of you on the day!

Exhibiting brands (in no particular order)
DOUBLELOOP, HMAEN, BAGGY PORT, CARRYNEST, IKUTA KABAN, REAL STANDARD LIFE, Folna, Ikenohata silver leather shop (Cramp / com-ono), HIS-FACTORY, ASUMEDERU itakura, SAKURA WAQS, caramite, Oikawa denim DE-NA-LI, TO & FRO, OLENO, MARUGO, Konobu Nemoto, Nabeya Glass Crafts Co., Ltd., Shinozaki Glass Crafts Co., Ltd., Saiho, Keita Flower Design, merippa, Rakuchu Takaokaya, STORIO, Re + g (Replug), Ramuda, nanako, Oriyan ORI-EN, NAGAE +, YAMAZAKI, Hidehira Nuri Kobo Marusan Laquer Ware, Kaya Glass, M-Watch Studio, SPQR, ARKRAFT, Mitsuwa Glass Crafts, SAKURA WAQS, HIS-FACTORY, Furusato Choice

Approximately 200 coveted brands will be gathered at Tokyu Plaza Ginza, including product listings!

■ Experience the best of Japan! Workshop / Experience <br /> On the day of the event, we will prepare a workshop that can be enjoyed by children from elementary school age and above to adults.
The Edo Kiriko production experience, which is so popular that it is always full at the Edo Kiriko Cherry Blossom Festival held every spring, is "a direct instruction from Edo Kiriko craftsmen."
In addition, please enjoy making memories of your summer vacation, such as a workshop for making small leather goods such as wallets and key chains, which will make you feel closer to the handicrafts of craftsmen.

Challenge to cut Edo Kiriko (Mitsuwa Glass Crafts)

Handmade leather wallet with attachment (SAKURA WAQS)

Hand-sewn leather (Buttero) key chain (HIS-FACTORY)

Tasting, online sessions with wine makers, etc.

* Advance reservations for the experience will start at a later date.

■ Fujimaki Department Store Buyers Carefully Selected "Japanese Gem! Special Feature Corner" that Supports 10 Years of History
In the special section in the event venue, we will propose a way to enjoy a more fulfilling life by incorporating the gems of craftsmen into the modern lifestyle.
From rare leather items, gems of young Edo Kiriko craftsmen, Japan x high quality T-shirts, famous sake known to people all over Japan, to sweets that are difficult to obtain! We have a variety of special features.
You can see wonderful items that are unique to Fujimaki Department Store.

■ The second venue, Fujimaki Department Store Ginza, is also an event specification!
At the Fujimaki Department Store Ginza store (Tokyu Plaza Ginza B1F), which is located in the same Tokyu Plaza Ginza as the venue, you can pick up and select gems of about 200 brands (about 700 types of items) with the theme of "Japan". increase. We also have highly rare gems that are only available at the Ginza store, and our staff with a wealth of product knowledge will carefully explain them. We also accept gift wrapping, so please use it.

▼ Event special page

■ About Fujimaki Department Store (Fujimaki Hyakkaten)

Operated by caramo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director Ryo Nakamura).
Produced by the late Yukio Fujimaki (1960-2014), who was known as a specialty buyer of Isetan, it opened in May 2012 as an "EC site that delivers only discerning gems with a Japanese theme." The products we handle are "surprisingly" original gems that have both high design and ease of use. With over 400 business partners such as excellent craftsmen and creators, it is one of the largest EC sites in Japan that handles only carefully selected Japanese products.

The main customer base is men and women in their late 30s to 50s who are highly interested in "things" and seek a little richness in their daily lives. Currently, there are about 240,000 Facebook members and about 100,000 e-mail magazine members, which are loved by many fans. In March 2016, the first real store was opened in Ginza (Tokyu Plaza Ginza B1 floor / 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo).
* The number of business partners and members is as of July 2022.

【Official site】
Online store:

■ About caramo Co., Ltd.
The operating company of "Fujimaki Department Store". Ryo Nakamura, President and CEO, started the Fujimaki Department Store with the late Yukio Fujimaki on a three-legged race. With the vision of "a little richness in our daily lives," we will create "new satisfaction and value" for our customers.
The company name is derived from its own way of "aiming to be a company that is loved by customers, craftsmen, and all over the world," and will continue to evolve with the aim of creating services with high customer satisfaction.

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