October 7th (Friday) to 10th (Monday) “Celebration / 1st Anniversary Big Thanksgiving” will be held! Michelin Star Awarded “Ginza Onodera” “Rotating Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store” and “Stuffed Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store”

Hospitality with 4 surprises with whole-hearted gratitude

"Rotating Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store" and "Tachiboku Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store" operated by ONODERA Food Service Co., Ltd. will be open from Friday, October 7, 2022 to Monday, October 10, 2022. We will hold a “Celebration/Opening 1st Anniversary Big Thanksgiving”.

With the slogan "From Ginza to the world", "Ginza Onodera" aims to introduce traditional Japanese cuisine such as sushi and tempura to the world. This history has now spread to 13 stores in 5 regions around the world, and 3 of them have earned a Michelin star, and have received worldwide acclaim.

Among them, “Kawatenzushi Ginza Onodera Honten” and “Tachibokuzushi Ginza Onodera Honten”, which opened on Friday, October 8, 2021, will allow more people to enjoy traditional Edomae sushi. As a store, we have received patronage from many customers since opening.

With our heartfelt thanks to our customers, this time, we will be offering "Yamayuki" tuna dismantling show & special price, "half price beer & special wholesale price", and "Sushi Ginza Onodera Sohonten" lunch invitation ticket! We have prepared 4 surprises: lottery" and "reprint! 'Ginza Onodera' collaboration event". We are looking forward to your visit with the unprecedented content of all the staff.

"Rotating Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store" and "Tachiboku Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store" never forget to thank each and every customer who has supported us during the corona crisis, and offer even more joy and excitement through traditional Edomae sushi. We will deliver it to you.

[About “Celebration/Opening 1st Anniversary Big Thanksgiving”]
《① “Yamayuki” Tuna Dismantling Show & Special Price》

From 14:30 on Saturday, October 8th, Mr. Yukitaka Yamaguchi, president of the tuna intermediate wholesaler "Yamayuki" who has received great cooperation at the Toyosu Market Tuna First Auction and "Sushi Ginza Onodera" stores, will visit us. . A powerful tuna cutting show will be held in front of you, and we will offer it at a special price on the spot.

The popular “Yamayuki” tuna cutting show will be held again this time (Photo: January 2022)

《② Beer half price & intermediate wholesale special price》
As a celebration by the sponsor companies and intermediate wholesalers, some products are at a special price. During the period, draft beer (sponsored by Suntory Co., Ltd. and Kyokuju Co., Ltd.) will be half price, and with the cooperation of Toyosu Intermediate Wholesalers, we will also offer sushi at an amazing price.

《③ Win an invitation ticket for lunch at “Sushi Ginza Onodera Sohonten”! No Loss Lottery》
A lottery will be held once per transaction. The special prize is a lunch pair invitation ticket for "Sushi Ginza Onodera Sohonten" and "Tempura Ginza Onodera" *1 "Tokiyaki Ginza Onodera" and "Sushi Ginza Onodera Otoko Honten". We have discount coupons that can be used afterward for "Kawatenzushi Ginza Onodera Honten" and "Tachibokuzushi Ginza Onodera Honten".

Sushi Ginza Onodera Sohonten

《④ Reprint! “Ginza Onodera” Collaboration Event》
Among the collaboration products with each “Ginza Onodera” store that has been implemented so far, the “Extreme Consistent Broiled Kuroge Wagyu Beef and Truffle Hand-rolled Sushi” (Takiyaki Ginza Onodera) that has been particularly well received by customers "Spring Tenbara Temaki" (Tempura Ginza Onodera Higashi Ginza) will be reprinted for a limited time.

Hand-rolled sushi with truffle and broiled Kuroge Wagyu beef

*1 You can choose either the Higashi Ginza store or the Namiki-dori store.
*2 Both events will be held at the same time as "Rotating Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store" and "Stuffed Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store".

[About "Rotating Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store"]

Kaitenzushi Ginza Onodera main store interior

The popular "headed peony shrimp"

[About “Tachibushi Ginza Onodera Main Store”]

Appearance of both stores

Standing Sushi Ginza Onodera Main Store Interior

[About ONODERA Food Service Co., Ltd.]
"Ginza Onodera" operated by ONODERA Food Service aims to convey traditional Japanese food such as sushi and tempura to the world with the concept of "From Ginza to the world". Its network has spread to 13 restaurants in 5 regions around the world, 3 of which have earned Michelin stars. We will continue to make further efforts so that more people can enjoy the “real” taste.

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  • Established: February 1, 2020
  • Representative: Shinji Nagao, President and Representative Director
  • URL: https://onodera-group.com/

ONODERA GROUP is globally developing various businesses such as food, human resources, health and sports, including LEOC Co., Ltd., which provides meals at more than 2,700 locations nationwide. We will continue to take on new challenges as a leading company in the creation of happiness for each and every one of us, based on our corporate philosophy of "Delivering joy and excitement to our customers," "Growing and happiness to our partners," and "Contributing to society."

  • Location: 17th floor, Ote Center Building, 1-1-3 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
  • Established: April 1, 1983
  • Capital: 50 million yen
  • Representative: Group Representative Yuji Onodera
  • URL: https://www.onodera-group.jp/

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