Colorful cotton candy too! A variety of unique vending machines will appear in the Marronnier Gate Ginza 2/B2F eat-in space!

In the eat-in space on the B2F of Marronnier Gate Ginza 2, until January 31, 2023 (planned), there are vending machines where you can purchase cute rainbow-colored cotton candy from the cotton candy specialty store "Tokyo Cotton Candy Honpo" , as well as unique items. Three vending machines have appeared.

Vending machine at Tokyo Cotton Candy Honpo

Product example: “Crackling Rainbow” 300 yen including tax

■ Message from "Tokyo Cotton Candy Honpo"

[Superb cotton candy] made by a pastry chef can be easily purchased from a vending machine.

It is a cotton candy with a new sensation that uses only high-quality ingredients that have been carefully selected and has many flavors. There are more than 60 flavors, and the most popular flavors are sold in vending machines. There will also be flavors that continue to sell out, so I hope you will enjoy it.

We also sell the Black Coffee & Chocolate” flavor, which is exclusive to Marronnier Gate Ginza. Not too sweet, recommended for men and adults.

Nori vending machine at "Morihan Noriten"

Product example: "Hand-rolled yakitori" sliced into eight pieces / 10 pieces 900 yen including tax, others available

Product example: “Special seaweed chazuke” 2 bags for 400 yen including tax / 4 bags for 800 yen including tax

"Special seaweed chazuke" image

■ Message from "Morihan Nori"

We will open a seaweed vending machine of "Morihan Noriten" in Omori, Tokyo, which has been in business for 120 years.

We manage everything from purchasing to manufacturing and sales in-house, and we only use seaweed that is carefully selected by craftsmen from Saga Ariake. In addition, the seaweed is dried for two and a half days on a vintage wooden shelf called Dennetsu Hoiro. The seaweed to be baked is also finished by adjusting the temperature for each producer, so it takes half a day to bake. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the customer's delicious! For one word, we continue to protect the traditional manufacturing method.

Also, recently, the “special seaweed chazuke” using bleeds of roasted seaweed is popular. A lot of seaweed is luxuriously packed in a small bag by hand, so you will be surprised and impressed when you eat it.

By all means, please use the products of the discerning Morihan Nori store!

A vending machine with vegetables from "A-ONE"

"Vegetable Dressing" 600 yen including tax Image * Only one type is sold. *The color of the product shown in the image of the vending machine is different, but it is the same product.

■ Message from "A-ONE"

Founded 26 years ago, we wanted you to enjoy the popular taste of the dining bar "A-ONE (Wako City)" at home. It is a superb dressing with a unique taste that everyone who tastes it once becomes a repeater. All the vegetables used in the dressing are additive-free. A homemade dressing made with carrots, onions, garlic, sesame seeds, and eggs can be used as a versatile seasoning for a variety of dishes.

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