New Year’s Limited “Luxury Gourmet” will be available from January 2nd (Monday)!

Introducing gifts, pick-up items, and event information for yourself and loved ones

At Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, during the year-end and New Year holidays, extravagant gourmet food, souvenirs, and fun events will be held to liven up the holiday season.

From January 2nd (Monday) to 9th (Monday), 2023, "luxury gourmet" suitable for the New Year will appear for a limited time. We offer a colorful and luxurious menu from a wide range of restaurants. For those who ordered the target menu, one drink service will be provided for two days only on January 2nd (Monday) and 3rd (Tuesday). In addition, we have Japanese and Western sweets made with high-quality materials and special gifts for New Year's greetings and gifts for close friends. In addition, “STREET PIANO!!! in Hibiya” will be held from December 26, 2022 (Monday) to January 15, 2023 (Sunday) at the indoor plaza atrium in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. Anyone can freely enjoy playing in the elegant and spacious three-story atrium space. For shopping and dining during the holiday season, please visit Hibiya, which is surrounded by a high-quality and glamorous atmosphere.

・ One drink service for a limited time! "Luxury gourmet" limited to the New Year period

Start the new year off with a sumptuous meal! We will deliver colorful dishes that will liven up the New Year mood. In addition, for two days only, January 2nd (Monday) and 3rd (Tuesday), 2023, a one-drink service will be provided to those who have ordered the target menu. (Up to 4 people per group)
[Period] January 2nd (Mon) to 9th (Mon), 2023

New Year's Celebration Set ~Monkfish Soup and Sashimi Platter~ 3,500 yen <br /> Sanbun-tei/(3F)

A delicate and elegant celebratory meal where you can feel the handiwork of a kappo craftsman. Why don't you spend the beginning of the new year in a luxurious mood? [Limited to 10 servings each day] 1/2 (Mon) to 1/5 (Thu) lunch time only (last order at 14:00)

<Service drink>
Koji drink * First 10 people each day

All kinds of deep-fried skewers 200 yen<br /> Deep-fried skewers Shinjuku Tatekichi (2F)

About 40 kinds of seasonal ingredients are prepared at all times, and the chef will leave it up to you to fry it in front of you. [Dinner time only]

<Service drink>
Taruzake *Limited to 25 people on a first-come-first-served basis each day *Limited to customers who spend 1,000 yen or more

Special Tentora bowl: 2,023 yen Tempura

Tentora (2F)

Why don't you have a delicious New Year's luck with the special Tentora-don, which is a standard Tentora-don with one more conger eel?
[Limited 10 meals each day]

<Service drink>
Black oolong tea *First 5 people each day

Premium curry set 2,200 yen

A fun curry set that you can choose from 8 popular curries. Filled with naan, saffron rice, and salad!
※It will be offered until 16:00.

<Service drink>
Either sparkling wine or mango lassi *First 20 people each day

Ramen stewed in a clay pot with 8 kinds of mushrooms Tom Yum Lunch 2,000 yen / Dinner 2,300 yen

Tom Yum Ramen is now available in a clay pot! Ramen with eight kinds of mushrooms has a richer aroma. This is a popular winter-only menu item. *Excluding 14:30-16:30

<Service drink>
Sake *First 10 people each day

New Year Chef Special Menu 11,000 yen

Please enjoy the special course only for the New Year to your heart's content, filled with the commitment of the RESTAURANT TOYO chef.
[Lunch time only]

<Service drink>
Champagne *First 10 people each day

Turnip and apple salad 1,705 yen

A limited-time salad that can only be tasted at the Hibiya store. You can enjoy various textures such as apples, walnuts, and turnips.

<Service drink>
Either tea (HOT/ICE) or coffee (HOT/ICE) *First 20 people each day

Wamonburan -Matcha- 2,420 yen <br />Hayashiya Shinbei (2F)

Matcha Japanese Mon Blanc is made by combining matcha fresh cream and chestnut Bavarois with a special Mont Blanc cream that uses Japanese chestnuts to bring out the original flavor of matcha. [Limited to 25 servings each day]

<Service drink>
You can choose from 17 types of set drinks * 25 people on a first-come, first-served basis each day

Parfait des Rois <King's Parfait> Le Parfait des Rois 2,750 yen
Patisserie & Cafe DEL'IMMO (B1)

A parfait that brings out the flavor of galette des roipai and almonds. It is a dish that adds the flavor of various ingredients to chocolate and caramel.
[Limited to 30 servings each day]

<Service drink>
Champagne ※First 10 people each day

・8 recommended products to treat yourself or as a gift for someone special

We have prepared gifts that are perfect for New Year's greetings and gifts for close friends. There is a wide variety of delicious delicacies, such as Japanese and Western sweets that everyone will love, and cheese sets that will brighten up your table. It is also recommended as a reward for yourself for your hard work.

Delhimore sort 3,000 yen
Patisserie & Cafe DEL'IMMO (B1)

A special set of 12 pieces of baked sweets delivered with confidence by a first-class chocolatier.
Expiration date: Approximately 2 weeks *Available at room temperature *Quantity may be limited

A set of 3 types of freshly made cheese: 2,376 yen

A set of 3 freshly made GOOD CHEESE GOOD PIZZA sticking to cheese. You can enjoy the deliciousness of mozzarella nodini, ricotta and burrata.
Expiration date: Mozzarella Nodini: Approximately 5 days / Ricotta: Approximately 5 days / Burrata: Approximately 3 days (all unopened) *Refrigeration required

100-year mochi [6 pieces] 2,073 yen <br />Hayashiya Shinbei (2F)

A product dedicated to the Ise Jingu Shrine, reviving the matcha mochi that was popular about 200 years ago. It is a rice cake filled with the taste of stone ground Uji matcha with a gentle texture.
Expiration date: Approximately 5 days *room temperature possible

100 confectionery bags 2,646 yen <br /> Suzukake (B1)

A set of 5 "Kokoroha" steamed buns made from Kagoshima prefecture's tsukune yam and 6 "Sogetsu" dorayaki with azuki bean paste sandwiched between mochi flour dough. .
Expiration date: Approximately 7 days *room temperature possible

DEAN & DELUCA Single Brew Coffee House Blend 5pc ¥864

A popular house blend that does not have a sour taste even when cold and has a mild and gentle taste. It is a gift that contains 5 pieces of one cup stand.
Expiration date: About 90 days or more * Room temperature possible

Azegami Sun Farm Apple Jam ¥1,000 Maruni Fruit Shop Dried Fruit ¥648

The jam is a preserved style that preserves the shape of the fruit as much as possible. Dried fruits do not use additives or sugar, so you can enjoy the original taste of fruits.
Expiration date: Approximately 90 days or more *Available at room temperature *Price varies depending on the product selected *Separate box fee

KIKI's tea time set 4,467 yen
TEA ROOM KIKI Tea & Scone Specialty Store (B1)

A set of KIKI's cookie collection, where you can enjoy a wide variety of baked sweets, and 6 packets of 3 types of tea: original blend, Earl Gray, and vintage golden.
Expiration date: Cookies: about 30 days (unopened)
*Available at room temperature

Baked confectionery gift M size 3,780 yen
boulangerie Bonheur (B1)

A set of 6 baked sweets that you can choose from 8 types such as sables, cookies, florentines, and beurre de neige, and a box of Bonheur original coffee.
Expiration date: Approximately 1 to 2 months (depending on the product)
*Available at room temperature

・Pick Up New Year Items!

Sweets that add festive color to the new year are perfect for celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones. A set of fragrant soaps is an item that will refresh your mood.

Galette des Rois: 1,598 yen (1 hole, with feve)

Galette des Rois means "King's cake" in French. A crunchy pie filled with plenty of almond cream, this sweet represents French New Year's. Inside is a small doll called a fève, and it is said that whoever wins will have good luck for the year.
Sale period: January 2, 2023 (Monday) to January 15 (Sunday)
* To prevent accidental ingestion, fave will be handed separately without putting it inside.

(Left) Acca Kappa Soap Gift Set 1279: 5,280 yen(Right) Acca Kappa Soap Gift Set 1303: 5,940 yen

(Left) Soap made with traditional techniques using raw materials derived from plants. A set of White Moss Soap, Virginia Rose Soap, and Calicanthus Soap (150g each) with a sophisticated scent.

(Right) A set of Rosa Mosqueta & Geranium Soap, Thyme & Red Rubin Basil Soap, and Juniper & White Fir Soap (150g each) that gives skin elasticity with a soft, creamy lather.

・Event Information

STREET PIANO!!! in Hibiya
The street piano, which was first held in October this year and was well received, will be back again at the end of the year!
Anyone can freely enjoy playing in the spacious atrium space.
*In order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the performance, please keep each performance to about 5 minutes.
#Stopihibiya #Share on Midtown Hibiya Street Piano

[Period] December 26th (Monday) to January 15th (Sunday), 2023 * January 1st (Saturday and public holiday) is a closed day [Time] 10: 00-19: 30 * December 31st (Saturday) ) is scheduled to end at 17:00 [Place] Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Atrium (1F)

* Depending on circumstances, the start and end times may differ.

・2023 New Year Sale “TOKYO MIDTOWN SALE”

The “TOKYO MIDTOWN SALE” will be held from January 2, 2023 (Monday), selling fashion items and lifestyle goods at special prices of up to 60% off.

[Date] From January 2, 2023 (Monday) [Participating stores] 12 stores such as clothing and miscellaneous goods

*Some products and services are not eligible for sale. *Please note that the sale details are subject to change without notice. *Cannot be used in conjunction with other benefits or services offered at each store. *The end date of the sale differs at each store.

Notice of change in business hours during the year-end and New Year holidays
From December 30th (Friday) to January 3rd (Tuesday), the business hours will be changed as follows.

December 30 (Fri)・・・11:00~19:00/11:00~21:00
December 31st (Sat)・・・11:00~17:00
January 1 (New Year's Day)・・・Closed
January 2 (Mon/holiday)・・・11:00~19:00/11:00~20:00
January 3 (Tue)・・・11:00~19:00/11:00~20:00
*Some stores have different business hours. Please check the homepage for details

●TOHO Cinemas Hibiya : Normal business *From 8:30 to the 4th floor TOHO Cinemas Hibiya, you can take the escalator or elevator from the B1 or 1F entrance.

*All images are images. It may differ from the actual content. Please contact the store for details on the menu and business hours. Some stores incur a separate service charge

■ About the "Mitsui Fudosan 9BOX Infection Control Standards" <br /> At the Mitsui Fudosan Group, we believe that easy-to-understand infection control measures based on medical and engineering knowledge are essential so that our facilities can be used with peace of mind. We have formulated the "Mitsui Fudosan 9 Box Infection Control Standards" and are thoroughly implementing new coronavirus infection control measures for each facility. The Group operates a wide range of facilities, including office buildings, commercial facilities, hotels, resorts, logistics, and housing. I would like to contribute.
The Group will continue to work toward the realization of a sustainable society through the creation of safe and secure communities.
* Reference release:

[Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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