Mos Burger is the first tag with Ginza Mitsukoshi! Popular depachika food hamburger appeared “Mosukoshi” September 6th (Wednesday) limited opening

"Moss Goe"
Date: September 6th (Wednesday) to September 19th (Tuesday)
[Part 1 September 6th (Wednesday) – September 12th (Tuesday), Part 2 September 13th (Wednesday) – September 19th (Tuesday)]
Business hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm *Last day ends at 4:00 pm / Last order 30 minutes before the end of each day
Location: New building 9th floor Ginza Terrace / Terrace Room

Mos Food Service Co., Ltd., which develops Mos Burger, collaborates with Ginza Mitsukoshi of Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd., and sells special hamburgers of department basement quality from September 6th (Wednesday) to September 19th (Tuesday). The store "Moss Koshi" will open for a limited time on the 9th floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building, Ginza Terrace / Terrace Room.

Mos Burger's product development staff and Ginza Mitsukoshi's food buyer went through trial and error for eight months. After many trials, we have created a special hamburger that can only be eaten here, with the taste of 7 famous food stores such as <Nadaman Kitchen> and <Asakusa Imahan>, which are popular in the basement of Ginza Mitsukoshi. In addition, we will also sell "Moss Koe" limited goods. Please pay attention.

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[Participating brands]
Roasted Beef ITO, Asakusa Imahan, Ginza Wakana, Tsukiji Matsuro, Ginza Tenichi, Nadaman Kitchen, Patisserie Mon Cher (in alphabetical order)

[About the symbol mark]
In commemoration of this collaboration, we jointly produced the “Moss Koe” symbol mark. Based on Mos Burger's "M" mark, it was designed to resemble "Shichigosan", which is said to be auspicious where the brush hits and bounces, which is used in the Mitsukoshi store emblem.

・This is the “Ginza” teriyaki burger! Kuroge Wagyu beef patty with a special sauce made with dashi stock from Nadaman Kitchen

“Ginza Teriyaki Burger”, which will be offered throughout the year, is a limited teriyaki burger that is a little different from the usual teriyaki burger, where you can enjoy the fragrant teriyaki sauce and Japanese black beef patty from <Nadaman Kitchen>.

Ginza Teriyaki Burger ~Kuroge Wagyu Beef Patty with Special Teriyaki Sauce~
Teriyaki sauce made with Nadaman kitchen dashi <Limited to 300 each day> 1,601 yen (1 piece)
■ Sales period: September 6th (Wednesday) to September 19th (Tuesday)

・Don't miss it! Burger that appears every week

■ Part 1 September 6th (Wednesday) to September 12th (Tuesday) ■
◎ Fragrant shrimp and flavorful warishita sauce are perfect with rice

Roast Beef Burger ~Kuroge Wagyu Beef Patty and Roast Beef with Horseradish~
Roasted Beef ITO roast beef use <Limited to 200 points each day> 1,801 yen (1 piece)

■ Part 2 September 13 (Wednesday) to September 19 (Tuesday) ■
◎Both sukiyaki and tamagoyaki with secret warishita sauce

Sukiyaki Dashi Rolled Egg Rice Burger ~Dashi Rolled Egg and Sukiyaki with Edo Okaka Ginger~
Harmony of Asakusa Imahan, Tsukiji Shoro, and Ginza Wakana <Limited to 200 items each day> 1,801 yen (1 piece)
*Made with Koshihikari rice grown in Niigata Prefecture

◎Double the flavor of sea bream with takuan and special shibazuke tartare

Red sea bream cutlet burger ~ Fried wild red sea bream from Nagasaki prefecture with special lemon tartar sauce ~
Use of Ginza Wakana pickles <Limited to 200 points each day> 1,601 yen (1 piece)

・Dessert is also burger style!

Dessert burger using fluffy dough of <Patisserie Mon Cher> also appeared.

Fruitcake Sandwich ~Lots of Fruit and Plenty of Cream~
Patisserie mon cher dough and cream use <70 points each day only> 1,601 yen each (1 piece)
*Fruits change weekly. *Please eat as soon as possible.
■ Sales period: September 6th (Wednesday) to September 19th (Tuesday)

・ At the venue, original shoppers and goods sales

Moss Koshi x KINTO water bottle (1 each/500ml each) 1,980 yen each [Limited quantity]
※Please pardon the case of run out.

Mosgoe Shopper bag (1 piece) 101 yen

・"Moss over" lights will color the venue!

The Ginza Terrace will be decorated with "Mosukoshi" lights.

・Comments from the person in charge of each company on the initiative

□Ginza Mitsukoshi First Sales Department Buyer Masaaki Koizumi <br />In commemoration of the 350th anniversary of Mitsukoshi's founding, Ginza Mitsukoshi is holding various anniversary events to express our gratitude for your patronage. On the food floor, the theme is "food that resonates in the heart", and there will be a lineup of limited pop-ups and items that are only available during the anniversary period. As a main project in that, we plan "Mos Koshi" with Mos Burger, who is particular about quality as a partner. We stimulate the curiosity and happiness of our customers by offering MOS BURGER's depachika-quality hamburgers with ingredients from famous food stores on the Ginza Mitsukoshi food floor that have a sense of taste and quality.

□ Mos Food Service Co., Ltd. Marketing Headquarters Product Development Department Manager Shinichiro Hamasaki <br /> Mos Food Service also celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. I am very honored to have received an offer from Ginza Mitsukoshi. We want to offer products that you can only buy here with a sense of quality and a sense of luxury. In addition to teriyaki burgers, which are Mos's signature product, they are made in a Ginza style. We have prepared an unprecedented project. It is a collaboration between companies that have created many "Japan's firsts" while sticking to quality.

・Mitsukoshi 350th anniversary

In 2023, the Mitsukoshi department store of the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group will celebrate its 350th anniversary. Mitsukoshi was founded in 1673 as a kimono store "Echigoya", and in 1904, it issued the first "department store declaration" in Japan, and has accumulated its history as a department store. To commemorate the 350th anniversary of Mitsukoshi's founding, for 12 months from Saturday, April 1, 2023 to Sunday, March 31, 2024, " Under the theme of “innovation that transcends tradition'', we will work on various sales measures to express our gratitude for your past patronage and deliver “special value that will make you feel the expectations for Mitsukoshi in the future.''

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・About Mos Burger

Mos Food Service Co., Ltd. founded the hamburger specialty store "Mos Burger" in Narimasu, Tokyo in 1972, and since then, it has opened 1,292 stores in Japan and 458 stores overseas through the franchise method (both store numbers are expected to increase by 2023). (as of the end of July). As a hamburger chain born in Japan, we offer products that value the concept of "deliciousness, safety, and health."

We are consistently working to provide "service with sincerity and a smile". Through the after-order system that we have maintained since our founding, and product development that values Japanese food culture, we are moving forward with the theme of "making our store closer to people and more loved."

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[Mos Food Service Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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