Craft sweets brand “Butters” opens a permanent store in Ginza, Tokyo.

Limited sale of “Butter Sandwich Honey Lemon'' made with honey from the rare Ginza Honey Bee Project.

On November 1st (Wednesday), HiOLI Co., Ltd. will open the first permanent store in the Ginza area of Tokyo for the craft butter sweets brand "Butters" at Matsuya Ginza, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in Ginza. We would like to inform you that we will be opening a store.

Butters is a brand of craft butter sweets where you can explore unique butters from all over the world and enjoy carefully selected butters and their friends. Our main product, “Craft Butter Cake,'' has sold over 5 million units in the three and a half years since its launch, and has been well received by customers who are looking for special butter sweets for souvenirs or for home use.

To commemorate the opening of Butters Matsuya Ginza store, "Butter Sandwich Honey Lemon" using rare Ginza Honey Bee Project honey, which is characterized by its gorgeous aroma and mellow sweetness, will be available only at Matsuya Ginza store. We will sell it.
A sandwich made by mixing rare honey grown in Ginza, Tokyo and lemon jam packed with the natural sweetness and flavor grown in the sun of the Setouchi Inland Sea with butter cream.

[Butters Matsuya Ginza store]
Address: GINZA Food Stage, Matsuya Ginza B1, 3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 Business hours: 11:00-20:00 (11:00-19:30 on Sundays or the last day of consecutive holidays)

[Butter Sandwich Honey Lemon (Butter Sandwich Honey Lemon)]
1P: 540 yen (base price: 500 yen)

We use rare honey from the Ginza Honeybee Project, which is grown in Ginza, Tokyo.
Paired with honey is a sweet and sour jam made only from Setouchi lemon fruit and juice.
As the name suggests, Ginza Honeybee Project's honey is produced on the rooftops of buildings in Ginza. Bees fly around the Imperial Palace, Hamarikyu, and Hibiya Park, collecting honey from flowers and trees. The taste and color of Ginza honey is left to the bees.
A one-of-a-kind honey and Setouchi lemon jam that can only be tasted in that season is mixed with a rich butter cream made from Hokkaido butter, and sandwiched between sables. The sweet and sour taste spreads throughout your mouth.

[Craft Butter Cake]
3P: 972 yen (base price: 900 yen), 5P: 1,458 yen (base price: 1,350 yen), 10P: 2,916 yen (base price: 2,700 yen)

Using fermented butter that has the richness of Hokkaido butter, the refreshing sourness of yogurt, and a unique aroma, we sandwiched milk jam between two doughs with different textures, galette bretonne and financier, and baked them in three layers.
One of its characteristics is the crispy texture on the surface, the fluffy milk jam, and the light texture created by the cavity in the center of the dough.

[Craft sweets brand “Butters”]

A craft butter sweets brand launched by HiOLI in April 2020.
We carefully use by-products such as nonfat milk produced in the process of making butter, and deliver craft butter sweets that combine traditional manufacturing methods that have been passed down over many years. The most popular product, "Craft Butter Cake," sold out of the more than 5,000 units prepared on the first day of its release, bringing the cumulative total to over 5 million servings in the three and a half years since sales began. We choose butter that suits the product, take advantage of the natural goodness of the ingredients, and create new value by combining traditional recipes and manufacturing methods that have been passed down over many years without being bound by common sense.We aim to create craft butter sweets that will continue into the future. We will create a tradition.


[HiOLI Co., Ltd.]

We launched the craft ice cream brand “HiO ICE CREAM” in April 2019, the craft butter sweets brand “Butters” in April 2020, and the cheese sweets “Yamano Cheese” in November 2022.
A craft sweets company that handles everything from planning to development/manufacturing, valuing three craft approaches: paying close attention to materials, manufacturing in micro batches, and making products with a visible face.

[HiOLI Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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