Kakuozan Fruit Daifuku Benzaiten opens a cafe “benzaiten Cafe” in Ginza

“Benzaiten'', which has been offering fruit daifuku that tastes more fruit than fruit, using seasonal fruits sent directly from the market, will open a cafe “benzaiten Cafe'' in Ginza.

・We offer a variety of Japanese sweets that bring out the natural taste of fruits.

benzaiten Cafe offers a variety of Japanese sweets that bring out the natural taste of fruits, including fruit daifuku, fruit dorayaki with white bean paste, and fruit parfait with gyuhi.

・“benzaiten Cafe” with cut glass on the entire wall

When you pass through the noren curtain, you will be greeted by a modern Japanese-style space made with cut glass.
We aim to be a place where people who spend busy days can change their minds and calm their minds.

・Menu offered at the cafe (example)

We have prepared Japanese sweets using strawberries, which are in season now.

Strawberry Japanese style afternoon tea

Afternoon tea topped with sweets and savouries made with bright red strawberries that are in season.
By cutting the fruit daifuku with a special mochi-cutting thread, you can also enjoy discovering the beautiful cross-sections you find yourself.

Benzaiten special gyuhi strawberry parfait

We use plenty of fresh strawberries purchased from the market.
It contains pistachio ice cream, strawberry sorbet, fragrant elderflower jelly, and Benzaiten's signature gyuhi, and is decorated with gorgeous strawberry tuile and snow-inspired candy.

・Drinks made with fresh fruits

We also have drinks made with seasonal fruits.

Fruit soda made with homemade confiture

A drink with the sweetness of fruit, made by mixing homemade confiture made by boiling pears with sugar and adding soda.

“Sparkling Sake with Strawberry” using Shinsei Sake Brewery’s “Ama Neko”

We will be offering sparkling Japanese sake only on the third Sunday of each month, using the sparkling type Junmai sake “Ama Neko'' produced by Shinsei Sake Brewery, which has become a premium sake that is difficult to obtain.

・About benzaiten Cafe <br /> Opening date: Sunday, December 10, 2023
Address: GINZA HACHIKAN3110 Building 1F, 8-4-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
4 minutes walk from Shinbashi Station on each line, 7 minutes walk from Ginza Station on each line Phone: 03-6264-6033
Business hours: 11:00-16:00 (15:00LO)
Closed: Year-end and New Year holidays


We offer hand-wrapped fruit daifuku that is particular about the golden ratio of white bean paste and gyuhi that brings out the original taste of the fruit.

Official website: https://benzaiten-daifuku.jp/
Online shop: https://ec.benzaiten-daifuku.jp/
Benzaiten Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benzaiten.daifuku/
benzaiten Cafe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benzaiten_cafe/

[Benzaiten Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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