“Ginza Sweets Collection 2024”, Suikole. Held at Ginza Mitsukoshi from February 1st (Thursday) to February 14th (Wednesday), 2024

Chocolate captivates us with so much emotion. Look for "along with emotions" with beautiful looks, fragrant aroma, and deep, rich taste at Ginza Mitsukoshi.

■Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 7th Floor Event Venue: [General Period] February 1st (Thursday) – February 14th (Wednesday) *Ends at 6pm on the last day
*January 31st (Wednesday) is a special invitation day for MI Card members.
■New building 9th floor terrace room: January 31st (Wednesday) – February 14th (Wednesday) *Ends at 6pm on the last day / Last order for eat-in: 30 minutes before the end of each day
■Main Building B2F Ginza Sweets Park I: January 31st (Wednesday) – February 14th (Wednesday)
■Main Building B2F GINZA Stage: February 4th (Sunday) – February 14th (Wednesday)
■“Ginza Sweets Collection 2024”
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Ginza Mitsukoshi The theme of "Ginza Sweets Collection 2024" is "along with emotions". Chocolate captivates us with its beautiful looks, aromatic aroma, and deep, rich taste. It is very emotional and has a special existence that moves our hearts and helps us feel a variety of emotions. Find special chocolates and sweets for your loved ones or yourself.

・Recommended chocolates from Ginza Mitsukoshi

◇Exciting and beautiful looks◇

[Ginza Mitsukoshi first store] [Ginza Mitsukoshi limited] <Venki> Celebration gift box 4,644 yen (Made in Italy/166g) *Limited to 100 items
A long-established Italian store founded in 1878. Assorted 12 Italian chocolates of 5 unique types, including “Chocovia Pistachio'', which contains whole pistachios, and “Chocovia Caramel Brulee'', which contains caramel sauce, in a high-quality gift box exclusive to Ginza Mitsukoshi.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

<Bubo Barcelona> Chocolate Sculpture My Heart Petit 3,490 yen (Made in Spain/35g)
A Barcelona patisserie that pursues the world of original and delicate desserts. The recommended item is the palm-sized heart-shaped chocolate that resembles a jewel. Inside the bright red heart are three types of small heart-shaped chocolates.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

◇Attention to materials and strength◇

[Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited] <Le Chocolat de Ash> Ginza Selection 3,401 yen (Made in Japan/8 pieces)
Chocolatier Hirohiro Tsujiguchi fuses the flavors and aromas of cacao beans from all over the world with Japanese ingredients and culture, and puts them into a single piece of chocolate, creating Le Chocolat de Hsieh, a chocolatry that is sent from Japan to the world. This time's "Ginza Selection" is an assortment of eight types of bonbon chocolates selected by Mr. Tsujiguchi for Ginza Mitsukoshi. In addition to the three types exclusive to Ginza Mitsukoshi, Phrase Pistache, Esmeralda, and Whiskey Café, we have an assortment of five types: Abricosale, Yuzu Matcha, Reine, Sakura Lychee, and Cool Rouge. In addition to the flavors of various ingredients, please fully enjoy the chocolate where you can feel the scent of cacao until the end.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

[Mitsukoshi Isetan Limited] <Benoit Niant> Cool Collection 4,860 yen (Made in Belgium/9 pieces)
A special chocolate that uses cacao from a single field and single variety to bring out the pure aroma and delicate taste of cacao. Four popular Grand Cru types made from cacao from different regions, and five heart types including the new Yuzu flavor limited to Mitsukoshi Isetan. This is an assortment of 9 selected types.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

[Ginza Mitsukoshi first store] <Cluisel> Champignon Assortimon 2,376 yen (Made in France/5 pieces)
A family-run chocolatier in the Normandy region that has been in business for four generations, it is a pioneer of bean-to-bar. We directly partner with cacao farms in seven countries around the world to sustainably source cacao beans of stable quality. Mushroom chocolate with a lovely round shape. We have assorted two types: Gianduja flavor and caramel flavor. It was invented by the first generation Marc and commercialized by the second generation Michel. It is made using a secret recipe that combines 6 parts.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

◇There are a lot of things and it's kind of fun◇

<Reve de Bijou> Reve de Bijou sold by weight 1,296 yen (Made in Belgium/per 50g)
*The image is not 50g.
A Belgian chocolate specialty select shop called "Jewelry Dream" that has been running since 1994. In Japan, this is only introduced during Valentine's Day and White Day every year. A fun and economical way to buy chocolates by weight, allowing you to choose as many chocolates as you like.
Ginza Mitsukoshi is the only store north of Kanto.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

[Ginza Mitsukoshi first store] <KOBE CHOCO> BUDDY CHOCOLATE Pretzel green can 1,998 yen (Made in Japan/220g)
A chocolate specialty store that started as an online shop specializing in orders and opened a physical store in the former Kobe foreign settlement in 2022. Assorted two types of popular pretzel-filled chocolate. The sweetness of the chocolate goes perfectly with the salted pretzels.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

[Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited] <Demel> Demelkuchen 2,160 yen (Made in Japan / 1 piece)
Demel was born in 1786 in a place connected to the House of Habsburg, and its brand mark is the coat of arms of the House of Habsburg. From such a long-established Western confectionery store, "Demmerkuchen" is now available, limited to Ginza Mitsukoshi. Baked sweets with chocolate, nuts, and orange are layered with apricot marzipan and generously coated with flavorful milk chocolate. It's a filling dish, but if you're a chocolate lover, you'll want to keep it all to yourself.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

[First store in Ginza Mitsukoshi] <Kazunoli Ikeda Andy Viduel> KUJIRA 3,001 yen (Made in Japan/4 pieces)
Kazunori Ikeda, who trained as a pastry chef in Paris for 10 years, returned to Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake and opened a shop in Sendai with the aim of “creating sweets that will provide emotional support to people in the disaster-stricken areas.'' Rich flavor, moist texture that melts in your mouth. The four types of cake au chocolat made with cacao from different regions go well with alcohol.
■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

◇Mitsukoshi's lion statue…◇

[Mitsukoshi Limited] <Verdier> Lesandre aux Sauternes Kifu “Mitsukoshi Limited BOX” 2,484 yen (Made in France/100g)
This fragrant grape chocolate is made with Bordeaux botrytis wine "Sauternes" that is aged in chocolate, allowing you to enjoy the changing taste depending on when you enjoy it. In commemoration of the 350th anniversary of Mitsukoshi's founding, <Verdier> is now available in the first Mitsukoshi limited package ■New Building 7th Floor Event Hall

・Directly imported chocolate made by a famous chocolatier…you can't miss it.

Image left: <Bernacion> Tablet Palais Argent 5,400 yen (Made in France/1 piece)
Since its founding in 1953, the Lyon maison has been purchasing cacao beans from Central and South America and has been one of the first to start bean-to-bar. Introducing a new product that uses the famous bonbon chocolate “Palais d'Or'' ganache coated with milk chocolate and decorated with silver foil.

Top right of the image: <Alexia Santini> Orangette 3,888 yen (Made in France/1 bag)
Blessed with ingredients such as citrus fruits, herbs, and honey, Corsican female chocolatiers are known for their creations that evoke the unique atmosphere of the island. The chocolate is made by cutting candied oranges that have been confited over time and coating them in dark chocolate, and comes in a cute drawstring bag.

Bottom right of the image: <Frank Kaestner> Tablet Montblanc 2,916 yen (Made in France/1 piece)
Frank Kästner obtained his MOF at the age of 27 and runs two stores, one in his hometown of Sarguemin and a shop in Paris. The new tablet has two layers of rum-flavored marron cream and paste and vanilla-flavored marshmallow, coated with milk chocolate.

■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

・Demonstrations of 3 brands that can be enjoyed at the venue

Left image: [Ginza Mitsukoshi limited] <Benoit Niant> Go-full 750 yen (1 piece)
Gaufrette allows you to enjoy the crispy texture and aroma of wheat. The combination of caramel topping and melting chocolate is a delicious combination that will satisfy your soul.

Image center: <Venchi> Italian Gelato 864 yen (1 piece) *Limited to 300 pieces each day <br /> Venchi gelato was created to enjoy chocolate in its coldest form. The chocolate-flavored gelato that can only be created by an Italian chocolate gelateria (chocolate and gelato specialty store) has a rich texture, rich flavor, and is all chocolate itself! No artificial colors, flavors or palm oil. Gelato's vibrant colors take advantage of the natural tones of the ingredients used.

Right image: [Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited] <Arnaud Laerre Paris> Kouign Aman Chocolat 648 yen (1 piece)
The Cacao Hunters collaboration version of "Kuign-Amann", a viennoiserie from Brittany region, Arnaud Laerre Paris's specialty, is now available exclusively at Ginza Mitsukoshi. In addition, two types of fondant chocolate, “Fondant Chocolat Elizabeth” and “Fondant Chocolat Aruako”, will be made at the venue for 594 yen each (1 piece).
*Please check the Ginza Mitsukoshi website for details such as baking time.

■New building 7th floor entertainment venue

・Take a short break at eat-in

<Cacao Sampaca> Ana Maria 583 yen (Made in Japan/1 cup)
A chocolate terrier that is a purveyor to the Spanish royal family and has its main store in Barcelona. A traditional Spanish hot chocolate drink with a hint of cinnamon.
■New building 9th floor terrace room

<Cacao Sampaca> Jaratz Cacao 660 yen (Made in Japan/1 bottle)
A chocolate terrier that is a purveyor to the Spanish royal family and has its main store in Barcelona. The chocolate soft serve ice cream is made with luxuriously aromatic cacao powder and has a rich yet refreshing aftertaste. Comes with a <Cacao Sanpaca> logo chocolate plate.
■New building 9th floor terrace room

・The usual department store basement is also covered in chocolate.

<Pierre Marcolini> Nouvelle Selection 9 pieces 4,347 yen (Made in Belgium/9 pieces)
A luxurious assortment of 8 types of “Les Coeurs Nouveaus'' series, including new flavors that can only be enjoyed at Nouvelle Selection, and “Cours Framboise'' with a red heart. The package expresses the theme of this year's Valentine's Day collection, "RELEASE YOUR HEART."
■Main Building B2F Ginza Sweets Park I

<Lulu Mary> Almond dragee 1,620 yen (Made in Japan/90g)
<Lulu Mary> wishes to "deliver a relaxing, rich, happy and enjoyable time with chocolate." An assortment of almond dragees with exquisite sugar and crunchy almonds in a cute round can.​
*Deployment period: February 4th (Sunday) to February 14th (Wednesday)
■Main Building B2F GINZA Stage

<Frederic Cassel> Coffret Vanille 3,564 yen (Made in France/6 pieces)
The creamy, woody and sweet scent of vanilla from Madagascar, the delicate and fruity scent of vanilla from Mauritius, and the floral and exotic scent of Tahitian vanilla with hints of spice. Sweet chocolate art filled with the scent of vanilla, loved by Frederic Cassel.

<Lenotre> Cour Lier Au Chocolat 6 pieces 2,916 yen (Made in France/6 pieces)
This year's theme for <Lenotre> is "Heart/Love". In keeping with the theme, new products include a red heart-shaped chocolate made with strawberries and a yellow heart-shaped chocolate made with yuzu. In addition, 6 types, including 2 new types using herbs and 2 classic types such as pistachio praline, have been assembled in a 2024 limited package.

■Main Building B2F Western sweets

*Depending on the congestion situation, we may limit the number of items that each person can purchase. Please note.
※Please pardon the case of run out.
*All prices include tax.
*Foods are subject to a mix of standard tax rate (10%) and reduced tax rate (8%).
*Due to circumstances, product content, materials, manufacturing location, design, price, and raw material production area may change. Also, due to various circumstances, there may be cases where items are not in stock.
*The contents of the event are subject to change or cancellation due to circumstances.
*Customer admission may be restricted. Please note.

[Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings Co., Ltd.] From a press release

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