[Held again this year! ] You can go to that BAR that you can’t usually go to! ? “Ginza Town Bar 2024” will be held! Tickets on sale now!

62 carefully selected stores in Ginza are participating, including Beer Restaurant Lion and Bar Mizuka. Event period: April 8, 2024 (Monday) to April 26, 2024 (Friday)

The Ginza Town Bar Executive Committee, which is comprised of Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd., Kyodo PR Co., Ltd., and VAZ Co., Ltd., will hold "Ginza Town Bar 2024" from April 8th (Monday) to April 26th (Friday). It will be held on.

“Ginza Town Bar'' is a gourmet event where you can experience eating and drinking at multiple restaurants in Ginza with a ticket system, where you can discover new shops and enjoy carefully selected dishes and drinks from participating shops. It started in 2014 with the aim of supporting the restaurants that support Ginza and revitalizing the region. Through the event, we aim to have many people of all generations, including young people who rarely visit Ginza, enjoy the city of Ginza.

"Beer Restaurant Lion Ginza 7-chome Branch" and "HESTIA GINZA", which were very popular last time, and "Bar Mizuka", whose master is the world's best bartender in the world cocktail competition, will be participating again this time.
In addition, 62 stores, the most in Ginza-gai bar history, including 20 participating stores for the first time, such as the dining bar "The Gray Room" where you can enjoy terrace seating 30 meters above the ground, and the music bar "bar record" where you can enjoy records. I plan to participate. (The number of stores is subject to change.)

Advance tickets are currently on sale on the ticket sales page ( https://ginza-machibal2024.peatix.com ). This is your chance to purchase tickets at a cheaper price than on the day, so please buy them.

Beer Restaurant Lion Ginza 7-chome store (participating stores are on the 2nd floor)

bar record

Furthermore, a new project with the theme "During the cherry blossom season, enjoy Ginza's sake and food with a book in hand."

*Details will be released soon on the official website: http://ginza-machibal.com .

・"Ginza Town Bar 2024" event overview held

Event dates: April 8th (Monday) to April 26th (Friday), 2024
*Participation dates and response times vary depending on participating stores. Please refer to our website.
Participating stores: 62 stores (including 1 flower shop) *The number of stores is subject to change.
Ticket price: Same-day ticket 5,000 yen / Advance ticket 4,500 yen (3 tickets)

Official website: http://ginza-machibal.com
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ginzamachibal/
Ticket sales page: https://ginza-machibal2024.peatix.com

・List of participating stores (in no particular order)

Bar Mizuka, Resaciel, Blue Morpho, HESTIA GINZA, Spanish Club, NAMIKI667 (Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo 3F), Ginza KARINKARIN, Western Liquor Museum, WXYZ Bar, Rock Bar VOX, Hola! GINZA7, SCHMATZ Ginza Shochiku Square, Magdalena (Hotel Grand Bach Tokyo Ginza 2F), Beer Restaurant Lion Ginza 7-chome branch, Tsuki no Hanare, bar record, MUJI Diner Ginza, The Gray Room, etc.

・Introduction of the menu offered (partial)

Store name: Beer Restaurant Lion Ginza 7-chome store <br /> Food: Beer hall sausage (2 pieces)
Drink: Yebisu beer medium mug

Store name: HESTIA GINZA
Food: Roast beef, truffle French fries, HESTIA salad Drinks: Draft beer, sparkling wine, white and red wine, lemon sour, jasmine highball, highball, barley, potato shochu, cassis cocktail, orange, jasmine tea, oolong tea

Store name: The Gray Room
Food: Spice Appetizers, Crackers Drinks: Red wine, white wine, original spice cocktails (various) (non-alcoholic)

Store name: Bar Mizuka <br /> Food: Nuts, chocolate, olive Drinks: Highball, gin and tonic, Campari soda

[Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd.] From a press release

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