[Tokyo Midtown Hibiya] The excitement of the theater, time to the town! “Hibiya Festival 2024”, an entertainment festival that celebrates the city of Hibiya, will be held again this year!

Also pay attention to the professional dance league “D.LEAGUE” that is participating for the first time! Full of attractions where you can experience various forms of art and culture April 26th (Friday) – May 6th (Monday/holiday)

"Hibiya Festival 2024" will be held at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya from April 26th (Friday) to May 6th (Monday/holiday).

Since its opening, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya has been collaborating with surrounding theaters and movie theaters to promote Hibiya's artistic culture. "Hibiya Festival" is an event co-created with the city of Hibiya that has been held since 2018 as a festival of entertainment unique to Hibiya, "Japan's Broadway." This is an urban festival where you can experience a variety of entertainment, from Japan's proud performing arts and traditional performing arts to innovative performances, for free in an open-air space.

"Hibiya Festival" continues to evolve as an event where you can experience the latest in entertainment, such as the latest showcase of Japanese entertainment centered on theaters and young content. Please enjoy Golden Week, when the streets of Hibiya become a stage and are filled with a variety of performances.

・Main event lineup

●“Step Show” where you can enjoy borderless entertainment completely free of charge.
At Step Show, you can enjoy a variety of entertainment that transcends genre boundaries, from classical music such as ballet and opera to musicals, dance, and music. Also pay attention to the professional dance league "D.LEAGUE" that will be participating for the first time. In the evening, the “Night Show'', which was very popular last year, will be held. Enjoy new entertainment through the fusion of performance and technology.

★Japan's leading theater companies and theaters gather! Presenting a wide variety of original shows that are not bound by genre

NBA Ballet

First participation in professional dance league “D.LEAGUE”

★Innovative performance that makes full use of technology The highly acclaimed “Night Show” will be held again this year

▲Last year's situation

●NEXT artists gather in Hibiya! “Machinaka Theater” with the city as a stage
Eleven "NEXT artists" selected by judges who are active at the forefront of the entertainment field, including Amon Miyamoto, will appear at the "Machinaka Theater" in the Hibiya area.

(Left) Suzukan Kobayashi / Shakuhachi (JAZZ) (Center) Emi Wakui / Violin (classical) (Right) Omid Bakhshesh / Silwheel

●Kangeki School, an experiential workshop that both children and adults can enjoy
At Kangeki School, where you can learn a variety of things through entertainment, we will be holding workshops on the theme of theater that both children and adults can enjoy.

①Japan's leading theaters and organizations will perform original shows on the open air stage! Theater showcase "Step Show"

This is a theater showcase with a large stage set up in Hibiya Step Plaza where you can enjoy full-fledged entertainment of various genres for free. In addition to Hibiya's popular musicals and opera, entertainment professionals from various genres such as dance and music will gather at Step Plaza. You can enjoy performances that are normally only available in theaters in an open-air space for free.

▲Step show (last year)

■Theater showcase [Step show] Overview <br /> Location: Hibiya Step Plaza (In case of rain, online streaming will be performed from the indoor venue)
Period: April 26th (Friday) – May 6th (Monday/holiday) *Not held on April 30th (Tuesday), May 1st (Wednesday), and 2nd (Thursday) Fee: Free Seating: Free Viewing (some seats are reserved in advance/free entry/exit) *The number of people in the free viewing area may also be limited.

Performing groups that decorate Hibiya Festival's "Step Show"

<Dance> D.LEAGUE *First participation!

D.LEAGUE is the world's top professional dance league, born in 2021. This is a competition in which 13 teams from Japan compete in street dance performance, and in recent years it has been attracting attention from all over the world. At this Hibiya Festival, two teams from D.LEAGUE will be participating and showcasing their brilliant dance techniques and performances.

<Musical/Theatrical> Toho/Nappos United × Amuse/Horipro

<Ballet>NBA Ballet Company

<Opera> Nissay Theater

② Appreciation content that combines entertainment and cutting-edge technology Outdoor night showcase “Night Show”

Last year, the "Night Show", which was held for the first time as an evolution project of "Step Show", received a great response, and we will continue to deliver light entertainment by the popular performance group "MPLUSPLUS DANCERS" last year. Masu. This show fuses technology with performance and foreshadows the future in the traditional Hibiya location. Please experience the challenge of entertainment that goes beyond just "watching" as you can experience performance and cutting-edge technology at the same time.

▲Last year's situation

■Outdoor night showcase [Night show] Overview <br />Location: Hibiya Step Plaza (Cancelled in case of rain)
Period: April 26th (Friday) to May 6th (Monday/holiday) (planned)
Time: About 3 times a day after 18:00 (planned)
Price: Free Seating: Free viewing/Free entry/exit *The number of people may be limited in the free viewing area *The above may change in the future (Please check the official website for updated information)

MPLUSPLUS, a creative group that creates the future in various fields from art to installation, creates substrates and products for wireless devices. "MPLUSPLUS DANCERS" uses the created LED props to perform and perform. By bringing together individuals with backgrounds from various genres, the range of expression has greatly expanded, and by performing at the opening ceremony of the WBC held at Tokyo Dome, and advancing to the AGT semi-finals, we have been invited to perform at global events and companies. He has also appeared in many projects.

③NEXT artists will perform in the Hibiya area! Every corner of the city is transformed into a theater! "Machinaka Theater"

Moving out of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, various locations in Hibiya will serve as venues for the “Machinaka Theater'' where NEXT artists will perform. Prior to Hibiya Festival 2024, we have been recruiting young artists in various genres from November 2023 under the title "You are the NEXT Artist – Young Artist Support Project – 2024." The 11 "NEXT Artists" selected by 11 professionals including director Amon Miyamoto will present a special performance. Enjoy the fusion of city and entertainment.

▲Machinaka Theater (last year's situation)

■Every place in town is transformed into a theater! [Machinaka Theater] Overview <br /> Location: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Hibiya OKUROJI, Hibiya Matsumotoro, etc. *Details will be announced at a later date Period: April 26th (Friday) – May 6th (Monday/Holiday) * Prices vary depending on performer: Free, free viewing *During crowded times, the number of people may be limited.

11 groups selected as “NEXT Artists 2024” who will carry the future of the entertainment world will perform.

[You are the “NEXT artist” ~ Young people support project ~ 2024]
The event has been held since 2018, with the aim of providing opportunities for young artists to perform and disseminating their talents from Hibiya to the world.Professionals from various fields such as entertainment and traditional performing arts serve as judges to select "NEXT artists". We have confirmed that we will appear at the Hibiya Festival 2024, a theater festival held in Tokyo. Titled "Machinaka Theater," it will provide opportunities for expression throughout the city of Hibiya, including Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, commercial facilities, and restaurants. In addition to this appearance, we aim to provide ongoing support, such as opportunities to appear at various events. The jury will include 11 well-known artists from various fields, who will not only judge the competition but also support young artists who will lead the future.

[Judge introduction]

(From left) Amon Miyamoto, Ayaka Hirahara, Fumiaki Miura (© Yuji Hori), Kikunojo Onoe, and akane

(From left) Mr. Takahiro Onagawa, Mr. Ryo Kurisu, Mr. Koichi Iriyama, Mr. FISHBOY, Mr. Genkuro Hanayagi, Mr. Ryuji Ueyama

④ “Kangeki School” is a world-class hands-on workshop and talk event about profound theater and stage performances that both children and adults can enjoy.

We will be holding a Kangeki school where you can learn a variety of things through performing arts such as theater. This is an experiential workshop/talk event where both children and adults can develop their sensitivity and knowledge while experiencing the wonders of performing arts. This year, in collaboration with GAKU, a creative school for teenagers that has a reputation for theater programs for young people, we will be implementing a program that approaches the charm of theater with a number of instructors who are active at the forefront of the theater industry. To do.

▲Past situation

■Experiential workshop/talk event [Kangeki School] Overview <br /> Location: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Conference period: April 26th (Friday) to May 6th (Monday/holiday) *Scheduled fee: Free Reservation: Reservation Advance reservations required through the site “Peatix” (from late March)
Lecturer: Takashi Takao and others

Lecturer: Takashi Takao

He has conducted many improv workshops as an instructor, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Liberal Arts Research School, Kyoiku Institute Teaching School, theaters, companies, and the local community, and has also appeared on stage while conducting workshops at the improvisational experimental school he leads.

“Hibiya Festival 2024” event overview <br />The excitement of the theater, time to the town! "Hibiya Festival 2024"
Sponsored by: Hibiya Area Management Corporation/Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Sponsored by: Chiyoda Ward Period: April 26, 2024 (Friday) – May 6, 2024 (Monday, holiday)
Overview: “Step Show,'' a showcase of Japan's proud performing arts, “Night Show,'' which combines entertainment and cutting-edge technology, “Machinaka Theater,'' where various locations around the city become stages, and “Machinaka Theater,'' where you can learn various things through entertainment. A festival where you can experience entertainment from a variety of genres, including “Kangeki Gakko.''

*Please see the website for details (official website will be released around 17:00)

Official site URL:
Hibiya Festival official X (formerly Twitter) account URL:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR40B9BK-oyQT4si4slhJPg *The event may be canceled due to circumstances. Details such as performers, dates, time schedules, etc. will be released on the website as soon as they are decided.

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