The “Kamawanu Tenugui Exhibition” by the tenugui specialty store “Kamawanu” will be held at Ginza Itoya from Friday, April 19th!

We will reveal the charm of tenugui, which is attracting attention again as a sustainable "tool for daily life"! Perfect for going out during Golden Week!

Kamawanu, a specialty tenugui shop, will hold the "Kamawanu Tenugui Exhibition" at Ginza Itoya from Friday, April 19, 2024. This year, with the theme of "wrapping," the exhibition will feature wrapping everyday items in tenugui, showcasing ways to enjoy tenugui, and selling over 300 types of tenugui at the venue. There will also be special items and events prepared for this exhibition!

Kamawanu Co., Ltd. will hold the "Kamawanu Tenugui Exhibition" at Ginza Itoya G.Itoya B1 Inspiration Hall from Friday, April 19th to Tuesday, May 7th, 2024.

This year's theme is "wrapping," and we will be introducing ways to enjoy tenugui beyond just "wiping" by wrapping small and large items, from everyday objects, in them.

A single tenugui opens up endless possibilities! It can be used to wrap a variety of items, from small bottles to large 1.8L bottles, and can quickly be transformed into tissue covers or lunchbox wrappers! Tenugui dyed with the unique Japanese dyeing technique "Chūsen," which has been passed down since the Meiji era, are perfect for wrapping things as they have no front or back and can be used reversibly. Eco-friendly tenugui that can be used repeatedly are also recommended as sustainable gift wrapping.

In addition, an installation of nearly 100 tenugui cloths will be displayed on the ceiling of the venue to welcome you. More than 300 types of tenugui cloths and furoshiki cloths will be on sale, and there will also be a wide variety of special items and events prepared for this exhibition!

The event will be held during Golden Week, so please stop by if you are in the area.

Event Overview
"Kamawanu Tenugui Exhibition"
● Event period: Friday, April 19th to Tuesday, May 7th, 2024
● Location | Ginza Itoya G.Itoya B1 Inspiration Hall
● Business hours | Please check the Itoya website

・The tenugui installation decorating the venue is spectacular!

The photo is from a past event.

・Event product lineup

●Fun to wrap! Original Tenugui towels <br /> Everyday items have been made into tenugui towels. A wide selection of unique designs to make wrapping things even more fun!
*While supplies last

Wrapping-themed tenugui towels make their debut

●Slightly longer tenugui <br /> We are selling five patterns of 110 cm long tenugui, which are a little longer than regular tenugui. These long tenugui are easy to use and can be worn comfortably around the neck and worn over the head.
*While supplies last

Long hand towel

●2023 Design Contest Winning Tenugui Hand Towels on Sale <br /> The three winning works from the Tenugui Design Contest held at the same event last year will be exhibited and sold at the event. This year too, unique and wonderful designs have been made into tenugui hand towels.

Winning entries from the 2023 Tenugui Design Contest will be commercialized

●Tenugui Design Contest <br /> We are holding our ever-popular design contest!
The winner will receive a commercialized tenugui! What's more, the product will be on sale at the "Kamawanu Tenugui Exhibition" in 2025. Why not try turning your free-spirited ideas and fun designs into tenugui?

Download the application form:

*Application forms will be available at the venue.
*Submissions by mail or email will not be accepted.

●Re-dyed Towels <br /> Kamawanu tenugui are dyed using the traditional dyeing technique of "Chū-sen," which means they are easily affected by humidity and temperature, and no two are exactly alike. "Re-dyed Towels" are upcycled items that are made by post-dyeing non-standard tenugui that have "uneven dyeing" or "color variations" that occur during the manufacturing process.

Kanai Kogei's "Mud-dyed, Indigo-dyed, Plant-dyed Tenugui" will be available again this year, featuring the traditional ancient dyeing techniques of Amami Oshima, which are popular every year. This year, they will also be introducing the new "Azumadaki Tenugui", which is dyed using a method that recreates the Edo period's kettle-dyeing method. The fabric is slowly and painstakingly dyed at a dye factory in downtown Tokyo, and is characterized by its soft texture, familiarity with the skin, and tasteful colors.
*While supplies last

Mud-dyed, indigo-dyed, and plant-dyed tenugui

Azuma-style hand towel

*There are purchase restrictions for event products.

・Event lineup

●Special event! "Kabuki and Tenugui"
Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing art. A special event will be held during Golden Week where you can learn about the story of tenugui that appears on the kabuki stage, learn about the various ways to use tenugui, and experience special performances with kabuki actors!
Detailed information and reservations will be provided on the Kamawanu brand website at a later date.
○Scheduled date and time: Friday, May 3rd (National Holiday)
Kamawanu brand site

●Workshop | Make a Tenugui Beeswax Wrap <br /> This workshop will involve making two 15cm square beeswax wraps using the natural materials beeswax and tenugui. These eco-friendly wraps reduce the use of plastic while keeping food fresh.
No reservation is necessary to participate.
○ Dates | Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th, 2024
○ Time | 11:00 to 16:00
○ Duration | Approximately 30 minutes ○ Participation fee | 1,100 yen (tax included)
*Please note that we will only accommodate two groups at a time, so you may have to wait depending on how busy the venue is.
*Since irons will be used in the workshop, children of elementary school age or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

About Kamawanu

Kamawanu is a planning and sales company founded in 1990 that specializes in tenugui.
With the desire to "know the old and create new entertainment," we create products based on traditional Japanese culture, including our flagship product, tenugui, as well as furoshiki, bandanas, folding fans, and parasols.

・Kamawanu official related site

●Official brand site:
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●Kamawanu Official YouTube Channel:
●Kamawanu X (formerly Twitter) account @KAMAWANU_PR
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● Instagram account for overseas

From Kamawanu Inc.'s press release

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