[Loft] “British Design Market” held on the 1st floor of Ginza Loft

It also includes long-established tea brands and purveyors to the British Royal Family!

Ginza Loft will hold the British Design Market, focusing on British design, on the first floor from Friday, April 26 to Thursday, May 23, 2024. The British exhibition, unique to Ginza Loft, will cover traditional and new generation designs, including brands that are used by the British Royal Family. It will feature food such as British tea and shortbread, as well as miscellaneous goods such as Union Jack designs and tableware. In addition, the British stuffed animal brand Jellycat, which was launched as a pop-up shop during the renewal of Ginza Loft in September 2023, will be permanently installed on the third floor to coincide with this event.

Overview of British Design Market
■Period: Friday, April 26th to Thursday, May 23rd
■ Venue: Ginza Loft 1st floor special venue
■ Number of products: Approximately 1,000 types (approximately 260 types of food, approximately 740 types of miscellaneous goods) 

[Various food items such as tea and shortbread] *All prices include tax
●Brew Tea Co.
A Liverpool-based tea brand. The new Breakfast series is based on Assam and Ceylon/Kenya tea leaves. Available in three flavours: lemon, cinnamon and vanilla.
・Mini can of leaf tea 30g each, 1,350 yen

●English Tea Shop 
A tea brand that uses tea leaves hand-picked at organic farms in Sri Lanka. It offers 32 varieties, including cold brew, TRAVELLER'S TEA NOTE in a compact case, and more.

Black tea in a Union Jack designed can. A black tea blended with high quality tea leaves from Kenya, perfect for milk tea.
KEEP CALM English Breakfast 1,944 yen

●NEMI Teas
An organic tea brand that uses fair trade Indian tea leaves. Available in eight varieties including Earl Grey and spicy chai.
・Earl Grey (leaf) 2,160 yen

A long-established shortbread bakery that has been family-run in Scotland for half a century. They offer six different flavors, including plain and butterscotch.
・Plain shortbread 1,059 yen


This handmade shortbread is baked carefully by artisans one by one. Its deliciousness is so well-known that it is sold in five-star hotels in the UK and department stores in Berlin.
・Small can original recipe 1,674 yen

A natural brand representing Wales. Made by crystallizing seawater from the Menai Strait on the island of Anglesey in north Wales, this sea salt contains over 30 types of trace elements, including minerals.
・Pure white sea salt 15g in a ceramic container 2,480 yen

[Brand used by the British Royal Family]
Darville's of Windsor is a long-established tea brand founded in 1860. It has a history of over 150 years and was awarded the title of Royal Warrant in 1946. They offer black tea and eco-bags.

[British goods such as tableware and fabrics]
●V&A Alice in Wonderland Collection
The V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) in London's "Alice in Wonderland" tea series features nine varieties.
・V&A Alice 3-tier cake stand 15,001 yen

A sustainable plant pot made in Scotland. The string inside the pot absorbs water and delivers it to the soil. The main body is made of recycled plastic.
Potter pot 3,850 yen to 5,940 yen

●Tea Towel Reproduction Design Series <br /> Tea towels are used in a variety of everyday situations in the UK, such as as a cloth to wipe teacups and pots, to wrap pots to keep them warm, or to lay them on the table. This collection includes 18 reproductions of discontinued tea towel designs by Samuel Lamont. Each is priced at 2,640 yen.

●William Morris series
William Morris was a 19th century British textile designer. His designs have been featured in a wide range of products, from wallpaper and fabric to miscellaneous goods, and we will be selling a variety of items, including tea cozies (teapot covers)⑦, tea towels, mini bags, cushion covers, and aprons.

● British-themed goods <br /> 27 types of pins and key chains with motifs such as the Union Jack, double-decker (London bus), and crown are available.
・Pins: 990 yen each

[British stuffed animal brand "jellycat" now available at permanent locations]
■ Location: 3rd floor Fashion goods, bags and travel goods sales floor
A stuffed animal brand born in London, England in 1999. The soft texture that makes you want to rub your cheek against it and the humorous designs are popular with people of all ages, genders, and nationalities. The pop-up shop held at Ginza Loft last September was well received by many customers, and this time they will be permanently set up on the third floor.
At the first floor entrance, customers are greeted by a large stuffed rabbit (55,000 yen), Jellycat's signature item. 80 varieties available, from 3,135 yen

From the Loft Press Release

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