“SALON 91°” – a “non-stay hotel” with sauna and restaurant – is finally complete! Grand opening in Ginza, Tokyo on Wednesday, May 15th

"91° SAUNA", a luxurious sauna with an open-air bath overlooking the Ginza cityscape, and the PLEIN Group's new business "French Bar Ginza by plein" will open on Wednesday, May 15th

Takagi Building Co., Ltd. and PLEIN Co., Ltd. will open "91° SAUNA/91° SAUNA Private," an outdoor bathing space with a panoramic view of the Ginza cityscape, and the PLEIN Group's new business, "French Bar Ginza by plein," on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, in "SALON 91°," a complex facility within the Ginza Takagi Building, which was completed in Ginza, Tokyo in May last year.

・A "non-stay hotel" opens in Ginza

A five-minute walk from Ginza Station or Shimbashi Station, this treehouse-like building can be seen high above Ginza 7-chome. Inside is SALON 91°, a complex that includes restaurants for all kinds of everyday occasions, as well as a sauna facility with a panoramic view of the Ginza cityscape.

Ginza Takagi Building (to be completed in May 2023)

The facility is based on the concept of " Spend time being honest in Ginza, " and offers spaces and settings where people can be themselves while experiencing the warmth of wood, something that is difficult to experience in buildings in the city center. It aims to become a hub for creating new vitality in Tokyo's Ginza district by bringing people together and communicating with each other in this historic location, making everyday life more refined and enriching.

・Three years in the making, this is a collaborative project that brings together people from different industries

The idea for this project began about three years ago as a collaborative project between building owner Takagi Building , a long-established real estate company founded over 60 years ago that continues to take on innovative challenges and aims to create new value in real estate, and PLEIN Inc. , which was founded in 2017 by CEO Taichi Nakao at the age of 25 with the vision of "making the restaurant industry an aspirational job."

In May of last year, a hybrid wooden and steel structure was completed, with the upper floors from the 9th to 12th floors looking like a treehouse floating in the streets of Ginza. In November and December of the same year, "Nonkoji Yamagishi," a sister restaurant of "Tominokoji Yamagishi," a popular Japanese restaurant that is difficult to book even in Kyoto, opened on the 10th floor, marking its first foray into Tokyo , and "Bistro plein," beloved by many customers as a hidden neo-French restaurant, opened on the 9th floor as the PLEIN Group's flagship "PLEIN Ginza Main Store," inheriting its roots.

On Wednesday, May 15th, the PLEIN group's new business, French Bar Ginza by plein, will open on the first floor, which serves as the gateway to SALON 91°, and 91° SAUNA, a sauna with an outdoor view of the sky , will finally be completed.

・Relaxation at its finest. A sauna with an outdoor bathing terrace where you can experience a heavenly relaxation.

91°SAUNA on the 12th floor is a large, luxurious public sauna that occupies one whole floor , and even higher up is the infinity terrace, a special space for relaxation that overlooks the cityscape . 91°SAUNA Private on the 11th floor offers three private saunas and cold baths with different concepts that will allow you to experience the beauty of Japanese culture once again, as well as a terrace where you can feel the pleasant breeze . Experience the comfort of surrendering yourself to the water, air, and true feelings while looking down on the Ginza cityscape.

In the sauna room, you can enjoy the "sound" created by Steve* Music artist no.9 especially for SALON 91°, which will help you face your true self. In addition, the hair dryers, circulators, air purifiers, etc. in the facility are selected from cado, a company that develops products based on the concept of "air design". We have reduced the amount of written information such as warning signs in the facility as much as possible, and have focused on creating a space where you can face yourself in a flat state.

KADO is a brand that creates "beautiful air" and "comfortable atmosphere." In order to have both "overwhelming technical capabilities" and "beautiful shapes" that utilize them, we place great importance on manufacturing with a particular attention to detail.

We design for atmosphere.

[Store Overview]

Address: 7-3-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Ginza Takagi Building 12F/11F, SALON 91°)

Phone number not published

Business hours Weekdays 12:00-23:00 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:00-23:00

Closed on the first Tuesday of every month *Mondays during May

(Weekdays) 3,000 yen/60 minutes 3,900 yen/90 minutes 4,800 yen/120 minutes (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 3,400 yen/60 minutes 4,400 yen/90 minutes 5,400 yen/120 minutes

Room 1 [un]: ¥6,500 (1 person) / 90 minutes
Room 2 [deux]: ¥15,000 (1-2 people) / 90 minutes
Room 3 [trois]: ¥17,000 (1-2 people) / 90 minutes ¥19,500 (3 people) / 90 minutes

*The price includes linens such as towels and ponchos, a hair dryer, and amenities.
* The 12th floor PUBLIC SAUNA is a men's only floor. Ladies' Day is held every month (every Tuesday until the end of July).
*11F PRIVATE SAUNA is open to both men and women, but only for same-sex couples.


The 12th floor is a large, open space with high ceilings and lavish use of wood. The sauna room can accommodate about 15 people and is equipped with an "iki" sauna stove , which performs auto-loyly every 20-30 minutes. Please enjoy the authentic "loyly bath" that is enjoyed in Finland .

Next to the sauna room, there is a deep cold water bath that you can immerse yourself in up to your shoulders, as well as an open-air bathing space . You can relax and enjoy the pleasant breeze even though you are on top of a big city building.

12F Sauna room

12F Interior and cold bath

12th floor outdoor bathing space

12F Shower booth

Climbing the stairs from the 12th floor to the rooftop, you will come across an infinity terrace with a panoramic view of the Ginza cityscape. You can sit comfortably on the deck benches and enjoy the outdoor air, experiencing the mysterious sensation of being one with the sky and the scenery.



There are three private rooms with cold baths on the 11th floor. Each sauna room is equipped with Helo's electric sauna heater "Himalaya," which warms and humidifies the air, so you can enjoy self-loyly at your own pace .

Additionally, Rooms 2 and 3 have private open-air bathing balconies where you can relax and unwind while feeling the Ginza breeze.

There are three private saunas named "un," "deux," and "trois." The three beats mean one, two, and three in French, and are used in the world of ballet to count when dancing. The circular, rhythmic triple beat also helps regulate breathing. The saunas are designed with the hope that you will find a balanced state of mind and body in a comfortable space where you can once again experience the beauty of Japanese culture.

Room 1 [un]
Although it is compact, it has a high ceiling and bright colors. It is equipped with a deep water bath about 1m deep and a rain shower that allows you to cool down from the top of your head.

Room 2 [deux]
The calming color scheme of the space includes a reclining bath where you can thoroughly cool down all the way to your head. You can also experience the Ginza breeze on the private outdoor bath balcony.

Room 3 [trois]
The high ceilings provide a spacious space where you can relax. After cooling down in a luxurious cold bath that you can immerse yourself in up to your shoulders, you can enjoy an open-air bath on your private balcony.

・Crowdfund project on Makuake

Goal achieved on the first day! Achieved 200% in 10 days
During the pre-opening period, we will be offering rewards such as complimentary tickets and coupon tickets that can be used early. As a sauna in Ginza where you can enjoy outdoor bathing, it has attracted a lot of attention and many people have purchased them to support us.

Makuake Project

Makuake project page: https://www.makuake.com/project/91sauna/

*Pre-opening period: April 19th (Fri) – May 12th (Sun)
* Crowdfunding project period: April 12th (Friday) – May 14th (Tuesday)

・Have a drink at a French bar. (1F | French Bar Ginza by plein)

A new type of business from PLEIN, with its flagship store on the 9th floor. A casual French bar where you can drop in for a drink after the sauna or after work. Enjoy a meal that combines authentic French cuisine with the bustle of red lanterns.

[Store Overview]
Name: French Bar Ginza by plein

Address: 7-3-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Ginza Takagi Building 1F, SALON 91°)

Business hours Lunch 12:00-15:00 (LO 14:30) Dinner 17:00-23:00 (LO 22:00)

Closed on Sundays

* Closed on Sundays and Mondays in May and June. * Regular holidays and business hours may be subject to change.

Number of seats: 12 seats at the counter, 2 tables with 6 seats

Price range: Tapas from 280 yen, Appetizers from 730 yen, Pasta from 1,790 yen,
Main dish from 2,750 yen, drinks from 550 yen
Casual course 3,900 yen, Chef's choice course 5,800 yen

[SALON 91° Facility Overview]

Floor layout
12F: 91° SAUNA
11F: 91° SAUNA Private
10F: Ginza Nominokoji Yamagishi
9F: PLEIN Ginza Main Store
1F: French Bar Ginza by plein

Address: Ginza Takagi Building, 3-6 Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Access: 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station
5 minutes walk from JR/Tokyo Metro/Toei Subway "Shinbashi Station"
6 minutes walk from JR/Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Station

Structure: Steel framed and partially wooden above ground; reinforced concrete (partially steel-reinforced concrete) below ground

Total floor space: Indoor: 549.45㎡ Rooftop: 23.5㎡

Official website

Official social media
@salon91_official( https://www.instagram.com/salon91_official/

【Company Profile】
Company name: Takagi Building Co., Ltd.

Established: April 20, 1961 Representative Director: Hidekuni Takagi

Head Office 1-7-2 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Affiliated organizations: Japan Building Association Federation / Tokyo Building Association

Business descriptionDevelopment, rental and management of office buildings, condominiums and parking lots

[Takagi Building Co., Ltd.] Press release

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