On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, Itoya Ginza will celebrate its 120th anniversary with the refurbishment of the K.Itoya Building.

A place filled with the charm of Itoya today, including original brands and bespoke services

Itoya Co., Ltd. is a stationery specialty store founded in 1904 (Meiji 37) in Ginza, Tokyo.
Itoya, which is celebrating its 120th anniversary since its founding, will be renovating part of its Ginza flagship store on May 8, 2024.
We have created a new floor for our original brands and bespoke services in the K.Itoya building behind the main building (G.Itoya), aiming to create a place filled with the charm that can only be found at Itoya.

Red Clip on K.Itoya Building

The red clip, which is a landmark for customers at the G.Itoya building facing Ginza street, has now appeared at K.Itoya as part of the store's renovation. It is 2.5m high and 0.7m wide. It is the same size as the clip at the G.Itoya building, but at K.Itoya you can get a feel for its size up close. We recommend taking a photo with the red clip as a memento of your visit.



ROMEO, which brings out the elegance of adults, and COLOR CHART, which accentuates the individuality of the user. Two of Itoya's representative brands are gathered in a space that expresses their respective worldviews. In addition, bags and sunglasses from the US brand KOLO are also on display, making this a floor filled with items that can only be found at Itoya.

K.Itoya 1F ROMEO Corner

K.Itoya 1F COLOR CHART Corner


K.Itoya 2F KIDS

The second floor is a colorful and playful space that stimulates creativity and curiosity.
Centered around our original brand Itoya Kids, we have a selection of items that Itoya wants to provide for your child's daily life, such as stationery for daily school life and art and craft goods that will pique their curiosity.

K.Itoya 2F Kids Corner

K.Itoya 2F Customization Corner

This floor also offers two special customization services: Note Couture, which allows you to create a book that is just your own by combining the cover, pages, and ring colors, and My Emblem, which applies Itoya's original design in foil onto beautiful German paper.



We offer bespoke services to accompany you at the important times in your life, and a workshop area for special experiences. For orders for weddings, business card designs, seals, etc., we will carefully meet with each customer and consult with them thoroughly to help them realize their requests.

K.Itoya 3F Workshop Space

Our dedicated workshop space will host a wide range of events, from casual workshops lasting less than an hour to art schools lasting several months.

Message from the CEO

Thanks to you, Itoya will celebrate its 120th anniversary, its second 60th birthday, in June 2024.
Since rebuilding our flagship store in 2015, we have strived to evolve our physical stores from a place where customers simply come to purchase products to a destination where customers can enjoy the shopping experience itself, including the time they spend there, conversations with salespeople, and encounters with authentic products that have been carefully selected one by one.
To mark our 120th anniversary, we have updated the K. Itoya Building, which bears the initials of our founder, Katsutaro Ito, into a store that more strongly reflects the current Itoya worldview.
What you can find there are Itoya's original products such as ROMEO and COLOR CHART, as well as bespoke services to meet the "wants" of each individual customer. Also, there are salespeople in each corner that express their own unique worldview, making for fun conversation.
The K.Itoya Building is located on Azuma Street, one block away from Ginza Street. Experience the relaxed and calm environment that Itoya has striven to create for 120 years: a store that is comfortable to visit every day, and where each and every customer can gain new inspiration.
We hope you will find shopping truly enjoyable.

120th anniversary special design carrier bag

The carrier bag given to you when you make a purchase will have a special design commemorating the 120th anniversary.
The body is navy blue and the handle is a deep orange, giving it a retro design.
The items will be distributed sequentially at all stores from late May.

A special 120th anniversary design carrier bag.

What is Itoya?
Founded in 1904 (Meiji 37), Itoya is a stationery specialty store that has always strived to provide "new value that is one step ahead of the times."
We believe that if creative time can be enriched by using the optimal environment and beautiful tools, whether it be working, learning, playing, coming up with an idea, organizing your thoughts, or communicating them, it will become a new cycle of creativity. We offer products and space creation that will create this cycle and make creative time more beautiful and comfortable.

Itoya Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-3561-8311 (main number)

From the press release of Itoya Co., Ltd.

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