Two masterpieces from the Art Aquarium’s signature series will be on display at once. The special event “Summer Art Aquarium 2024: Beautiful Goldfish Festival” begins on Friday, June 28th!

Enjoy a cool evening of goldfish art at the Art Aquarium Museum during the hot summer!

The Art Aquarium Museum GINZA (located at Ginza Mitsukoshi) will be holding a special event, "Summer Art Aquarium 2024: Beautiful Goldfish Festival," starting today, Friday, June 28th. *Only for 90 days until Wednesday, September 25th

This year's "Summer Art Aquarium" will feature two masterpieces from Art Aquarium's representative series, welcoming you to a more "splendid" and "eye-catching" space.
The Art Aquarium Museum is holding its most exciting summer special event of the year. Come and enjoy the Art Aquarium, where goldfish, a symbol of summer, swim in a fantastical space decorated for the summer.

– Two masterpieces from the Art Aquarium series will be on display at once

[Oiran Obi Dance (OBIMAI)]
Based on the giant goldfish bowl aquarium piece "Oiran," this piece is inspired by a dynamically dancing obi. With the light of a lantern lit up behind it, this is a fantastical space piece that expresses a Japanese style.

[Oiran Flower Dance (HANAMAI)] Floral Arrangement by Shogo Kariyazaki <br /> A gorgeous spatial piece where the aquarium works "Oiran" are lined up and filled with various flowers. An elegant and gorgeous space of goldfish and flowers spreads out before you. Enjoy the immersive space surrounded by flowers.

Flower Arrangement (Ikebana artist Shogo Kariyazaki)
We arranged a variety of elegantly colored flowers with a Japanese feel. With flowers dancing from above, it is a fantastical space of happiness, as if you have wandered into a flower field. Please enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the fusion of goldfish and flower arrangement.

Oiran Belt Dance

Oiran Flower Dance

・Popular works that collaborate with traditional crafts are also being reprinted

[Kutani Goldfish Evaluation]
A selection of goldfish made from Kutani ware, a traditional Japanese craft. Goldfish swim gracefully in the vibrant colors, gorgeous painting, and Art Aquarium family crest.

・The special exhibition will feature works on display in the museum in a summery outfit, creating a cool atmosphere inside the museum.

[Paper Lantern Rium]
A space of about 10m where spherical aquarium works resembling lanterns are lined up like a path. In the summer, Art Aquarium turns into a "Wind Chime Street" lined with cute wind chimes with goldfish designs! The light sound of the wind chimes creates a cool, summery space.
Goldfish x Wind Chimes Enjoy the seasonal summer atmosphere at the Art Aquarium.

[Goldfish Falls]
This work expresses a waterfall with a series of aquarium tanks and gently flowing water. In summer, Art Aquarium is filled with cool greenery, giving you a sense of summer nature.
Furthermore, the "Goldfish Stone Lanterns" that decorate the space are decorated with morning glories, creating a summery atmosphere.
A cool and fantastical scene unfolds before you, with colorful goldfish swimming amongst green maples and morning glories, and the sound of actual flowing water.

・Enjoy the Art Aquarium Museum wearing a yukata! Yukata campaign

During this period, customers who come to the museum wearing a yukata will be given an original Art Aquarium fan as a gift. Enjoy the gorgeous and beautiful space while wearing a yukata! Come and make some summer memories at the Art Aquarium Museum.

<Yukata Campaign>
Period: June 28th (Friday) to September 25th (Wednesday) *Available while supplies last. How to collect: Collect your tickets at the entrance of the Art Aquarium Museum GINZA.

・The Art Aquarium will also have extended hours on Wednesdays this summer!

We will also be offering extended hours tickets on Wednesdays as part of our summer special. During this period, the museum will be open until 8 p.m. on Wednesdays. Please come and enjoy appreciating the goldfish art on your way home from work or before dining in Ginza.
*If there are any changes, we will announce them on the official website. Closing time: 8pm (last entrance at 7pm) *On regular business days, the museum closes at 7pm (last entrance at 6pm)

·Equipment outline

Facility name: Art Aquarium Museum GINZA

Admission fee
Online ticket: 2,500 yen
Same-day tickets: 2,700 yen (same-day tickets are available on the 9th floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building)

Location: Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 8th floor (entrance is on the 9th floor) (4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Access•Directly connected to Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, and Hibiya Line•5-minute walk from Ginza-itchome Station (Exit 9) on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line•2-minute walk via the underground passage towards Ginza Station from Higashi-Ginza Station on the Toei Asakusa Line and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line•9-minute walk from Yurakucho Station (Central Exit/Ginza Exit) on the JR Lines

business hours
10:00-19:00 (subject to change) Last admission 18:00

Closing days: The same as Ginza Mitsukoshi's closing days (In addition, the store may be closed irregularly for maintenance, etc.
For details, please check the official website.)

Official website

Official social media

Please note that strollers and pets are not permitted.
There are no lockers for luggage.

Organizer: Kiranah Resort Co., Ltd.

Planning and production: Amusement Parks Co., Ltd.

Management: Amusement Parks Co., Ltd.

Cooperation: Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd. Ginza Mitsukoshi

[Art Aquarium Production Committee] Press release

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