Announcement of the “Higashi Ginza Area Wind Chime Event 2024” to decorate the summer in the Higashi Ginza area with approximately 500 wind chimes

-Approximately 90 locations including Kabukiza, Ginza Shochiku Square, and Tsukiji Honganji Temple-

We are pleased to announce that the "Higashi Ginza Area Wind Chime Event 2024" will be held, sponsored by Higashi Ginza Area Management General Incorporated Association, co-sponsored by the Higashi Ginza Urban Development Promotion Council, and with the cooperation of the Chuo Ward Tourism Association General Incorporated Association.

In ancient Japan, there was a custom of decorating bronze bells called "futaku" to ward off epidemics and evil spirits. In keeping with this custom, and with the cooperation of the surrounding areas, mainly in the Ginza to Tsukiji area , we will hang about 500 wind chimes, which are popular in Iwate Prefecture, in about 90 locations, including famous spots such as the Kabukiza Theater, Ginza Shochiku Square, and Tsukiji Honganji Temple, as well as under the eaves of restaurants .

The design of the strips of paper features the streetscape of the 37 towns of Chuo Ward, which evokes the history of the ward, as well as designs from Senshafuda paper charms that depict pictures related to each area , adding color to the entire town.

In addition to the "Nambu Ironware Wind Chimes," "Ginza Shochiku Square 1F Plaza" will also feature "Edo Wind Chimes," a traditional craft of Tokyo, made using a method handed down for over 300 years, to create a cool space. As part of the SDGs initiative, some of the strips of paper are made from thinned wood provided by Shimizu Corporation , allowing you to enjoy the scent of wood.

Furthermore , from July 19th (Friday) to August 8th (Thursday), a "Sendai Tanabata Decorations Exhibition Event" will be held at the same time, sponsored by KPP Group Holdings, co-sponsored by Higashi Ginza Area Management General Incorporated Association, and with the cooperation of Narumi-ya Kami Shoji Co., Ltd. This event is a collaboration with "Sendai Tanabata," which was held last year and was well-received, and will display a giant "windsock" measuring approximately 6 meters in length inside Ginza Shochiku Square, as well as "bamboo decorations" decorated with the seven decorations of Sendai Tanabata, with strips of paper with the wishes of children from Chuo Ward tied to them.

"Sendai Tanabata" is a traditional event that has been held since the time of Date Masamune, and is one of the most representative summer festivals in Tohoku, attracting approximately 2 million people every year as the largest Tanabata festival in Japan. In addition, we will also provide visitors with strips of paper on which they can write their wishes. In the summer, when extreme heat is expected, please enjoy a refreshing and soothing moment with the cool sound of the wind chimes.

From the press release of the Higashi Ginza Area Management General Incorporated Association

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