Share the excitement and excitement of the Tokyo Marathon 2019! “SEIKO Citizen Runner Support Project” was implemented

One of the largest urban marathon in the country, with around 38,000 runners running through Tokyo's tourist attractions. Seiko will support citizen runners as an official timer and in various projects!

Seiko Holdings Corporation will be in charge of the 13th official timer in succession from the first tournament at Tokyo Marathon 2019, which will be held on March 3 (Sun).

In addition, SEIKO under the sports slogan "It's not just a number", we support the achievement of the target time and finish the important figures for runners, and share the passion and excitement of runners "Seiko Citizen Runner Support Project Will be implemented this year as well.

■ Official Timer Seiko Tokyo Marathon 2019 Support Site

  • Seiko Citizen Runner Support Project

1. Target time declaration My Target Time!
From February 28 (Thu) to March 2 (Saturday), at the Seiko Booth at Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2019, which will be held at the Odaiba Special Venue, there is a well-received target time declaration corner each year, Wako, a landmark in Ginza With the image of the main building in the background, you can display your own target time on the Seiko Sports Timer and shoot together.

※ The photograph is Tokyo marathon 2018.

※ The photograph is Tokyo marathon 2018.

This year, in addition to EXPO, you can also download the Seiko Timer Frame from Seiko's "Tokyo Marathon 2019 Support Site Target Time Declaration Campaign" to declare the target time.

■ Target time declaration campaign introduction page

From among those who have posted photos of yourself and Seiko Timer with the target time on SNS, the mini timer by lottery

I will give you a clock.

Mini timer clock

Mini timer clock

◆ Target SNS: Instagram ◆ How to apply: 1. Follow Seiko Sports's official Instagram account (seiko_sports).
2. Take a photo using Seiko Timer Frame or timer in EXPO Seiko Booth.
3. Add a hashtag "#seikotokyo 2019" to the photo and post it with public settings.
◆ Application period: Until March 23, 2019 (Sunday) 23:59 ※ For details, please check the Target Time Declaration Campaign Introduction Page.

In addition, from February 21 (Thursday) to March 3 (Sunday), a huge object of a sports timer appears on the window display of Wako Main Building. We display the world record of Japan marathon and the Japanese record, and support Tokyo marathon and runner from the city of Ginza.

2. Completion time advertisement

On the day of the tournament, at the Seiko booth in the finish area, the runner runner will post a seat on which the completion time and a message have been entered, on the train on the next day of the tournament and on the Wako main building window display as a preliminary advertisement. We will deliver the passions of runners, such as achieving the target time and the joy of completing the run, to the city of Tokyo.

※ The photograph is Tokyo marathon 2018.

※ The photograph is Tokyo marathon 2018.

Wako main building window display

Wako main building window display

■ Entry place (SEIKO booth in the finish area)
■ Flash notification site
[Intermediate advertisement] Tokyo Metro All 9 lines / 1 group formation From March 4 (Mon) to March 8 (Fri) * Please refrain from making inquiries to the station or staff regarding operation.
[Window display of Wako Main Building] From March 4 (Mon) to March 6 (Wed)

3. Complete Run Support Runner <br /> Seiko will conduct a Complete Run Support Runner this year as well, as many people will feel the joy of a complete run. Five runners are dressed in yellow clothing and support the runners' complete run while running at a pace that allows them to pass through each barrier at the last minute.

※ The photograph is Tokyo marathon 2018.

※ The photograph is Tokyo marathon 2018.

■ Full run support runner introduction page

  • Tokyo marathon 2019 limited model

Tokyo marathon 2019 EXPO's Seiko booth will sell a limited number of clocks designed with the only official tournament logo and Seiko sports timers to mark race times. Many other Seiko and SOMA brand running watches are available.
■ SEIKO PROSPECS Super Runners

・ SBEF 050 Limited 1,000 suggested retail price 16,000 yen + Stress-free wearing feeling superior in tax, high visibility which can confirm time instantly, high attention that we do not mind sudden rain, etc. It combines 10 atmospheric pressure waterproof function that we can use Also, it is the Tokyo Marathon 2019 only tournament official watch.

■ Sport timer hook

・ SQ 816 Y EXPO venue limited sale suggested retail price 9,500 yen + tax size: height 120 × width 290 × depth 61 mm
-A digital watch designed by Seiko Sports Timer that plays an active role in numerous sports scenes. It can be used as a hanging clock, with a width of 29 cm and a large size. In addition to the time, you can switch the display to the countdown calendar that displays the date and time to the calendar and the goal. It is a limited product with an official logo on the back.
・ It will be sold at EXPO venue only.

■ Mini timer clock

-SQ 815 Y EXPO venue / Wako online store limited sale suggested retail price 3,000 yen + tax size: height 93 × width 104 × depth 45 mm
-A mini timer clock that reproduces Seiko's sport timer exactly. Not only as an alarm clock, it can also be used as a stopwatch or countdown timer. It is a limited product with an official logo on the back.
・ It will be sold at EXPO venue and Wako online store.