In New Yorkers Mens, “Revisit The Blazer” capetain featuring “# 1; blazer” will be held from April 11 (Thursday)!

During the period, the original pin badge is presented!

Daido Forward Co., Ltd., which plans, manufactures, sells, buys and sells real estate, mediates and leases clothing fashion accessories centered on the major brand NEWYORKER in the clothing business, in New Yorker Mens April "Revisit The Blazer" Capeine It will be held from 11th (Thursday). An original pin badge will be presented during the exhibition period. ※ Novelty will end as soon as it disappears.

In "NEWYORKER (New Yorker)", which proposes a traditional and refined style, the campaign "Revisit The Blazer" featuring "blazers" from April 11, 2019 (Thu), New Yorker Men's Stores nationwide and the official online store Will be held at

Founded in 1964, "NEWYORKER" celebrates the 55th anniversary of the brand this year. "Bureza" is an iconic presence of the brand that has been loved for a long time, making improvements according to the times while protecting its own manufacturing method that has not changed since its inception. Designs that fit the physique of the Japanese including natural shoulders, durability of the fabric, deep navy color, and light comfort that has been sought in recent years, etc. Continues to create with the uniqueness of "NEWYORKER" You are In this campaign, we have a rich variety of new blazers such as the I-type 3-button round blazer, which has been renewed on the 55th anniversary this season, and original functional materials in pursuit of spring and summer comfort. In addition, the original pin badge will be presented to those who bought the blazer on a first-come-first-served basis.

This is a pin badge with the motif of Empire State Building, an iconic structure of New York based on the theme of “American Beautiness – American Aesthetic Eye” in the spring and summer of 2019. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the adult “blazer” style that combines trad and modernity.


Holding period: Starting from April 11, 2019 2020 * Ends as soon as the novelty disappears * Online store is held until April 21 (Sun) Store: New Yorker Men's 46 stores and official online store [Flagship store] New Yorker Ginza flag Ship shop 1-5-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Seto X Building 1F ・ 2F

[online store]

Content: We will present the original pin badge with the Empire State Building as the motif on the first arrival to those who bought the blazer.
☆ 11th of every month blazer DAY ☆
Introducing blazer at store and brand SNS.
Official Brand Site:

【55th Anniversary Model】
■ American Woolen Company Matte Woose / Manhattan Model I Type Blazer (3 Buttons)

This season of the 55th anniversary, the royal road I-type 3-button round blazer has been remodeled image of Modern American Trad. The fabric is made by America's only eyebrow maker "American Woolen Company", which has dry texture and luxury by raster finish.

Price: ¥ 63,000 + tax Color: Navy

【Other recommended blazer】

■ CERRUTI iStretch Broken Madras Check / Lightweight Blazer (2 buttons)

Uncombureza using plain cotton double weave double name fabric of wool cotton blend with Italy's finest men's clothing maker, Certti company. We adopt Madras plaid which imaged ivy leaguer, and button uses black butterfly shellfish. It is a place that makes you feel bold but at the same time as adults.

Price: ¥ 69,000 + tax Color: Navy

■ COOL COMFORT order reverse solid / New Manhattan model blazer (2 buttons)
A blazer of lightweight, breathable and water repellent original functional material "COOL COMFORT". Softer and more flexible finish by using blended yarn of silk wool. The button uses a cool impression of silver, and the mesh interlining and the contact cold-sensitive lining of the Bemberg cupra make it comfortable to wear in summer.

Price: ¥ 59,000 + tax color: navy

■ New Spring / Standard / Heritage Cross Tropical Solid / Manhattan Model Blazer (2 buttons)
Use the original clothing "HERITAGE CLOTH". Merino wool is blended with a very small amount of British wool's blue face, and it is a material made with a unique texture, dyeing, twisting, and organizing processes. There is also a stretch, comfortable to wear. The button uses a standard fortified gold button.

Price: ¥ 56,000 + tax Color: Navy

■ Travel comfort / strong twist silo mesh / ancon light weight blazer (2 buttons)
A light blazer of the "TRAVEL COMFORT" series characterized by light weight, wrinkle resistance and water repellency. Employs a developed material using Super 120's and polyester with a strong twisting yarn, using the technique of simultaneously performing spinning and twisting called "Silospan" which is special spinning of French type. Thin, soft, flexible finish characterized by a unique glossiness. The lining uses a contact cool feeling material.

Price: ¥ 53,000 + tax Color: Navy

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■ About New Yorkers On the background of high quality, "NEWYORKER" has been making a style proposal that is basic yet adding the essence of the air and trends of the times. The history and know-how of Daido Limited, a company that conducts ranch management and manufacturing and sales of clothing in its own group, is used in its manufacturing attitude. NEWYORKER will pursue further "high quality" with the original tartan "house tartan" as a brand symbol.
■ Company Profile Company Name: Daido Forward Co., Ltd. (Formerly: Dynacity Co., Ltd., New Yorker Co., Ltd., Daido International Co., Ltd.)
Established: August 22, 2007 (name changed by merger on January 1, 2018)
Representative: President and CEO Shin Okawa Capital: 100 million yen (100% owned by Daido Limited)
Business contents: Planning, manufacturing, sales and real estate management of clothing fashion products, management of commercial facilities, etc.

* Notice of merger and change of company name New Yorker Co., Ltd. merged with Daido Limited group company Dynacity Co., Ltd. and Daido International Co., Ltd. on January 1, 2018, and the company name became "Daido Forward Co., Ltd." I changed it.

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