“Nois de Bourg” popular in freshly baked financiers reappears in Ginza! Open a pop-up shop in Ginza Mitsukoshi from 6/26 to Ginza.

Eyderweiss Co., Ltd.'s "baked financier" is a signboard product "Noyre de Boule ( http://www.noix-de-beurre.com )" is a pop-up shop in Ginza Mitsukoshi underground 2F cake shop I will open a store.

Freshly baked financier

In addition to the most popular "baked financiers" to be baked in the in-store kitchen, we offer baked goods such as Madeleine, Kanure, cake of lemon, pastry chef's proud saubles and cookies, cute wrapped petite gifts, gift for giving gifts You

Lemon cake

Taste of precisely because it baked Kitate-fresh

The outside is crispy and fragrant while the inside is moist, buttery and almond-flavored finnciers.
In order to deliver the taste of freshly baked, baked little by little in the department store kitchen, fragrant financiers always line the shop.
Domestic fermented butter, almond poodles of Spanish Marcona type roasted to increase depth and texture, high mineral content with rich sugary sugar, high temperature, baked in a short time, it is the charm of the financiers you want to convey .
Other than that, "Madeleine Maman" whose butter and honey smell invite the afterglow of the deliciousness, "Kanure" which is baked firmly enough to be crispy on the outside, and "lemon" which is freshly baked with fresh juice of lemon. We have a variety of baked sweets that are as simple as they are, and the taste is straight.


Useful shelf-type gift for gifts

"Sauble" with a pleasant texture that can be broken down with a gift that combines almonds baked with the same recipe as "baked financiers" and "financiers" with a rich aroma of charred butter, and baked by patissier one by one.・ We have various kinds of cute gifts and gifts for gifts such as “Bouleh”, “Sablet citron” with crisp and sweet and sour lemon icing, and “Sablet assolte” that is 7 kinds of sachets packed with cute original cans .

Madeleine Maman

■ Product summary (fresh baked goods)
【Product name】 Freshly baked financier 【Sale price】 Tax-included 216 yen (200 yen body price)

【Product name】 Madeleine ・ Maman 【Sale price】 Tax-included 216 yen (200 yen body price)

【Product name】 Lemon cake 【sales price】 Tax-included 303 yen (body price 280 yen)

[Product name] Kanure [selling price] 195 yen including tax (body price 180 yen)

Saburee Citron

Product Summary (gift)
【Product name】 Gateau ・ Assortment (S) 5 pieces 【Sale price】 Tax-included 1,620 yen (base price 1,500 yen)

【Product name】 Gateau ・ Assortment (M) 10 pieces 【Sale price】 Tax-included 2,916 yen (body price 2,700 yen)

[Product name] Sabure-asorutei 7 species / 25 pieces [selling price] 2,376 yen including tax (the body price 2,200 yen)

【Product name】 Sabure ・ 5 pieces of 5 pieces 【Sale price】 648 yen including tax (body price 600 yen)

[Product name] Sabure ・ citron 5 pieces of packs [sales price] Tax-included 648 yen (body price 600 yen)

Gateau Assortment (M)

* Handling products may change.

■ Store Overview <br /> Opening date: June 26 (Wednesday)
Address: 4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza Mitsukoshi Basement 2nd floor
03-3562-1111 (Large Representative)
Opening hours: 10:00 to 20:00 Sunday, last day of consecutive holidays until 19:30 (on Sundays during consecutive holidays until 20:00)

■ "Nois de Boule" is …
Nowa-de-Bourse is a pastry brand centered on baked goods developed by Edelweiss, Inc., which opened in March 2011 as an original brand of Mitsukoshi Isetan Co., Ltd.
The important three thoughts of the pastry chefs. We deliver products that are freshly prepared, taking advantage of the flavor of the ingredients, and making with utmost care, we have products that offer the most "delicious" moments of each sweet.
(HP) http://www.noix-de-beurre.com