“SA BIRTH GINZA” 1st Anniversary Brilliant Fair

In commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the opening of the Suburbs Ginza Ginza head office, a gastronomic collaboration with the popular French restaurant “Restaurant Air” and the organic cosmetic brand “uka” will be held!

UCHIHARA GROUP, the international diamond jeweler celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, Sabers Ginza Ginza, a high quality diamond jewelry company, will celebrate its first anniversary on Sunday, October 20, 2019. To commemorate this, the “SA BIRTH GINZA” 1st Anniversary Brilliant Fair was held from October 20th (Sun) to November 15th (Fri). Collaboration sweets that express the world of “ SA BIRTH GINZA '' inspired by the sparkle of diamonds at Ginza's popular French “ Restaurant Air '' will appear, as well as an original design “ Guide to the Suburbs Ginza Ginza main store '' "uka lip & nail balm" will be prepared.
“SA BIRTH GINZA” brand concept of “not only to decorate all women who want to shine at any moment” but also to deliver jewelry that will shine you tomorrow ”, to support the shine of women This gastronomic collaboration has been realized.

"SA BIRTH GINZA" x "Restaurant Air"
At the end of the course meals offered at “Restaurant Air”, special sweets that express the world view of “SA BIRTH GINZA” will appear. We use abundant ingredients for beauty and health so that women can shine from the inside. Chia seeded kiwi sauce and kiwi topped with two layers of yogurt branmange and asy mousse, rye granola with dried fruits in the surrounding area, flour is organic, sugar is conservatively made acne sugar The Expresses the sparkle of diamonds with almond caviar, and the sparkle of rings with craftsmanship. We take the basket with the “SA BIRTH GINZA” logo in front of the customer and finish it with Manuka honey ice powder inspired by a rough diamond. A variety of edible flowers such as “Torenia”, which means that the flower language is pretty, “Nadeshiko” of pure love, “Viola” of trust, and “Pentus”, where hopes and wishes come true, are displayed and enjoyed by women and couples. The perfect dessert.
In addition, if you purchase jewelry at the Suburbs Ginza Ginza main store during the period, you will receive a “Restaurant Air” lunch invitation ticket (2 persons).

Restaurant Air
EXIT MELSA 8th floor, 5-7-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Lunch course 4,500 yen ~ / Dinner course 8,000 yen ~
* Excluding tax and service charge. The price will be changed after November.

Reservation method:
Accepted on the official website or by phone
※By appointment only

“Restaurant Air” is a popular French restaurant in Ginza that brings out the power of the ingredients to the maximum, with a focus on seasonal ingredients, and new discoveries and surprises every time you visit. We aim to be a restaurant that is close to you like Air, which means air in French.

[Hideo Yamamoto, chef]
Born in Tokyo in 1980, started his career at the age of 22 at Matsue's “She Matsuo Aoyama Salon”. Participated in the establishment of Ebisu “Bistro-ma” at the age of 28 and became a chef in the second year of the opening. Appointed as a chef since the opening of Restaurant Air in 2015.
In July 2019, he was in charge of restaurant development to commemorate the release of the movie “Tokyo Ghoul [S]”.

"SA BIRTH GINZA" x "uka lip & nail balm"
During the period, the original dessert “uka lip & nail” is offered as a special benefit to those who have eaten collaboration desserts at “Restaurant Air” and have come to the Suburbs Ginza Ginza main store, and those who have purchased jewelry at the Suburbs Ginza Ginza main store. "balm pillow talk" (equivalent to 3,800 yen (excluding tax))
This is a special package with a “SA BIRTH GINZA” logo on a Bordeaux-based design.
“Uka lip & nail balm pillow talk” incorporates the idea of phytotherapy (phytotherapy) that uses the power of plants for the health and beauty of the body, and contains carefully selected plant oils and discerning herbal extracts. Moisturizes lips and nails. Iran Iran, Damascus, Jasmine and other floral flavors that enhance femininity.
* Obtained organic certification.

Subverse Ginza Ginza Main Store 4-6-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

① A leaflet with a voucher will be given to those who have eaten collaboration desserts at Restaurant Air.
Those who took the voucher to Subverse Ginza Ginza Main Store.
② Those who purchased jewelry at the Suburbs Ginza Ginza main store.

What is “uka”
“uka” means “emergence” where pupae turn into butterflies. If both women and men can shine more beautifully as an adult and spread the beauty to the world as butterflies help pollinate from flower to flower. Such a wish is put in the naming uka.
We are developing products that will make you want to keep on using the fragrance and comfort as well as the finish for the busy, messy and well-worn women (adults).

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