Kitano Ace, the curry retort curry award corner lined up from October 30

-Fall of reading, fall of appetite, fall of curry-

Ace Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Kansai Headquarters: Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and CEO: Hideo Kitano), which operates the grocery store “Kitano Ace,” is the 10th anniversary of the curry bookshelf (R). As part of the plan, the “Curry Retort Curry Award” will be held at the Kitano Ace store from October 30th, based on the results of the “Curry Retort Curry Award 2019” selected by Kitano Ace staff.

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■ In the first place, “curry bookshelf (R)” means “curry bookshelf (R)”, a curry section like a bookstore. When the “Kitano Ace” opened in Tokyo in 2009, a person in charge of displaying a large amount of retort curry in a small space and thinking that it would be easy for customers to see and pick up was the “retort curry box bookcase. It was a method of arranging the books as if they were lined up to show the spine. Later, it was named “Curry Bookshelf (R)” and became recognized as Kitano Ace of “Curry Bookshelf (R)”. There are about 150 to 300 types of curry, such as local curry from Hokkaido to Okinawa and curry using fruits.

■ About the Curry Retort Curry Award
The “Curry Retort Curry Award” has been launched as one of the projects that will allow you to know more about the “curry book shelf (R)” that celebrated its 10th anniversary and enjoy it.

Kitano Ace staff nationwide who have dealt with many retort curries so far voted for each of the three categories and decided from 1st to 3rd place. The selection criteria are "purely delicious, I would like you to have it by all means". In addition to the “Curry Bookcase (R)” corner, the “Curry Retort Curry Award” corner will be available. How about enjoying the world of curry at Kitano Ace this fall?

■ Curry Retort Curry Grand Prix corner overview period: October 30, 2019-
Stores: Kitano Ace nationwide (excluding some)

[ Meat section ]
1st Yoshida Ham "Hida Beef Curry"

<Staff recommended comments>
・ Red shock! ! Luxury that overturns the image of retort curry.
・ Hida beef is delicious anyway.
-Hida beef with plenty of umami. Excellent eating response!
・ If you chew the meat, the flavor will overflow. Spicy spicy is irresistible for curry lovers.
・ Delicious for the price. Recommended for gifts.

Yoshida Ham "Hida Beef Curry"

2nd place Kitano Selection “Beef Curry for Adults”

Third place cattle length of "beef put too much curry"

[ Local section ]
1st place rainbow food “ Hiroshima specialty oyster curry medium hot ''

Rainbow food "Hiroshima specialty oyster curry medium hot"

2nd place Canyon Spice "Kyoto-Samimi Curry"

3rd place Yachiyo "Yokosuka Navy Curry"

[ Famous store section ]
1st place: Nagasaki Toyomikan "Beef tail curry golot"

Nagasaki Toyomikan "Beef Tale Curry Gorot"

2nd Gotoken "Hakodate Curry Medium Hot"

3rd place Ginza Senbiki shop "Premium beef curry of Ginza Senbiki shop"

■ Curry bookshelf (R) 10th anniversary SNS posting campaign in progress “Curry bookshelf (R)” photo and “# curry bookshelf is Kitano Ace” tag and posted on Instagram Twitter, “100 people in total by lottery Will present a curry book shelf (R) 10th anniversary curry T-shirt.

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<Kansai Headquarters> Nishioka Building 2F, 53-1-12 Higashisonodacho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture 661-0953
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