Ginza restaurant “VAMPIRE CAFE” × MALICE MIZER guitarist MANA produce brand “Moi-même- Moitié” limited SP menu 2019 Christmas ver.

The 5th anniversary collaboration 20th anniversary! A collaboration full course was born and the festival is finally at its peak …!

"Ginza Restaurant VAMPIRE CAFE" operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings, is a gothic brand "Moi-même- Moitié" developed by Tanakuro Co., Ltd. The 5th collaboration menu commemorating the company's 20th anniversary will be available from November 1 (Friday) to December 31 (Tuesday), 2019.

  • Special collaboration 2019 Christmas Season
  • Vampire Cafe, a vampire residence in the center of Tokyo, Ginza.
    A festival of frenzy monsters-Halloween has passed and this pavilion has regained its tranquility … no doubt.
    This is because the Lord of the Rose, VAMPIRE ROSE, has made the next move mercilessly.

    The next phase of solid collaboration with the shining artist Mana is one of them.
    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the birth of Mana- produced gothic brand " Moi-même- Moitié ", a limited menu that has been supervised and developed by the Earl who is renowned as the "Gourmet of the Darkness" is finally around the end of 2019 The lineup is about to be released to the world.

    2019 is the milestone of the big era-If you want to decorate the end of the year from 2019 to the first year of the reign, this timeless building … We look forward to your visit.

  • Collaboration Brand Information
  • Moi-même-Moitié

    Gothic brand established in 1999 by guitarist Mana of MALICE MIZER / Moi dixmois. It is popular among many users as a representative brand of lolita fashion that has decadent elements using motifs such as crosses, roses, and crowns in black and blue main colors. The brand has two lines expressing feminine EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) and medieval EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat).

    [Collaboration Memorial]
    Moi-même- Moitié products appear at VAMPIRE CAFE stores!
    Detailed information such as stock status can be confirmed on the Moi-même- Moitié official website.
    ■ URL:

  • Collaboration Menu Line Up 2019/11 / 01-12 / 31
  • The temptation of the moth and the mourning of the niece are the fate of a bloody rose. * Alcohol 1,280 yen <br /> When the city grows gorgeous at the time called the “Holy Night”. An original cocktail with a Christmas-colored green paired with red, the symbol of this building. When you drink with the green sparkling in the glass, you will end up with a cup of milk with a sweet taste.

    The fate of a roaring rose that tears and erodes the spirit of innocence * Non-alcohol 980 yen <br /> Although the combination of orange and pineapple tropical fruit juice and lime fruit are supposed to be innocent by nature. By committing “sin” that dyes a pure white rose blooming on a glass, it transforms into a fascinating cocktail that makes you drunk comfortably despite non-alcohol. No one can resist this fate.

    Burning melancholy goes beyond oblivion to the oblivion-Shio salmon and root vegetable gratin brulee tailoring- 1,620 yen <br /> The Earl delivers this season with magical power, a hot gratin suitable for winter . When the flame that burns the decorated rose is set, the pure white bechamel sauce is caramelized just like the popular dessert “Cream Brulee”, giving it a unique texture. Enjoy entwined with salmon and root vegetables that have been condensed with salted and pickled salt.

    A sweet bud of Moyu blue rose on the strawberry-Lemon cream and berry cake- 2,020 yen <br /> Looking back from the origin, it should have been tailored specifically to celebrate the birth of MANA, but because of its extra beauty " A superb dessert with an anecdote that you can no longer be bound with a “limited time”. A dish of blue roses, a symbol of miracle, blooms in a feast and attracts all people. To that important person as a gift for the Holy Night …

  • Collaboration Special Course
  • There is also a special course for collaboration on collaboration that combines the “Moi-même- Moitié” collaboration menu with the “VAMPIRE CAFE” signage menu. It is a full course suitable for a special night wearing the “Moi-même- Moitié” brand.

    Moi Meme Moitier Collaboration Course
    3,500 yen
    † Rebirth Ritual to Awaken the Darkness ~ Avocado and Salmon Caesar Salad ~
    † The vampire sleeps ~ Nut and anchovy garlic toast ~
    † The burning melancholy is over the oblivion with the ugly rose ~ Salmon salmon and root vegetables gratin brulee ~
    † A tragic fire punishment to judge the rebels-Spice & Herb Chicken-
    † The Dark Poison that the Earl Tame -Two Colored Ice Tarts-
    † Sweet rice cakes with moe and blue roses -Blueberry and white chocolate shortcake-

    * All prices are exclusive of tax.

  • Facility
  • The flame of a candle swaying in the darkness. A horribly beautiful place that somehow resounds eeriely …
    The hall, which is under the rule of the Earl as a vampire's castle, is full of mysterious charms, and you forget that this is the corner of the Ginza building.
    As you proceed to the front space where the “Amulet Cross” is embedded, you will be surrounded by a red velvet curtain, and the corridor where red blood cells will rise. A hall where a fox sits in the center appears after passing through! The chandelier with the flying eagle shines red to welcome customers.

    If you accidentally go in the other direction, it will be taken into the “black jet ritual”. Please be sure to follow the “guidance” of the residents of the Demon World below the Earl.

    <Space> All 81 seats ◆ St. Giorgius's altar <br /> VIP seats with a view of the palace from a higher level. The private room feeling partitioned by a thin curtain is especially recommended for 3-6 girls.

    ◆ Victim's room <br /> L-shaped sheet partitioned by a thick red velvet curtain.
    When you want to get closer to the person you care about …

    Samurai Room <br /> Table seats in the main hall of the museum. The supper under the chandelier of the suspicious bat is full of atmosphere.

    ◆ Between the jet black rituals <br /> A space surrounded by jet black walls ruled by the dark night. The floor can be reserved for up to 20 people, so it's perfect for a party scene.

    -store information-
    † Store name Ginza Restaurant VAMPIRE CAFE
    † Address 7-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Lape Building 7F
    † Access Subway Ginza Station Exit B3, 3 minutes on foot † TEL 03-3289-5360
    † Business hours: 17: 00-23: 30 (LO22: 30)
    † Regular holiday None † URL