The Gran Ginza “Adult Christmas” menu will be available for a limited time!

[Limited time: Friday, November 1, 2019 to Tuesday, December 31]

GINZA SIX top floor lounge & restaurant “THE GRAND GINZA” by Value Management Co., Ltd. offers a Christmas menu for a limited time from November 1 (Friday) to December 31 (Tuesday) I will let you know.

The Gran 47 restaurant in the Ginza district that offers seasonal ingredients from 47 prefectures in a French style, and the popular lounge “The Grand Gran Feuille” is a reprint of afternoon tea and Ginza Maxim. "Lounge", a chef's counter "Ginza Goku -KIWAMI-", where chefs create dishes in front of their eyes, we have prepared a limited menu for each with the theme of adult Christmas.

■ Christmas-limited menu of "The Grand Lounge"
White Christmas afternoon tea set

≪Price: 4,200 yen (excluding tax and service charge) ≫
≪Offer period: November 1 (Friday) to December 31 (Tuesday) ≫
・ 7 types of food (example)
Roast chicken bagel sandwich, roast beef and cream cheese roul pepper flavor, clam chowder potage pie, salmon and spinach quiche, mushroom cold royale and consommé, etc. 7 desserts (example)
Tart-au-phrase Santa Claus Version, wreath cupcakes, vanilla ganache and raspberry macaroons, forenoire-style adult chocolate cake, strawberry corn cup, etc. Ginza Maxim reprint "Samurai Millefeuille" (half size)
・ With TWG tea, coffee, latte etc.

Christmas-limited “Millefeuille of Samurai” (takeaway)

≪Price: 6,480 yen (tax included) ≫
≪Offer period: December 21 (Sat)-December 25 (Wed) ≫
* Reservation required by 17:00 the day before the desired date of receipt (03-6263-9740)
A reprint of Ginza Maxim's signature sweets, “Millefeuille of Samurai,” appears as a Christmas cake. Reproduced as it is under the supervision of the former general manager and the first pastry chef. Sand with crumbs of pie dough with plenty of strawberries and elegant custard cream with the scent of Cointreau. Surrounded by cream and fragrant sliced almonds, the top is a luxurious dish with two rows of juicy strawberries.

■ Christmas-limited menu of "The Grand 47"
Christmas limited full course

≪Offer period: December 21 (Sat)-December 25 (Wed) ≫
≪Lunch: 3,800 yen ~ / Dinner: 12,000 yen ~ (excluding tax and service charge) ≫
We have prepared a special Christmas course in French with seasonal Aya from all over Japan suitable for the holy night of Christmas. Please enjoy each item using luxurious ingredients such as shark fin from Kesennuma and Matoutai from Shimane.

■ Christmas-limited menu of "Ginza Goku -KIWAMI-"
Christmas limited full course

≪Offer period: December 21 (Sat)-December 25 (Wed) ≫
≪Dinner: 25,000 yen (excluding tax and service charge) ≫
Enjoy chef's counters, which are created in front of each item, with seasonal dishes from various parts of Japan specially prepared for Christmas by the chef and plenty of dishes such as truffles and lobsters sent directly from France.

■ Facility information

The Gran Ginza is a complex space that transmits food-centered culture and trends. The space of about 500 tsubo is divided into shops with different concepts, such as lounges, French restaurants, and chef's counters.
Location: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX13 floor phone number: 03-6280-6129 (The Gran 47) / 03-6263-9740 (The Gran Lounge)
03-6263-9741 (Ginza pole -KIWAMI-)
Business hours: Opening hours: 11: 00-23: 00 (LO22: 00)
* Afternoon tea drink last order is 2 and a half hours from seating, and seating is 3 hours.
Business description: Restaurant / Wedding / Party / MICE
Instagram: @the_grand_ginza