[Makai celebrating holy day !? Witness this contradiction now! ] “Ginza Restaurant VAMPIRE CAFE #Vampire Cafe” Sacred Night Supper “It seems to be forgiven now” is being accepted!

-Christmas season course 3 types & original cocktails for a limited time-

“Ginza Restaurant VAMPIRE CAFE” operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Co., Ltd., offers three kinds of course menus and original cocktails limited to the Christmas season.

  • “Merry Christmas” from VAMPIRE CAFE
  • Vampire Cafe, a vampire's palace that resents time in Ginza, Tokyo.
    Closed to the darkness, this pavilion is filled with brilliant people.

    Because of the presence of the Lord Lord-VAMPIRE ROSE- summoned in the modern light of mass media and SNS, it is somehow sensitive and cutting-edge to the trends and events of the world.
    For example now.
    The chef who keeps the kitchen in the hall is preparing for “Holy Night” in parallel with the daily supper. By the life of the Earl, who is renowned as “Dark Gourmet”, he has set up a full course.
    The Earl himself seems to be developing an original cocktail that brings gorgeousness to the party …

    A nostalgic demon world that celebrates God's birth… VAMPIRE CAFE . If you really are ahead of the times, you must overcome this contradiction. Now … now. It's time to experience the world you don't know beyond the darkness!

  • Original Christmas Cocktail
  • Painted on blood and holy night * 1,280 yen for alcohol <br /> Make this toast at the beginning of a feast to celebrate the holy night in the demon world. Sparkling wine with crackles and small bubbles, a cocktail made of blue curacao and pomegranate juice is illuminated by candlelight and shines mysteriously. Don't miss the contrast of white snow and red blood, casually framed by the glass.

    Merry Christmas of vampires * Non-alcohol 980 yen <br /> For the gentleman and lady who is not good at drinking, the non-alcoholic cocktail prepared by the Earl also shines brightly in a hall that is dominated by the dark night Delivered to the table. Refreshing fruits such as cranberries, gray pleats, and lemons spark, making them a great match for a profound cuisine.

  • Christmas SPecial Cuisine

  • “Welcome to the holy night given by the dark”
    From December 20th (Friday) to December 25th (Wednesday), when the city shines brilliantly, this building offers two full courses that are full of darkness gourmets. . In addition, a course that can be enjoyed between December 1 (Sunday) and December 25 (Wednesday) will be prepared for customers who are unable to visit the museum during this period due to the plan of the kind owner.
    Which will you choose at the end of 2019, the turning point of a big era?

    ■ Vampires Christmas Course 5,000 yen << Period >> December 20 (Friday)-December 25 (Wednesday)

    † Scallop marinade and beetroot tartar foie graterine and radish poiree † Salmon salmon pannate Salsa di Puttanes cabianco † Grapefruit granite Roll glass pistachios

    Salted salmon pannate Salsa Diputtaneska Bianco <br /> A salmon with good fat riding. It is a popular fish with a stronger taste than the original, but it took a little more work to immerse it in salted salmon, further condensing umami. A dish with bread crumbs baked on it, crispy outside and plump and juicy inside. Sauce based on olive fruit for a more authentic taste.

    Mascarpone mousse and cocoon trifle roll Grass pistash <br /> A log lying in the dark forest where cocoons fly around. Snow deeply piled up there … A dessert that represents a winter landscape is a sweet gift that the Earl delivers at the end of the feast. Enjoy pistachio ice & berry sauce roll cakes made with moose and strawberry using mascarpone cheese familiar with tiramisu.

    ■ Sacred Night Vampire Christmas Course 8,000 yen << Period >> December 20 (Friday)-December 25 (Wednesday)

    † Christmas amuse † Salmon marinated and vegetable terrine Salsa diputtanes cabianco † Amo duck salsiccia and foie graterine Lotus root couscous Poire black truffle perigueux sauce † Mascarpone mousse and strawberry trifle roll Grass pistachi

    Salmon marinade and vegetable terrine Salsa Diputtaneska Bianco <br /> One dish of a special moment is a motif that expresses the master of the museum as a greeting to the customer. The roses are so beautiful that they don't hesitate for a moment. The marinated salmon is like a petal, and it is rolled up. There are a number of full courses in the world, but there must be no other appetizer that combines beauty and taste.

    Aigamo Salsiccia and Foie Graterine Lotus root couscous
    Italian meat stuffing and salsiccha made by grinding ducks and duck that have inherited the goodness of each duck and duck. Terrine using foie gras, a typical French food. And both of them are Arabian pasta lurking in lotus root, a root vegetable that has been loved since ancient times in Japan.

    Omar shrimp and scallop mousse crocante Fish dishes with the origin of the Italian word “croccan”, which expresses the crunchy anonymity of the sea urchin, play a sound as the name suggests, and when you break the surface, it is a crisp meal A mechanism that brings out the lobster lobster, which has the appeal and strength of umami, and the elegant sweetness of the scallop mousse. The mellow sauce that wraps everything adds a rich flavor of sea urchin.

    Domestic beef cheek meat sauce Black perfume sauce Perigueux <br /> The chef's chef prepares every day so that the chef's cheek beef cheek meat dish will not yield to anyone. The “King of Main Dish” in this building. In the once-a-year Christmas season, the spirit of Madera and black truffles, both of which are confusing to deceive people, will further enhance the style of the champion.

    ■ Dracula Castle Christmas Dinner Course 3,500 yen << Period >> December 1 (Sun)-December 25 (Wed)

    † Invitation to the Dark Christmas Party -Smoblow of raw ham and anchovy cream cheese-
    † Dark Holy Night Played by Bats-Caucasian Salad with Avocado and Salmon-
    † Merry Christmas in the dark to give to the dead-Garlic toast of nuts and anchovies-
    † Reward to the Evil Reindeer-Squid Squid and Mushroom Squid Cream Source-
    † Santa Claus of darkness deceiving despair ~ Vapole con Bulo of pork shoulder loin ~
    † Christmas gift delivered to the castle -Tiramistalt-

    Reward for the Evil Reindeer-Koikari and Mushroom Squid Cream Source-
    Reindeer with a bright red nose is working hard across the snowy field! A dish that decorates the middle of a banquet that represents a Christmas scene. This is the most popular pasta in the building, which has a surprisingly deep body created by jet-black squid that is covered with white cream sauce. Don't forget to take a photo because it is a different “reindeer specification”.

    Santa Claus in the Darkness That Despairs Despair
    Steamed and grilled pork shoulder loin, which has a good mix of red meat and fat, and feels firm to eat, and finished with a softness that can be cut with silver. The sauce with the added butter of melted broth brings umami to the garnished vegetables.

    * All prices are exclusive of tax.

  • Facility
  • The flame of a candle swaying in the darkness. A horribly beautiful place that somehow resounds eeriely … The hall, which is under the rule of the Earl as a vampire's castle, is full of mysterious charms, and you forget that this is the corner of the Ginza building.
    As you proceed to the front space where the “Amulet Cross” is embedded, you will be surrounded by a red velvet curtain, and a corridor where red blood cells will emerge. A hall where a fox sits in the center appears after passing through! The chandelier with the flying eagle shines red to welcome customers.

    If you accidentally go in the other direction, it will be taken into the “Black Jet Ritual”. Please be sure to follow the “guidance” of the residents of the Demon World below the Earl.

    <Space> All 81 seats
    ◆ St. Giorgius's altar <br /> VIP seat where you can see the hall from a higher place. The private room feeling partitioned by a thin curtain is especially recommended for 3-6 girls.

    ◆ Victim's room <br /> L-shaped sheet partitioned by a thick red velvet curtain. When you want to get closer to the person you care about …

    Samurai Room <br /> Table seats in the main hall of the museum. The supper under the chandelier of the suspicious bat is full of atmosphere.

    ◆ Between the jet black rituals <br /> A space surrounded by jet black walls ruled by the dark night. The floor can be reserved for up to 20 people, so it's perfect for a party scene.

    -store information-
    † Store name Ginza Restaurant VAMPIRE CAFE
    † Address 7-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Lape Building 7F
    † Access Subway Ginza Station Exit B3, 3 minutes on foot † TEL 03-3289-5360
    † Business hours: 17: 00-23: 30 (LO22: 30)
    † Regular holiday None † URL https://www.dd-holdings.jp//shops/vampirecafe/ginza