Holy night Christmas limited dinner course 2019 that you choose your favorite dishes and greet with your own original course 2019

Limited to December 19 (Thursday) to December 25 (Wednesday) at Odakyu Department Store Main Building 13F “Machiavelli”

The Christmas dinner course at Machiavelli Shinjuku, run by Giro Restaurant System Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, President and CEO Haruhiko Sato), is also available for a limited time this year from December 19 (Thu) to December 25 (Wed) receive. Many of the gorgeous dishes that decorate the Holy Night are prefix styles where you can choose your favorite dishes for “cold appetizer”, “warm appetizer”, “pasta”, “main dish” and “dessert”. Why don't you spend a special time with your own original course?

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Machiavelli Shinjuku is the first restaurant in Japan operated by a winery owned by Niccolo Machiavelli's family, a Frenze political philosopher known to have promoted “monarchy” in the early 16th century. As the only non-Italian restaurant with its name, it offers Italian cuisine that incorporates seasonal ingredients while maintaining the tradition of the main store.
Spend a special time at the Ristorante for the 2019 Christmas dinner.

■ Christmas Dinner Course <br /> Period: December 19 (Thu)-December 25 (Wed) 2019
* Only "NATALE B" and "NATALE S" are available from December 21-25.

"NATALE A" (prefix style) 6,000 yen per person (tax included)
Greetings from the kitchen / cold appetizer / hot appetizer / pasta or main dish * / dessert /
Coffee or tea, small sweets * If you order the main dish, you will be charged 700 yen (including tax) for the course fee

"NATALE B" (prefix style) 8,500 yen per person (tax included)
Welcome drink (sparkling wine *) / Greetings from the kitchen / Cold appetizer / Hot appetizer /
Pasta / Revisit / Main dish / Dessert / Coffee or tea, small sweets

"NATALE S" 12,000 yen per person (tax included)
Welcome drink (sparkling wine *)
Greeting from the kitchen cold appetizer:
“Flat Carpaccio with Fruit Tomato Insalata Caviar”
Hot appetizer:
"Lily root frit with a pro-shoot from Tuscany"
"[Tagliatelle] raw sea urchin tomato sauce"
fish dishes:
"Omar shrimp herb bread baked bisque sauce"
Fresh meat dishes:
“Sauteed black beef sirloin and foie gras with truffle sauce”
Christmas special assorted small dessert coffee or tea, small sweets

* Only "NATALE S" is not a prefix style * Welcome drinks are also available with non-alcohol sparkling wine

■ About Chef Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1973. My home is a restaurant and both my grandfather and father grew up in a chef environment. I chose the path to enter this world very naturally. Served as a chef at the restaurant “Restorante Abate Haruino” in the outskirts of Kawasaki, and as a chef at Omotesando “Cafe Landman Aoyama”. 8th Italian Cooking Competition “Gran Concorso di Cucina 2017” 2nd place. We offer traditional Tuscan cuisine using Japanese ingredients.

■ Store information <br /> Store name: Ristorante Machiavelli Shinjuku Location: 1-1-3 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Odakyu Department Store Main Building 13F
Phone number 03-3345-8735
Business hours: 11: 00-22: 30 (LO21: 30)
Number of seats: 58 in the store 33 seats on the terrace WEB: https://www.giraud.co.jp/machiavelli/

■ Introducing some of the dishes you can choose!
<Cold appetizer>

“Wagyu thigh tartar with a soft-boiled egg wrapped in red wine”

"Flat carpaccio with fruit tomato insalata caviar" + 500 yen

<Warm appetizer>

“Scarlet Involtini Turnip Coolie Wrapped in the Scent of Lion”

"Lily root frit with a pro-shoot from Tuscany"


"[Lasagna] with Japanese beef ragout sauce Lazagna porcini"

“[Gnocchi] Gnocchi cappuccino tailoring of two colors of sweet potato”

<Main dish>

"Roasted anglerfish wrapped with pancetta"

"Roast duck fillet with bitter chocolate sauce"