Beauty sleep brand “newmine” to convert sleep quality into beauty quality

Nishikawa Corporation (Headquarters: Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yasushi Nishikawa) focuses on damage to "skin" and "hair" while sleeping, and proposes a beauty habit through sleep "D2C brand" newmine ”and launch EC service on the brand site [ ] from January 14 (Tuesday).
In addition, an interactive pop-up store will be opened from January 14 (Tuesday) to January 27 (Monday) at Yurakucho Marui 1F Event Space Limited 6. The image character of "newmine" is actress Anne Nakamura Will be hired.

"Newmine" is a new business model brand created by Nishikawa female employees.
Based on the knowledge of sleep and bedding, a project aimed at "beautiful sleep" that becomes beautiful while sleeping.
We developed products and services that use sleep as a solution based on the desire to make the unconscious time of sleep in a busy day into a time to be beautiful.
The sales channel centers on EC, and the actual store specializes in experience and communication with customers.
We will deliver innovative items that can turn "sleep time" into "beauty time", along with services to help busy women, such as online trouble diagnosis, simple measurement, and maintenance support after purchase.
Also, actively use SNS as a place for communication with users.
In addition to disseminating information about "beauty sleep", we will reflect on new product development and marketing measures through opportunities to directly communicate with users.
The main item of “newmine” is a “skin-friendly pillow” that reduces damage to the cheeks, which is said to be the cause of spots and wrinkles, by about 50%.
Analyze the face type and disperse the pressure by installing the "L line pad" dedicated to the chin according to the face line.
In addition, pillow cases and damage-free towels that are selected according to the skin type, and original aromas that promote a relaxing effect are available.
All items are supervised by our research institute, The Japanese Institute of Sleep Sciences, and are recommended by Dr. Moriwaki, a dermatologist at Osaka Medical University.
At the "newmine" interactive pop-up store in Yurakucho Marui, we consult customers' skin and hair problems, measure face lines, etc., and propose items that are unique to each individual.
In addition, you can experience the customization of "Skin-friendly pillows" according to the face type, and experiment on the water absorption of towels.
Items you have experienced can be purchased from the brand EC site ( ). (* Not sold at stores.)

"Newmine" brand overview

"Newmine" is a beauty sleep brand that converts the quality of sleep into the quality of beauty.
Pillow cases that maintain healthy skin, pillow cases that match the skin type, damage-free towels, and other items that are touched in everyday life are used to develop products that transform unconscious habits of sleep into habits of beauty. 。
We will provide you with services to snuggle up with busy women, such as counseling, simple measurement, and maintenance support after purchase.


People who have trouble can be beautiful.

There is a chance for "more" .
Trouble is a hint to move forward.
I want to make the unconscious time of sleeping for women who work hard every day a time to be beautiful.
People who have trouble are beautiful.
Beauty sleep that suits each。

[Development items] Skin-friendly pillow / Hair-friendly pillow / Pillow case / Towel / Face mask / Aroma oil / Aroma spray / Aroma stone

[Brand site] * EC service started on January 14 (Tuesday)

"Newmine" Experience Pop-up Store

・ Holding period: Tuesday, January 14, 2020-Monday, January 27, 11: 00-21: 00 (Sunday and public holidays: 10: 30-20: 30)
・ Location Yurakucho Marui 1F Event Space Limited 6 (2-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

・ Experience contents All items of “newmine” are available and you can experience the following services.

* Consulting on skin and hair problems

Propose items that suit each customer's skin and hair concerns.

* Customization of "Skin-friendly pillow" by face type analysis & Select pillow case according to skin type

* Damage off towel water absorption test

Compare the water absorption of "newmine" towels with ordinary towels.

* Products can be purchased on the brand EC site ( ) from the QR code installed at the store.
We do not sell at stores.

Introduction of main items of "newmine"

"Newmine" proposes an item that suits each individual through online trouble consultation, simple measurement, and diagnosis / measurement at hands-on stores.
A wide range of beautiful skin and hair items such as pillows that keep healthy skin, pillow cases that match the skin type, and damage-off towels.
All products are supervised by our research institute, The Japanese Institute of Sleep Sciences, and are recommended by Dr. Moriwaki, a dermatologist at Osaka Medical University.

A pillow for beautiful skin that reduces pressure on the cheeks during sleep by about 50%
* Newmine Gentle pillow for skin (grain cotton / pipe)

L line pad


It is said that if the skin is stimulated, melanin is produced, and if the skin is continuously damaged by pressure or the like, the turnover is not performed properly, and the melanin tends to accumulate and become stained.
Especially during sleep, pressure is continuously applied.
"Skin-friendly pillow" analyzes the face type from the measurement result of the face line, and adjusts the height with the special "L line pad" for the part corresponding to the chin according to each face line, so that it can be applied to the cheek Reduces pressure by about 50%.
Disperses the pressure applied to the skin and makes it harder to block blood circulation, keeping the skin healthy.

[Price] 16,000 yen + tax [Size] 70 × 38cm

Pillow case that can be selected according to the skin type

・ Newmine clean touch pillow case (scalp release processing) / moisture touch pillow case (silk satin)


Pillow case that can be selected according to the skin type, such as dry skin or oily skin.
"Clean touch pillow case" is scalp released with antifouling and antibacterial effects to keep it clean.
"Moisture Touch Pillow Case" uses smooth silk satin to reduce the coefficient of friction on the skin.
In addition, silk is rich in 18 amino acids that promote the activation of skin cells and is a skin-friendly material.

[Price / Color] ・ Clean Touch: 3,500 yen + tax Color / Red, White Moisture Touch: 8,500 yen + tax Color / Ivory

[Size] 90 × 43cm each

Comments from Dr. Moriwaki, Dermatologist, Osaka Medical University

For sensitive and dry skin, a low coefficient of friction is important.
By reducing exfoliation of keratin due to friction during sleep, damage to skin can be reduced.
Also, since sweat accumulates on the surface of the skin, bacteria can easily propagate and lead to inflammation. For lipid skin, a pillow case that is hard to stain and has excellent antibacterial properties is recommended.

Water absorption is about 5 times that of ordinary towels ! Hair-friendly towels that can be selected according to your hair style

・ Newmine long hair towel / semi long hair towel / short hair towel


Uses Pafir Cotton®, which has high water absorption, and is available in three sizes to match your hair style.
By partially adjusting the pile length according to the size, wet hair that is easily damaged can be quickly towel-dried.

[Price / Size] ・ Long: 2,700 yen + tax / 34 × 120cm

・ Semi-long: 2,000 yen + tax / 34 × 90cm

・ Short: 1,600 yen + tax / 34 × 70cm

* Compares the water absorption after about 60 seconds with a general towel (100% cotton, made in Japan)

"Newmine" development story

A woman who is busy every day.
According to Nishikawa's “Sleep White Paper 2019” *, which surveyed the sleep situation of 10,000 people, the average age of all generations was 31.2%, while women in their 30s were as low as 25.9%. Approximately one-fourth. The percentage of respondents who answered "Not enough, not enough at all" was higher than other generations, indicating that they were dissatisfied with lack of sleep. 。 (* Results of our web panel survey Basic survey on sleep n = 10,000 (18-79 years old men and women) Conducted in July 2019)
In addition, "before bedtime" is the most frequently used time for adult women who have a job for health and beauty, "I want to use the time while sleeping", "I want to sleep enough for health and beauty" I want to take it. "

Some women in Nishikawa, based on their knowledge of sleep and bedding, do skin care for many women before going to bed, but some people are conscious of damage to skin and hair while sleeping. Focusing on the fact that there is not, we have developed "newmine" as a brand that solves the daily worries.
The brand name is a coined word that fell asleep with newmine newmin.
Sleeping is a new beauty habit and named with the expectation that women will be born again.
For women who are interested in beauty, we will provide skin care, hair care, body care, and health care products along with services to help busy women, such as online counseling, simple measurement, and maintenance support after purchase.
An epoch-making product that can turn “sleep time” into “beauty time” is a solution that was made only because we have always faced sleep.

[Brand site]
[Instagram] @beauty_sleep_lab
Actively disseminating information about sleep and beauty, including news about "newmine".

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