[Store Support Project] “Easy recipe that can be done at Hotel Gracery Ginza Bonsalute Staff House! BONSALUTE COKKING” #5 Tofu Meister Direct Report! At home [Tofu in olive oil]

Even though the restriction on going out due to the new coronavirus has been lifted, it seems that some days have remained unsettled. Every day, in a changing and uncertain situation, the world is overwhelmed by heavy air and tends to look downward.
However, even in such a situation, there are many shops and facilities who are doing their best to do their best.
The Kokosil editorial department will introduce such stores and facilities as "Store Support Project" .

This time, a simple recipe that can be done at Hotel Gracery Ginza Bonsalute Staff House! BONSALUTE COKKING Series 5th, Tofu Meister Direct! It is [tofu olive oil pickles] that you can do at home.

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hotel has been reopened from June 1st. The restaurant Bon Salute, which is located next to the hotel, has been reopening with either Japanese or Western set meals since July 1st.))

Simple recipes that can be done at Bonsalute staff's house!
Tofu Meister direct story! You can do it at home [Tofu in olive oil]



・Cotton tofu… 1/2 tea・Salt… 1/2 teaspoon
・EXV olive oil: appropriate amount ・Herbs of your choice (thyme, rosemary, basil, etc.)…

[How to make]

① Drain tofu with tofu.
② Cover the tofu with salt evenly, wrap it in kitchen paper and wrap, and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
③ Cut the tofu from the refrigerator into pieces that are easy to eat.
④ Put the tofu in a bottle or storage bag and gently add olive oil.
⑤ Add herbs and falcon to your liking.
⑥ After storing for about a week, it's time to eat.


Olive oil is hardened when it is just taken out from the refrigerator, so if you return it to room temperature just before you eat it, the oil will melt and it will be easier to eat.

[A word from the staff]

It will look like cheese when soaked for about a week.

★Easy recipe at home made by Hotel Gracery Ginza and Bonsalute Staff! BONSALUTE COKKING #5 Tofu Meister Direct Report! We introduced "Tofu olive oil pickles" that you can do at home.
How about everyone making it?

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◎About Hotel Gracery Ginza

Hotel Gracery Ginza is a 4-minute walk from Ginza Station and a 9-minute walk from Shimbashi Station.
A business hotel with a modern and calm atmosphere.
Despite being in a good location in the world-famous Ginza, the restaurant offers comfortable guest rooms and a menu that is easy on the body, giving you a reasonable cost performance.

(Home page: https://gracery.com/ginza/)


◎About Bonsalute

Bonsalute (a coined word meaning good for your health) is a restaurant that uses carefully selected domestic ingredients such as pesticide-free vegetables and natural seafood to prepare dishes that are gentle on your mind and body. Japanese and Western dishes, original drinks, omelets to finish in front of you, recipes by Tofu Meister are popular.

*Breakfast only. [Business restarts from July 1]

☆Breakfast is available for those who are not staying☆