Cool sweets featuring Cool to see and Cool to eat

Until Monday, August 31 / Daimaru Tokyo store basement, the first floor cheek town

The "Cool Sweets", which have a cool appearance and are cool even if you eat them, are coming one after another! Here are 9 recommended Daimaru stores.

It is a famous anmitsu that is soft just before spilling Mt. Fuji natural water.
<Kamakura Goro Main Store> Mizu Anmitsu 3 pieces 864 yen / 1st floor *Sold until late August

We use plenty of dried mint. Is it sweet to your mouth? Sue? Please try.
<Kagurazaka Karyo> Summer limited mint okoshi 1 bag (4 pieces) 464 yen/basement *Sold until mid August

Sand the whipped chocolate with coconut in the dough with roasted coconut.
<Ginza Tamaya> 18 pieces of coconut Hitohira 1,580 yen / the first floor

A gem with a crisp and fluffy texture that enhances the deliciousness.
<Pierre Hermé Paris> Misuguragura Various 1 piece 756 yen / 1st floor *Ends as soon as it disappears

Summer-limited Palais chocolate which is popular every year. It is a refreshing chocolate that you can enjoy when you chill.
<Belle Amer> One summer pallet chocolate 291 yen / basement

Rusk that uses 100% of Setouchi lemon. The refreshing lemon scent is perfect for hot summer!
<Tokyo Rusk> Setouchi lemon with 8 pieces 540 yen/basement

The deliciousness unique to summer that contains the aroma and smoothness of chocolate.
<Vitamer> Ice chocolate 6 pieces 2,268 yen / 1st floor

A popular agar that has a rich scent of the sea, topped with specially made bean jam and kuzumochi.
<Funabashiya> Anmitsu one 480 yen / the first floor

The chewy and smooth kudzu mixes with the carefully-prepared bean paste.
<Ginza Suzuya> Kuzuyose 1 piece 270 yen / 1st floor