Japanese Yakiniku Hasegawa ~Take-out menu of a yakiniku restaurant that overturns common sense~ [Store Support Project]

Even though the restrictions on self-restraint from going out due to the new coronavirus have been lifted, the days of restlessness continue.
In an uncertain situation that changes day by day, the world is surrounded by a heavy atmosphere and tends to look down.
However, doing my best to be of as much as possible in such a situation, people of good luck Irassharu stores and facilities, Irasshaimasu N Taku is.

The Kokoshiru editorial department will introduce stores and facilities that are doing their best as a "store support project" .

I would like to introduce the outline of stores and facilities, recommended menus, services that are devised because of this situation, and what we value.

This time, I would like to talk about "Nippon Yakiniku Hasegawa" .

There are many menus that you will want to eat just by looking at them, so please take a look!

◎ About Japanese Yakiniku Hasegawa, recommended take-out menu for the person in charge, about the shop, recommended menu of the shop, recommended menu of the person in charge, recommended course meal, recommended sake, it is important because it is this corona We asked him about what he was doing and his message to customers.

Please tell us about the recommended takeout menu.

The recommended take-out menu is Matsusaka beef sirloin chirashizushi .

Our Japanese restaurant craftsmen hand-rolled Matsuzaka beef sirloin chirashi one by one and put it on seasoned beef shigure rice, and also Hokkaido salmon roe, Hokkaido sea urchin, caviar and other high-class seafood, full of seasonality It is a luxurious menu with colorful vegetables.

Please enjoy the take-out menu that luxuriously uses the highest part sirloin of "Matsusaka beef", the highest peak of Japan's three great wagyu beef, at home.

Matsusaka beef sirloin leaflet 7,500 yen (tax included)

* For food hygiene, it will take about 30 minutes as it will be made after receiving your order.

* The menu is subject to change depending on the purchase situation. Please note.

I got it!

When you open the lid of the bento box wrapped in elegant Japanese paper, there is a colorful Japanese yakiniku world where seasonal vegetables, brocade eggs, salmon roe, sea urchin, etc. are sprinkled in a well-balanced manner. Was spreading.
I can't help but sigh.


First, a bite.
Simply eat only meat.
The gravy spreads slowly.
It is regrettable to swallow immediately!
If you chew and taste it many times, the taste of Matsusaka beef will run around your mouth.

Next, we will have meat with caviar.
The saltiness of the caviar is exquisite on the oil of the meat.

Tobiko on meat.
The soft sirloin matches the crunchy texture and is comfortable to eat.

You can also enjoy a luxurious variety of flavors by putting the salmon roe, sea urchin, and wasabi on the meat.

When you eat beef rice, meat, and brocade egg together, the aroma and sweetness are intertwined, and the flavor changes to a soft flavor.

I enjoyed various tastes.

No matter how many tongues I have, it's not enough.

Very satisfied!

Other takeout menus

Other take-out menus include Japanese black beef yakiniku bento , Japanese beef black tongue box rice , and Japanese beef shigure thick rolls .

The Japanese Black Beef Yakiniku Bento is a dish that our skilled craftsmen carefully cook and serve carefully selected Japanese Black Beef.
You can enjoy the taste of "Nippon Yakiniku Hasegawa" at home along with a variety of Japanese colors.

Japanese black beef yakiniku lunch 5,000 yen (tax included)

Wagyu black tongue box rice is a gem that is popular in our shop, sliced beef tongue, baked fragrantly with miso sauce, and finished in a pressed sushi style with Koshihikari from Shiga prefecture.

You can enjoy it with confidence even for children.

Wagyu black tongue box rice 3,500 yen (tax included)

Wagyu Shigure's thick roll is made from Japanese black beef, which is simmered in ginger and sweet and spicy soy sauce, and made into a thick roll to make it easy to eat.

This is also safe for children to enjoy.

Wagyu Shigure thick roll 3,000 yen (tax included)

* For food hygiene, it will take about 30 minutes as it will be made after receiving your order.

* The menu is subject to change depending on the purchase situation. Please note.

Please tell me about the store.

Our shop proposes Japanese style yakiniku that breaks the conventional wisdom of the traditional yakiniku business style with the style of "Yakiniku x Japanese cuisine".

The restaurant boasts non-standard yakiniku that is lean, odorless, and gentle on the body .

A "new discovery" that connects and is born like a chemical reaction.
And we will deliver "impression" to everyone.

Please come and experience the moment when "insane turns into common sense" .

Store appearance

Inside the store

Private room where you can enjoy meat elegantly

Please tell me some recommended menus of the shop.

Matsusaka beef Chateaubriand and Matsusaka beef sirloin are especially recommended.

We buy one Matsusaka beef with carefully selected connoisseurs, so you can enjoy the highest quality Wagyu beef at a reasonable price.

Chateaubriand is the finest part of fillet, which is a high-class part of beef, with a thick central part and the best meat quality.
The meat quality is very soft and delicate, but it is enough to eat.
Please enjoy the extremely rare "ultimate lean meat" and "phantom part" that weighs only 600g from one cow.

Queen of Meat Matsusaka Beef Chateaubriand [Limited] [Thick slice or steak cut]
9,000 yen (tax included)

Sirloin is a meat that has been recognized for its deliciousness so much that it was given the title "Sir" to represent a nobleman by the King of England.
The quality of the meat is so fine that it can be said to be the king of beef, and the way the sashimi is mixed is moderately soft, and it is characterized by a rich flavor and a melting taste.

(* Sashi = a slang term for fat that is sparsely scattered like marbled meat.)

Meat King Matsusaka Beef Sirloin [Limited] 6,000 yen (tax included)

Could you please tell me the recommended menu for the person in charge?

It is a thick slice of the finest skirt steak and Japanese black beef tongue.

The finest skirt steak is our most popular menu.
The finest skirt steak, which is soft and rich in taste and aroma, is made from raw Japanese black beef.

Bake on high heat and enjoy the rich and rich flavor of skirt steak.

Best Harami * Limited quantity 3,800 yen (tax included)

Kuroge Wagyu Beef Tongue Genka Net Thick Sliced is a luxurious thick slice of the softest tongue.
It is an irresistible dish that is unique to thick slices.

Enjoy the delicious taste of high-quality Wagyu beef with salt, lemon and wasabi.

Wagyu black tongue Chinese net thick slice (one piece grilled) ” * Limited quantity 4,800 yen (tax included)

Could you tell me the recommended course meal?

We recommend the Ise course, which is the highest grade course, and the old and new courses that cover the concept of our shop .

◎ Ise-Ise- [Twenty items] Luxury Wagyu beef [Reservation required] 28,000 yen

~ Special course. Eat and compare the three great Wagyu beef in Japan

[Course content]
・ Suimono Grated seasonal vegetables
・ Three seasonal dishes with advance
・ Cold vegetables Hasegawa carefully selected early-picked vegetable salad
・ Sashimi Seasonal sashimi
・ Sushi Matsusaka beef rib roast nigiri sea urchin and salmon roe
・ Meat phantom tongue Japanese black beef tongue ・ Japanese black beef Harami ・ Kobe beef rare part ・ Matsusaka beef rare part
・ Matsusaka beef Chateaubriand luxury truffle hanging
・ Seafood Seasonal seafood
・ Soba made with cold Japanese beef
・ Warm food Seasonal dish
・ Meat Wagyu beef thigh meat Shabu-shabu ・ Matsusaka beef sirloin steak
・ Meal Seasonal clay pot rice
・ Bowl red soup stock
・ Ice confectionery premium ice cream

◎ Now and then ~ Konjaku ~ [17 dishes] 6 kinds of high-class meat 17,000 yen

Recommended for those who like alcohol ・ Please tell us the alcohol that is easy to drink even for those who are not good at alcohol.

For those who like liquor, we carefully select and prepare rare and valuable items such as luxury craft beer, premium whiskey, wines from all over the world, and sake.
Please enjoy with our meat dishes.

For those who are not good at drinking, we also have various soft drinks and luxury teas, so please ask for your desired drink.

A lot of meat that can be carved by the craftsman's wonderful hand

I was shown how to cut meat.

The craftsman's kitchen knife, which cuts various parts of Japanese black beef, will make you admire it.
"A collaboration between Japanese cuisine and yakiniku created by the sensibility and skill of Japanese food craftsmen who have studied at famous stores in Tokyo" is born from this kitchen!

Beautiful cross section of meat!