Experience-based entertainment “Drama Meshi” and collaboration Tokyo performance “Definition of Source” will be performed at Sky Fight Cafe Ginza store while enjoying a meal!

-The first live distribution of "Drama Meshi" will be held from 19:00 on December 1st (Tuesday)-

Drone Net Co., Ltd., which plans, develops, and manages drone-related content, will collaborate with the experience-based entertainment "Drama Meshi", where you can enjoy a meal while watching a play, and will release a new performance "Definition of Source" in 2020. Performances will be held at Sky Fight Cafe Ginza for 5 consecutive days from November 27th to December 1st.

The new performance "Definition of Source" of the experience-based entertainment "Drama Meshi", which you can enjoy while enjoying a meal at a restaurant, will be held at Sky Fight Cafe Ginza for 5 days from November 27th to December 1st, 2020. It was decided to perform a performance.

"Definition of Source" was performed in Osaka in September this year and was well received, and the performance in Tokyo was decided as "I want more people to see it." In collaboration with Drone Net, we will be performing at Sky Fight Cafe Ginza store.

The cast will be renewed at the Tokyo performance. Directed by Koichi Otake, who will be the main cast with Yuji Miyake and Hisahiro Ogura at the Super Eccentric Theater, and is expected to be the next generation of human resources who will lead the theater company. The script of this work, which will be a short edit of three omnibuses, has been active in the M-1 Grand Prix 2010 in the combination era, and now it has expanded the range of activities such as many stage appearances, script provision, and direction. Yuko Shimoda, who works on many topical works such as Yoshimoto Kogyo's entertainer Kentaro Adachi, "Throw away, Adachi-san" (broadcast on TV Tokyo in 2020) and "Sixteen Syndrome" (delivered on FOD in 2020), this work Producer Hideto Sagawa will serve as each. This work, which claims that there is laughter, no tears, and that you will be hungry when you watch the play, you can enjoy watching the play while eating, which is the real thrill of the play.

This time, for customers who cannot visit the venue, we will perform the first live distribution of the play meal. The performance that will start at 19:00 on 12/1 (Tuesday) will be delivered live from Sky Fight Cafe Ginza store. We will deliver it so that you can enjoy it anywhere you like on your computer or smartphone.

Drama Meshi Tokyo Performance "Definition of Source" Synopsis

Relentlessly asking questions, the clerk Usta's work does not proceed at all "Usta can not work"
"Mayonnaise crazy woman" who wants to put the mayonnaise she brought on the menu
And the story of misunderstanding that occurs when the two strange customers come to the store "Higher-grade yakisoba"
Three stories about the sources that take place in a restaurant.
A comedy and gourmet story unique to the drama Meshi, where the characters from different stories intersect at the end, with laughter, no tears, and hunger when watching the play.

Drama Meshi "Definition of Source" Tokyo Performance Live Streaming Overview

<Delivery date and time>
12/1 (Tue) 19:00 start * Archive can be viewed until 12/4 (Fri) 19:00.

Rentaro Hanatsuka, Anna Ishida, Hitomi Fujiwara, MAEDA (Blue Print), Yuna

<Live distribution ticket>
Ticket fee: 2,500 yen (tax included)
11/17 (Tue) 21: 00-Sales start at ZAIKO
* Account registration is required for purchase.

Director: Koichi Otake Screenplay: Kentaro Adachi "Usta can't work" / Yuko Shimoda "Mayonnaise Mad Woman" /
Hideto Sagawa "Higher-grade fried noodles"
Sponsor: Art Moving Center / Sky Fight Cafe / Ricordi Co., Ltd./GARYUU Co., Ltd. Sponsor: Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Drama Meshi Tokyo Performance "Definition of Source" Presented by Art Moving Center & Sky Fight Cafe Performance Overview

[Drama Meshi Tokyo Performance]
November 27th (Friday) -December 1st (Tuesday), 2020 All 5 performances
Friday, November 27, 19:00
Saturday, November 28, 18:00
Sunday, November 29th, 13:00
November 30th (Monday) 19:00
Tuesday, December 1st 19:00
Venue: Sky Fight Cafe Ginza Store (Marronnier Gate Ginza 3 4th Floor, 3-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

☆ General seats: 7,500 yen (excluding tax)
Ticket fee + one plate + one drink
For sale at Peatix

[Performance HP]

About efforts to prevent infection

The Tokyo performance of the drama "Definition of Source" was implemented by taking the following measures to prevent viral infections such as new coronavirus infections in accordance with the "Guidelines for Prevention of Spread of New Coronavirus Infections at Live Houses and Live Halls". I will.

・ Tables are distributed over the entire floor, and seats are prepared with a space between seats.
Therefore, the audience for this performance will be about 30 people per performance.

・ To prevent infectious diseases, the store is divided into stages and audience seats.
Therefore, there is no production using the audience seats 360 degrees.

・ All performers, staff, and all staff involved in the store will be inspected for temperature from 2 weeks before the performance.

・ For visitors, we will measure the temperature with a non-contact type thermometer at the entrance.
Admission is not permitted for persons with a body temperature of 37.5 ° or higher.

・ To prevent congestion, all seats will be reserved for this performance.

・ A disinfectant solution will be installed at the entrance, and staff will wear masks, gloves, and face shields.

・ We will sterilize the inside of the store for each performance.

・ We will give you a face shield.

Except during eating and drinking, you will be asked to wear a face shield and mask.

・ Performers will be wearing a mouse shield or a transparent mask.

・ It is a play with the concept of "enjoying the play while eating".
We will separate "play time" and "meal time".
This performance will be a meal time after you watch the play.

・ Eating and drinking during the performance is limited to drinks.

・ The presents for the performers will be letters only.

・ We will refrain from visiting the performers from the perspective of contact, including those involved.

・ Smoking is prohibited inside the store.

・ We will collect customer information for visitors and store the information for one month after the performance starts.

<Drone Net Co., Ltd. Company Profile>

Drone Net Co., Ltd. is a drone venture company with the mission of "creating a future society that coexists with drones."

Representative: Representative Kazuyuki Murakami Location: 4-3-29 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo VORT Kioisaka Building 1st floor Established: March 2017 Capital: 636,193,300 yen (including capital reserve)
Homepage: https://drone-net.co.jp/
Business description: Drone Net Co., Ltd. was established in March 2017 as a company that leads a new business that integrates drones and IT technology. We are a drone venture company engaged in a wide range of businesses such as software, engineer training, wholesale distribution, and retail through the five businesses of "distribution business," "research and development business," "media business," "entertainment business," and "cloud sourcing business."

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