ROADCAST x Heral Bonnie [Wall Art MUSEUM STORE] The world’s largest museum shop opens in the city.

Read the QR code next to the work and purchase the "HERAL BONY" product that uses the posted work. A new purchasing experience will begin that will turn the entire city into a museum shop.

Heral Bonnie Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Heral Bonnie) and ROADCAST, an unused wall advertising business run by Tokyu Corporation, have been an artist with intellectual disabilities on the walls of ROADCAST such as Shibuya, Ginza, and Omotesando since December 10, 2020. We will start Wall Art MUSEUM STORE to post the works of.

If you read the QR code attached to the side of the posted work, you will be connected to a dedicated site where you can purchase art products with the posted work, and you will try to utilize the new wall surface that makes the whole city a museum shop.


Art works scattered on the walls of the city.
The QR code next to the work connects to the Wall Art MUSEUM STORE, where you can purchase works in the city as art products.
A new purchasing experience that turns the entire city into a museum shop through collaboration between Heralbonnie, who incorporates the works of artists with intellectual disabilities into things, things, and basho, and ROADCAST of Tokyu Corporation, which utilizes unused walls as art advertisements. to start.
By posting art works on the wall advertisement when it is not in operation, wall art is always developed on the wall, which is an initiative that leads to the revitalization of the city. At the start of December 10, works will be posted on the walls of a total of about 40 locations in the four wards of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Chuo, and Minato, and the number of exhibition locations will continue to increase.

What is posted on the wall is a work that stands out from an artist with intellectual disabilities.
Art works will color the wall advertisements when they are not in operation, which had not been posted until then.

[Posted artist]

A total of 19 works will be posted from 10 artists whose works are used in the products of the art life brand "HERAL BONY".

● Runbinii Museum (Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture)
Satoru Kobayashi, Sanae Sasaki, Fujiko Tomizawa, Kiyoshi Yaegashi, Michiyo Yaegashi

● unico / Beginning Museum (Inawashiro Town, Fukushima Prefecture)
Koichi Tsuchiya

● Nature Club (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture)
Yu Takada, Daichi Sakamoto

Works to be posted (example)

■ From Mr. Katayama, ROADCAST Project Leader

ROADCAST has been working on solving the graffiti problem in Shibuya as an outdoor advertising business that solves the problems of the city with art and advertising. In this initiative, the works of artists with intellectual disabilities will be exhibited in the city as wall art, which will lead to the bustling of the city and solve new problems in the city with the aim of economically revitalizing the welfare field. I would like to challenge.

■ From Heral Bonnie Co., Ltd. Takaya Matsuda

The world's largest museum shop opens. The venue is the entire city. The place is … You can also buy the product of the work, where you can visually enjoy the work. In other words, by teaming up with "ROAD CAST" and "Heral Bonnie", the false prejudices and prejudices hidden in the word "disabled person" and the grouping are correctly updated. This is a cultural project that corrects values, wearing the skin of a museum shop.

[Mechanism of Wall Art MUSEUM STORE]

If you read the QR code next to the work, you will be connected to the dedicated site of Wall Art MUSEUM STORE. From the dedicated site, you can purchase the products of the art life brand "HERAL BONY" that uses the posted works.

A portion of the sales of purchased products will be backed to artists with intellectual disabilities.
This is an experimental project that challenges a new purchasing experience while coloring the city by utilizing unused walls.

This project was realized by the two companies meeting in the open innovation program "Tokyu Accelerate Program" sponsored by Tokyu Corporation.

[Overview of Wall Art MUSEUM STORE]

Period: December 10, 2020 (Thursday) -(about 1 year) * The posting location will change depending on the time of year.
Posting location: Approximately 40 non-operating advertisements in Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando, Ginza, Roppongi area
HERALBONY Online store:


It is an in-house venture that was established in July 2018 under the in-house entrepreneur training system of Tokyu Corporation. As a social contribution type outdoor advertising business that solves the problems of the city with the power of art and advertising, Tokyu Corporation collectively covers unused walls such as houses and stores scattered in the back alleys, which are troubled by graffiti in Shibuya. By borrowing and deploying at the same time, the entire city will be made into media, and by promoting and exhibiting art works, it will lead to the transmission of new culture and revitalization of the city, the liveliness of the city and effective advertising of companies We are developing with the aim of achieving both advertising. We plan to expand to new areas other than Shibuya in the future.
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■ Tokyu Accelerate Program

This is an open innovation program sponsored by Tokyu Corporation that aims to co-create business with start-up companies from 2015. Using the resources of the Tokyu Group, we will not only test the hypothesis of the services and products of start-up companies and make Shibuya a place to create new value that enhances the convenience of living along the Tokyu line, but also the sustainable growth of start-up companies. We aim to become a global innovation base that realizes.
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■ Heral Bonnie Co., Ltd.

A welfare experiment unit that aims to create a new culture starting from welfare, with the mission of "Leave the distinctiveness." We conclude art license agreements with writers with intellectual disabilities all over Japan and develop a business centered on more than 2,000 pieces of art data. Welfare such as "HERAL BONY", an art life brand that commercializes art works drawn by artists with intellectual disabilities, and "All Japan Temporary Enclosure Art Museum", which diverts art works drawn by artists with intellectual disabilities to temporary enclosures at construction sites. He is working hard on a social experiment with an eye on the expansion of the field. 30 people under the age of 30 who change the world won "Forbes 30 UNDER 30 JAPAN".

Company name | HERALBONY Co., Ltd.
Established | July 24, 2018 Location | 2-38 Kaiunbashidori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture @HOME DELUX Building 4F HERALBONY
Officers | Takaya Matsuda, President and CEO, Fumito Matsuda, Vice President and Representative Director
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