The modern version of the teahouse “GEN GEN AN Gen” will open a food truck with the theme of “Taki-dashi” on Saturday, December 26th and Sunday, December 27th for two days only.

Provided by Chef Sota Atsumi of the famous Parisian restaurant "MAISON"

You can enjoy freshly baked gofuru, open sandwiches, and onion gratin soup that go well with tea!

Ginza Sony Park, an experimental park in the city, will have a food truck by the modern teahouse "GEN GEN AN Phantom" that fuses tradition and modern culture on Saturday, December 26, 2020. We will open a store on the ground floor for two days on the 27th (Sun) .

On the day of the event, Chef Sota Atsumi of the famous Parisian restaurant "MAISON" , in which "GEN GEN AN Gen" collaborates on the food menu, will stand at the store and offer a special menu for 2 days only.

■ "Taki-dashi" of modern chaya Chef Atsumi makes a special menu for only 2 days

"GEN GEN AN Gen" on the first basement floor of Ginza Sony Park was developed by Chef Atsumi's project "tometto" under the theme of "sweets and tea" in collaboration with Chef Sota Atsumi of the famous Parisian store "MAISON". We offer gateau basques and ice cream. This time, as a special project at the end of the year, under the theme of "Taki-dashi", Chef Atsumi himself will stand on the food truck and offer a special open sandwich for only two days, warm onion gratin soup, and freshly baked gofuru.

In addition, at the store on the first basement floor, in addition to the four types of ice and sorbet and gateau basque that "match tea", "chazuke" will be offered for a limited time. Inside the store, you can enjoy the tea time through all five senses, such as visuals, music, and aroma, and you can experience the fusion of the tradition and modern culture of tea.

■ Overview of "Taki-dashi" food truck

Period: December 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun), 2020
Time: 11: 00-19: 00 End as soon as it runs out Place: Ginza Sony Park Ground

■ Store overview

Name: "GEN GEN AN Phantom"
Address: 5-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11: 00-19: 00 Closed on Mondays * Closed on the following Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday

■ About Ginza Sony Park

Ginza Sony Park inherited the concept of "a facility open to the city" from the beginning of the former Sony Building, and opened on August 9, 2018 for a limited time before rebuilding the Sony Building. It is an "experimental park that keeps changing" in the city, where various events and live programs that make you feel surprised and playful throughout the year are held, and it becomes a "vertical three-dimensional park" with an atrium in the basement. I am. The park will be open until the end of September 2021. After that, rebuilding work will proceed, and in 2025, the "final form" of Ginza Sony Park will be completed.

Ginza Sony Park Official Website / SNS Account

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Efforts to prevent infection and requests to customers

In order to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff, we are implementing infection prevention and diffusion prevention measures in the park. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

・ Please wear a mask in the park.
・ Please refrain from entering the park if you have a fever or feel unwell.
・ Please cooperate with hand sanitizer when entering the park.
・ Please cooperate in securing the space between customers.
・ Please use at intervals in the elevator or escalator.

・ Install your rubbing alcohol.
・ The hand dryer in the toilet is stopped.
-Strengthen disinfection and ventilation of areas with frequent contact such as handrails and doorknobs.
・ Staff will wear masks, measure temperature before going to work, gargle frequently, wash hands, and disinfect hands.