“Inclusion Festival 2021 Autumn” will be held in Yurakucho Marui. September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)

Yurakucho Marui will hold "Inclusion Festival 2021 Autumn" with various experience booths and special exhibitions.

■ Message from Yurakucho Marui "Inclusive Festival 2021 Autumn" is an option for customers to realize a better lifestyle through "inclusive" initiatives carried out at each shop in Yurakucho Marui and various exhibitions and events. It is an event where you can discover and experience. We hope that each and every one of you will discover and experience it through the inclusion festival, which will be a good opportunity for both our customers and the earth.
Furthermore, regarding the "Inclusion Festival 2021 Autumn", we have posted the activity details on the Yurakucho Marui website so that you can see the event.
We hope that more people will be interested in the inclusion festival and discover something.

Main contents of "Inclusion Festival 2021 Autumn"・ Exhibition of efforts to create the future together with future generations and efforts in the facilities of Yurakucho Marui ・ Inclusive efforts of the shop are explained in an easy-to-understand manner with "booklets" and "videos"・ Holding a limited-time event that can only be met at “Inclusion Festival 2021 Autumn” ・ Experience and experience the efforts at each event booth on the spot through insta-lives, etc. Click here for details on “Inclusion Festival 2021 Autumn” →

■ Shop initiatives / event booth introduction << Theme / Creating the future with future generations >>

Bunka Gakuen University

[Bunka Gakuen University]
What is the collected clothing? Thinking about SDGs from the clothing exchange meeting <br /> Bunka Gakuen University students will exhibit a panel display of the state of "EjoiN" held by Bunka Gakuen University in July 2021 and the analysis result of the collected data I will introduce it in.
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 2F Eslator Kaside

Bunka Fashion College

[Bunka Fashion College]
We will exhibit works planned and produced by students of Bunka Fashion College's apparel design department using denim that is scheduled to be discarded by apparel brand EDWIN.
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 3F Escalator side

Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin

[Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin]
Middle / High School (4F)
Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University (7F)
Efforts of SDGs <br /> We will introduce the activities of Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin regarding SDGs in the panel exhibition.
Holding period: 4th floor September 9th (Thursday) -September 26th (Sunday)
7F September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 4F, 7F Each escalator side


Think Colorful Draw Our Future
Introducing efforts to create a major movement from Shonan to the world.
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 5F Escalator side

《Theme ・ Creating happiness for each person together》


PLUS IDEAL Pumps Ordering Party <br /> Semi-ordered, a wide variety of sizes, left and right can be handled. You can find the size that suits you.
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 2F Fit Salon by Rakuchin Beautiful Shoes

May ii

[May ii]
Learn SDGs with the May ii app
We are delivering contents that SDGs can learn with the app! For details, please contact the booth.
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 4F Escalator side cooperating company: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Sustainable Department

[Sustainable Department]
Bringing an unprecedented experience to a new world of exhibitions <br /> "Manufacturing" is based on the premise of sustainability. Please feel the feeling of "manufacturing" of brands and craftsmen.
Date: September 1st (Wednesday) -September 30th (Thursday)
Venue: 7F Special Venue


This heat is unusual! Would you like to get hot for the future?
su-re.co is a company based in Bali, Indonesia, aiming to realize a sustainable and environmentally friendly society. Introducing su-re.co, which works to solve climate change and poverty problems of farmers through the production and sale of coffee and chocolate. You may find what you can do here for the coming 2030.
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 7F Everyone's Order by VISARUNO


Diversity Salon by keuzes
We will exhibit a variety of gender products and services, and hold a salon where you can talk with the cast members who change daily.
Holding period: September 10th (Friday) to 12th (Sunday)
Venue: 7F Everyone's Order by VISARUNO

<< Creating a theme / co-creation platform >>

Everyone power

[Everyone power]
Would you like to start living an earth-friendly life?
A corner that introduces the Marui Group's efforts toward the global environment. We will guide you in an easy-to-understand manner about "Everyone's power" that provides "face-to-face power".
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 4th floor special venue


"Q-SUI", a service for eliminating PET bottle waste
From familiar things, from what you can do. Would you like to start a plastic-free life with Q-SUI?
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 4th floor special venue

vee ga boo

[Vee ga boo]
Introducing the vegan sweets eating comparison BOX <br /> Introducing our service. Follow us on Instagram for delicious gifts!
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 5th floor special venue


Skeletal style diagnosis <br /> We diagnose the skeletal type from the texture of the body and the characteristics of the line, and propose a style that suits the body.
Holding period: September 11th (Sat) and 13th (Mon)
Holding time: 12: 30 ~ ・ 14: 00 ~ ・ 15: 30 ~ ・ 17: 00 ~
Venue: 2F Doreni * Reservations can be made from the Doreni website → https://dreni-0101.resv.jp/?x=1630718408
* Free entry fee

Samantha green

[Samantha Green]
Based on the concept of "comfort of the natural body", a new line of environmentally friendly fashion, we will develop clothing and miscellaneous goods using materials that use natural materials and discarded foods as dyes.
Date: September 13th (Monday) -October 8th (Friday)
Venue: 1F Calendarium

Ross Flower Exhibition

[Loss Flower Exhibition]
Collaboration production using loss flowers by RIN Co., Ltd. and Yurakucho Marui <br /> The flowers that were scheduled to be discarded due to the cancellation of the event and the paper that was also scheduled to be discarded were newly redesigned and revived in an exciting space. ..
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 1F Entrance Sponsor: RIN Co., Ltd.

Our future starting with food

[Our future starting from food]
Inclusion x Entrepreneur who spins future generations feat. taliki
~ Our future starting from food ~

Five future generation entrepreneurs working to solve social issues will open a joint pop-up shop for a limited time under the production of taliki.
Holding period: September 10th (Friday) to September 12th (Sunday)
Venue: 1F Calendarium Sponsoring company: taliki Co., Ltd.
Companies opening: ① Bui Cook ② Kazamidori ③ Lavist Tokyo ④ D-Link Straw ⑤ Moreing

5PM Journal

[5PM Journal]
Introducing "# Brands that you want to teach someone" We will select and introduce brands that are full of commitment and make things that make you say "I wanted this!"
Date: September 9th (Thursday) -September 15th (Wednesday)
Venue: 5th floor special venue

This finger is rare!

[This finger is rare! ]
Future-oriented community platform provided by Marui Group
A limited number of friction ballpoint pens will be given to those who follow Twitter!
Date: September 11th (Sat) 11: 00-19: 30
Venue: In front of the front entrance on the 1st floor

This finger is rare! Click here for site URL and Twitter
https://twitter.com/maruigroup (Twitter)

■ In-store smartphone stamp rally

Collect checkpoint stamps and get special coupons that can be used inside the Yurakucho Marui store.
Download the app on your smartphone and start the stamp rally.
If you collect 3 stamps out of 5 categories, "Protect everyone's opportunities", "Protect limited resources", "Know the richness of life", "Protect everyone's life", and "Protect everyone's environment", 5,000 yen or more including tax We will give you a special coupon for 500 yen that you can use for shopping!

Date: September 9th (Thursday) to 15th (Wednesday)
Coupon exchange place: 1F service counter * Click here for details

▼ Yurakucho Marui
* Business hours are subject to change. Please check the above website for the latest information ▼ Marui

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