Shikawa Food Bread Arrangement Contest Held in Ginza! !!

The theme of the 3rd session is "Autumn of appetite has arrived! Seasonal taste arrangement to enjoy autumn"

Ginza Hitoshikawa Co., Ltd., which develops high-quality bread "Ginza ni Shikawa" that sticks to water, is recruiting general bread arrangement recipes using plenty of seasonal ingredients harvested in the autumn of fruit "3rd Ginza ni Shikawa" "Bread Arrangement Contest" will be held from September 13th (Monday) to 26th (Sunday).

In addition, this time, we will welcome Nayoko Kobayashi, whose bread art and arrangements are introduced in many TV programs, as a special judge.

At a later date, the winners of the "Best Award" and the "Autumn Feeling Award" and "I Want to Manage Award" will be selected, and the arrangement of the winners will be announced on the official Instagram account (@ginza_nishikawa). Prizes are also available for the winners. We are looking forward to many applications from you.

Shikawa's "high-class bread that sticks to water" in Ginza has a slight sweetness, and you can eat it as it is without adding anything, but Japanese delicacies such as kinpira burdock with a little saltiness and sweetness You can also enjoy sweets arrangements that make the most of. Depending on the arrangement, it is a bread that can be enjoyed endlessly, not only for breakfast, but also for snacks and snacks for sake.

This time, we will also introduce a bread arrangement recipe using seasonal ingredients devised by Nayoko Kobayashi to enjoy autumn.

Nayoko Kobayashi <br /> Food Art Coordinator / Cook / JSA Icing Cookie Lecturer
Toast art has been attracting attention since 2017, and arrangements have been introduced in numerous TV programs and magazines.
Instagram: @ nayoko054

Outline of "3rd Ginza ni Shikawa Food Bread Arrangement Contest"

■ Theme ■
"Autumn of appetite has arrived! Seasonal taste arrangement to enjoy autumn"

■ Recruitment period ■
September 13, 2021 (Monday) -September 26, 2021 (Sunday) * Multiple applications are possible during the period

■ How to participate ■
① Follow the official Instagram account (@ginza_nishikawa)
(2) Post an arrangement image, recipe (ingredients and how to make), and points of arrangement using high-quality bread that sticks to Shikawa's water in Ginza.

* Posting on story reels is not applicable. Only for feed posts.
* Private accounts are not eligible for selection.
* Only for postings from personal accounts.

■ Selection criteria ■
A recipe that goes well with Shikawa's bread in Ginza, which is easy to manage, using easily available ingredients.

■ Winning announcement ■
From the applicants, the "Best Award" and the "Autumn Feeling Award" and "I Want to Manet Award" are selected as category awards.
The arrangement of the winners will be introduced on the official Instagram.
The "Best Award" will be given a bread knife and bread slicer , the "Autumn Feeling Award" will be given a toast plate and a standing jam spoon , and the "I want to imitate award" will be given a cut butter case. Winners will be contacted via Instagram DM at a later date.

■ Inquiries about the contest ■
Shikawa Contest Secretariat in Ginza

"Seasonal taste arrangement to enjoy autumn" devised by Nayoko Kobayashi Bread arrangement recipe

① Persimmon and fig toast

■ Materials (for one sheet)

・ One piece of high-quality bread that sticks to water (cut into 6 pieces)
・ 1 persimmon ・ 1 fig ・ 2 tablespoons whipped cream
・ Vanilla ice cream favorite ・ Mixed nuts appropriate amount ・ 2 pieces of mint

■ How to make ① Slice the persimmon and fig into thin slices.
② Apply whipped cream to the bread.
③ Arrange the persimmons in a circle.
④ Place the fig in the shape of a flower in the middle.
⑤ Place ice cream in the middle of the flower-shaped fig.
⑥ Finally, decorate with mixed nuts and mint.

■ Points and taste <br /> Persimmons and figs can be arranged like roses for a beautiful finish. You can enjoy the melting ice cream and fluffy bread with a cake-like taste ♪

② Sweet potato and red bean paste toast

■ Materials (for one sheet)

・ One piece of high-quality bread that sticks to water (cut into 6 pieces)
・ Sweet potato 200g
・ Milk 50ml
・ 1 tablespoon sugar
・ 3 tablespoons of red bean paste
・ A pinch of black sesame

■ How to make ① Wrap sweet potatoes in wet kitchen paper and heat in a microwave oven at 500W for 6 to 10 minutes.
② Mix the heated sweet potatoes, milk and sugar with a food processor.
③ ② and anko are put in each piping bag.
④ Alternately squeeze sweet potatoes and red bean paste into bread.
⑤ Finally, decorate the sweet potato cream with black sesame seeds.

■ Point / Taste <br /> Sweet potato cream is a simple cream that you just mix, so you can use it with a whipper. When sprinkled with sesame seeds and roasted, it tastes like sweet potatoes and Japanese-style Mont Blanc!

Shikawa in Ginza "High-class bread that sticks to water" 1 loaf 2 loaves / 864 yen (tax included)

There is only one type of "high-quality bread that sticks to water" in Ginza. At Shikawa in Ginza, we consider water to be one of the most important raw materials. Originally, alkaline ionized water is said to be unsuitable for making bread because it does not easily lead to yeast activity.

On the other hand, it is said that it has a high effect of bringing out the umami of the material, so Shikawa has repeated research in Ginza and uses originally developed alkaline ionized water with an increased pH value as the water to be charged. By doing so, the taste of the material is maximized, and the elegant sweetness and softness to the ears are realized, and the texture is smooth and moist like silk.

It is handed in a high-class paper bag that is reminiscent of the taste of a Ginza restaurant, so it is ideal as a gift for those who are indebted or a small reward for yourself.

Shikawa Ginza Main Store in Ginza <br /> Address: 1-27-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Cabinet Building 1F
Business hours: 10: 00-18: 00 (finished as soon as sold out)
Regular holiday: Irregular holiday Contact: 03-6263-2400
In addition to telephone reservations, we also accept online reservations (excluding some stores) from our website. Please check the website for store information nationwide.

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