[Marronnier Gate Ginza] “Ginza Honey Fair” will be held from September 18th (Sat) to October 3rd (Sun)! Marronnier Gate Ginza 1 20 rare “Ginza honey” limited menu items from the rooftop beekeeper

Marronnier Gate Ginza, a commercial facility in Ginza, will hold the "Ginza Honey Fair" from September 18th (Sat) to October 3rd (Sun).

Marronnier Gate Ginza is working on rooftop greening and local production for local consumption, and also breeds honeybees. At the "Ginza Honey Fair" presented by 19 Marronnier Gate Ginza stores, we will offer an original menu for a limited time using honey from the rooftop. In addition, a flower arrangement of ping pong mum (chrysanthemum) with cute bees arranged from UNIQLO TOKYO (Marronnier Gate Ginza 2.1F-4F) is now available! From Japanese, Western and ethnic dishes to desserts, drinks and flower arrangements, please enjoy the collaboration with Ginza honey that you can only meet here.

* To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the business hours of Marronnier Gate Ginza 1, 2, and 3 are subject to change. Please check the website for the latest information. In addition, depending on the store, the offer time may change or it may be temporarily closed.
* Please note that this campaign may be canceled.

◆ Menu details * All prices include tax * The price will end as soon as there are no more products.

□ Marronnier Gate Ginza 1

10F Thai Food / Jim Thompson's Table Thailand

Fruit and yogurt smoothie bowl with Ginza honey (1,155 yen) 🕙 Dinner time

Smoothies to eat. Yogurt smoothie with colorful fruits and fruit sauce makes it sweet and refreshing.

10F Cheese Dining / Cheese Kitchen Lacre Ginza

Quattro Formaggio (1,650 yen)

Quattro Formaggio and Ginza honey go great together.

10F French Cuisine / Brasserie Paul Bocuse Ginza

Nougat glasse of honey "GINPACHI" made in Ginza Limited to 20 dishes a day (1,320 yen)

Enjoy GINPACHI, which has a light and elegant taste, with the first bite raw, the second bite with nuts, and the third bite with chocolate sauce.

11F ・ Vietnamese food / Vietnam Alice

Honey butter nuts Vietnamese chicken curry (1,200 yen)

Vietnamese chicken curry flavored with several kinds of nuts and coconut milk soaked in plenty of honey.

11F ・ Samgyeopsal / Samgyeopsal and vegetables

Honey cheese chijimi (660 yen) 🕙 Dinner time

It is a premium dish with honey added to the popular cheese pancake.

11F Asian Ethnic / Singapore Seafood Republic

Ginza honey Malaysian steamed castella with vanilla ice cream (780 yen)

Using Ginza honey, which is characterized by its refreshing sweetness, it is finished in a Malaysian steamed castella with a gentle taste. Served with vanilla ice cream specially made by pastry chef.

12F ・ Chicken dish ・ Sake / Yakitori Toribonchi

Teppan honey cheese tomato grilled (385 yen) & Ginza honey cream brulee (495 yen) 6 meals a day / 🕙 Dinner time

◆ Teppan honey cheese tomato grilled Cheese and tomatoes are wrapped on an iron plate, and enjoy the harmony of acidity and sweetness accented with Ginza honey.

◆ Ginza Honey Cream Brulee This is a homemade cream brulee made with Ginza honey.

12F, steamed shabu-shabu, shabu-shabu dishes / Ginza shabu-shabu favorite bamboo grass

Japanese-style escabeche of autumnal sea bream and autumn vegetables using Ginza honey (provided as a prelude to the course) 🕙 Dinner time

Autumn leaves sea bream and vegetables, which are in season in autumn, are pickled in Nanban with the refreshing natural sweetness and flavorful aroma of Ginza honey.

12F ・ Hitsumabushi / Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho

Grilled chicken thigh with honey miso (880 yen) / 10 meals a day only

Soft chicken thigh with honey and miso, grilled over charcoal. This is a limited quantity product that has been well received at the Ginza Honey Fair every year.

12F ・ Sushi Tempura Seafood Heavy / Fukui Nokishin Saba Kaido

Grilled potato pudding with honey (880 yen) / 5 meals a day only

A pudding made by slowly baking seasonal sweet potatoes in an oven and combining them with soy milk and milk. You can enjoy it deliciously by sprinkling honey at the end.

12F, Japanese food / Edo-mae meat cooking Miyashita

Grilled pork-honey scent- (1,000 yen) 🕙 Dinner time

The tasty roast pork is soaked in honey sauce to add sweetness and aroma.

□ Marronnier Gate Ginza 2


Honeybee Arrangement (990 yen)

You can enjoy ping pong mum (chrysanthemum) with cute bees arranged in your room with seasonal flowers.
* The flowers used may vary depending on the arrival of goods.

B2F Bakery & Cake Shop / Boulangerie Patisserie Vigo

Honey Lemon (378 yen) / Limited to 10 pieces per day Ginza Honey Florentine (864 yen) / Limited to 10 pieces per day

◆ Honey Remon Ginza Lemon peel is added to the dough kneaded with honey. Please enjoy the refreshing sweetness.

◆ Florentine of Ginza honey Using Ginza honey, we baked the traditional French confectionery "Florentine" with rich flavor. Please enjoy the taste for a limited time.

B2F / Smoothie / Cleanse Bowl / Baby Bure

Sesamin Black (600 yen)

We use honey from Ginza. We have created a simple smoothie so that you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients.

B2F / Brown rice set meal / sakura restaurant

Nostalgic hardened pudding (480 yen) Basque cheese cake (580 yen) / Limited to 5 pieces each day

We will serve the standard dessert of sakura restaurant with Ginza honey for a limited time.

B2F / Vietnamese noodles / comfour

Mascarpone ice honey sauce (250 yen)

The richness of mascarpone is further enhanced by the sweetness of Ginza honey.

B2F Gelato Herbal Tea / Luciano Bio Ginza

Ginza Honey Lemon (550 yen) / Limited to 50 per day

I matched the honey from Ginza with lemon and milk. Enjoy the flavor of honey and the refreshing scent of lemon.

B2F / Salad Bowl Specialty Store / With Green

Special sauce bon bon chicken salad (1,000 yen to 1,250 yen)

A low-sugar bon bon chicken salad with sauce mixed with soy sauce-based Ginza honey and chicken breast.

B2F / Japanese tea specialty Tea Café

Ginza honey milk tea (takeout: 507 yen / eat-in: 517 yen)

Japanese tea milk tea with luxurious Ginza honey. The mellow tea leaves enhance the flavor of Ginza honey.

◆ About "Honey in Ginza"

The honey from the "Ginza Honey Fair" was made by the bees in the hive on the roof of Marronnier Gate Ginza 1 this summer. We collect nectar from the flowers of Enju, a roadside tree that blooms in summer. I also go to the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park to look for delicious honey.
http://www.gin-pachi.jp/ (Non-profit organization Ginza Bee Project)

Facility overview [name]
Marronnier Gate Ginza 1
2-2-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
【business hours】
Fashion floor 11: 00-20: 00 * However, until 19:00 on Sundays and public holidays.
Tokyu Hands Floor 11: 00-20: 00 * However, until 19:00 on Sundays and public holidays.
Restaurant floor 11: 00-20: 00 * Alcoholic beverages are not served at restaurants.
* Business hours are subject to change according to the state of emergency and the guidelines of Tokyo.
* Please note that some stores may be temporarily closed or shortened business hours.
【closing day】
Irregular holidays [Access]
JR Yamanote Line / Keihin Tohoku Line "Yurakucho" Station 4 minutes walk from Central Exit Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Ginza 1-chome" Station Exit 4 2 minutes walk Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Ginza Line / Hibiya Line "Ginza" Station Exit C8 3 minutes walk from [Operating company]
Mitsubishi Estate Property Management Co., Ltd.

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