Classical French “French restaurant eclair Ginza”, which offers modern casual style in the 1960s, opens in Yurakucho!

-Restaurant that supports the Japanese economy-

Mother JAPAN Co., Ltd., which operates restaurants, opened the classical French restaurant "eclair Ginza" in the 1960s, when the Japanese economy developed rapidly, on September 20, 2021 (Monday) in Yurakucho 1-chome. I did.

* The "e" in "eclair" is the official notation with an acute accent (´).

"Eclair Ginza":

Inside view 2nd floor


■ Store features

<Classical French in the 1960s>

A shop that offers classical French cuisine in the 1960s, when the Japanese economy developed rapidly in order to encourage Japan to rejuvenate in the wake of the biggest economic plunge in Corona after the war. We also offer non-alcoholic cocktails to those who are not good at wine because the bartender is full-time.

<For dates and anniversaries>

We will plan a date plan that suits each customer. We will have a meeting with the planning planner in advance to produce a special meal date. In addition, there is also a course where you can use esthetics and personal training before meals, so you can hone your body and have a date or anniversary.

■ Store Overview Store Name: eclair Ginza Opening Date: September 20, 2021 (Monday)
Location: 〒100-0006 1-2-9 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Ogawa Building 1st floor 2nd floor Access: Hibiya Line "Hibiya" station 3 minutes walk, Yurakucho line "Yurakucho" station 3 minutes walk Business hours: Mon-Sat 11 30: 00-27: 00
Lunch 11: 30-14: 00 Last order Dinner 17: 00-19: 00 Last order
BAR time 21: 00-27: 00
Regular holiday: Sunday Number of seats: 40 seats

■ Company profile Trade name: Mother JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yukie Ichikawa, Representative Director Location: 4-3-15-101 Higashiizumi, Komae-shi, Tokyo 201-0014
Established: August 2021 Business: Food and beverage management company

[Inquiries from customers regarding stores]
eclair Ginza charge: Ichikawa
TEL: 080-8910-6212
Inquiry Form: