Founded in the 44th year of the Meiji era. Wakayama’s fruit-only farmer’s popular parfait Tokyo expansion first store “Kannonyama Fruit Parlor Ginza store opened! 』

First store in Tokyo! A fruit parfait provided by a fruit farmer who is particular about fruits. Energize customers and regions with fruits.

Kankoen Co., Ltd. is an agricultural corporation that has been in the Satoyama area of Kishu for six generations since its founding in 1884, and is an agricultural corporation that consistently handles everything from fruit production to processing and sales.

The fruit parlor main store attached to the farm has been bustling every day and has become a tourist attraction in Wakayama prefecture. Knowing that, "I want everyone in the world to know more about these fruits and the charm of agriculture." Will open in Ginza on October 18, 2021 (Monday).

This time, in the center of Japan called Ginza, which is the first store in Tokyo, we will tell you about the charm of these fruits born from the rural areas of Wakayama, not just "fruits" but "fruit language", and agriculture has declined in recent years. Achieving goodness in six directions (creator, seller, buyer, world, earth, future) in the sixth industry (primary industry x secondary industry x tertiary industry) that consistently performs from production to sales in the midst of the crisis We will energize our customers and the region with fruits so that we can do it.

■ Overview of Kannonyama Fruit Parlor

(Wakayama Main Store)

Our garden is a fruit farmer who has been working on agriculture since 1884 and has continued for six generations in Wakayama. Until 15 years ago, I was only cultivating as a fruit farmer, but I started working on the processing business with the desire to revitalize local agriculture.
In addition, we have switched from the conventional wholesale market shipping to online sales to individual customers, and now we are expanding our sales channels nationwide to connect with more than 200,000 customers, contract restaurants, department stores, etc. It came to be. Furthermore, we are expanding our sales channels not only in Japan but also overseas.

(Ginza store exterior perspective view)

In April 2018, we set up a fruit parlor in the park with the idea that "I want you to know the deliciousness of freshly picked fruits. I want more customers to know about agriculture. I want to make my hometown more energetic." Fruit Kingdom We offer fruit parfaits that use plenty of seasonal fruits from Wakayama, and are now one of the tourist attractions in Wakayama. I learned that "fruits make people of all ages smile even more by reborn as sweets, not just raw materials." We have been developing multiple stores, thinking, "I want everyone in the world to know the power of these fruits. I want to convey the power of fruits and the charm of agriculture to more people." (Currently 7 stores).

(Ginza store interior perspective view)

In the center of Japan called Ginza, which is the first store in Tokyo this time, I would like to convey the charm of these fruits born from the rural areas of Wakayama, not just "fruits" but "fruit language". increase.
In recent years, in the crisis of declining agriculture, we feel that we can make the most of the attractiveness of the industry in the sixth industry (primary industry x secondary industry x tertiary industry). , Sellers, buyers, the world, the earth, the future) We will energize our customers and regions with fruits so that we can achieve good results.

■ Menu

Farm parfait of seasonal fruits from Wakayama prefecture <br /> We used seasonal fruits from Wakayama prefecture luxuriously. Just as the seasons change, so do the fruits used. Enjoy seasonal fruits, including Kannonyama fruits, made with great care by neighboring farmers in Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture. Price: 1,980 yen

Kannonyama Lemon Farm Pafe from Wakayama Prefecture <br /> A refreshing parfait that luxuriously uses our representative fruit "Kannonyama Lemon". "Murang", "Peel", "Jam", "Zest", "Sliced syrup pickled", "Nachrun jelly honey lemon flavor" using Kannonyama lemon, which has a track record of imperial offering, tea jelly, fresh cream, soft Please enjoy the harmony that combines cream etc. while stirring a little. Price: 1,890 yen

Wakayama Prefecture Fluffy Toro Ichijiku Parfait

Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture, has the highest production of Ichijiku in Japan by municipality! We use luxuriously freshly picked ripe strawberry from the large production area of ichijiku. First of all, enjoy the chocolate-covered baked confectionery topped with additive-free dry ichijiku manufactured by our own studio, raw ichijiku, homemade ichijiku ice cream, and also ichijiku fruit jam jam manufactured by our own studio. So, please enjoy the taste of autumn. Price: 2,390 yen

Four kinds of persimmon flower parfait from Wakayama prefecture <br /> Wakayama prefecture has the largest shipment of persimmons in Japan! Enjoy the difference in taste by luxuriously using the king of persimmons "Taiki persimmon", the black color "Kinokawa persimmon", and the persimmon color "Hiratanenashi persimmon". In addition, the half-lived dried persimmon fruit "Anpo persimmon" is placed in the center. Feel the autumn even more with homemade marble ice cream of matcha and roasted tea, matcha cookies, and the last fun matcha pudding. Price: 2,390 yen

Seasonal fruit waffle from Wakayama prefecture <br /> This is also a luxurious use of fruits from Wakayama prefecture. The topping lemon jam uses "Kannonyama Taoyaka Lemon Jam", and the waffle fabric uses "Kannonyama Hyakuhana Ryoran Honey" from the flowers that bloomed in Noyama, Wakayama Prefecture. Please enjoy the harmony of the fragrant waffle dough and the freshness of the fruit. Price: 1,690 yen

Seasonal fruit sand <br /> Handmade fruit sand using seasonal fruits from Wakayama prefecture. I also use bread that goes well with fruits and whipped cream. Enjoy the harmony of fresh fruit, rich whipped cream, and the texture of bread. Price: 1,490 yen

100% tangerine juice "Torokoku squeezed"
Kannonyama Mikan 100% straight mikan juice. After peeling the outer skin, it is squeezed by the "chopper pulper method" that finely crushes the inner skin, and it has a rich and thick taste full of dietary fiber. Price: 750 yen

Mikan Farm Cider <br /> A cider that luxuriously uses 51% of Kannonyama Mikan 100% straight mikan juice "Torokoku Shibori". The sugar used is beet granulated sugar from Hokkaido. Since it is rich and strongly carbonated, it is not too thick and you can enjoy it to the fullest. Price: 590 yen

■ Store Overview <br /> Name: Kannonyama Fruit Parlor Ginza Store Residence: 4-10-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 (Tokyu Stay Ginza 1F)
Phone number: 03-6264-2684
Business start: October 18, 2021 (Monday)
Business hours: 11:00 to 19:00 (last order 18:30)
(Except for regular holidays / year-end and New Year holidays)
・ 1 minute walk from Exit A2 of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway “Higashi Ginza Station” ・ 3 minutes walk from Exit A7 of Tokyo Metro “Ginza Station”

■ Company Profile <br /> Norio Kodama, Representative Director of Kannonyama Fruit Garden Co., Ltd. 3186-126 Kogawa, Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture, 649-6531
Phone: 0120-593-262 (free dial) FAX: 0120-593-265 (free dial)
URL head office: https //
URL Fruit Parlor:
Trade name: Agricultural corporation Kyokaen Co., Ltd.

■ Business content

<Cultivation business>
Due to the shortage of cultivated area due to the increase in customers, we received about 8.0 ha of abandoned cultivated land, and we cultivated a total of 14 ha (about 3.5 times that of Tokyo Dome) mainly of citrus fruits. We are borrowing from other producers and increasing the area every year. We are also focusing on new farming measures, and more than 20 people are on the road to agriculture after training at our garden.

<Major in-house cultivated products>
Mikan, Lemon, Shiranui, Ponkan, Harumi, Lime, Grapefruit, Mikan, Mikan Flower Honey, Potted Lemon Tree, Persimmon and many more. We purchase a wide variety of fruits from nearby consignment growers (about 300).

<Processing business>
About 15 years ago, we set up a processing department to manufacture processed fruit products because we wanted to make effective use of fruits that are not good in appearance but delicious in the contents, which would lead to an increase in the income of farmers. The main processed products are several kinds of jams, curds (lemon, yuzu, lime), various dried fruits, mandarin orange juice (brand name: Torokoku), mandarin orange cider, etc., jellies (brand name: Nachrun), etc. ..

<Sales business>
The local city of Kinokawa is unrivaled in the variety of fruits from other production areas, but there is no variety that can become a national brand in the wholesale market due to the lack of production of each variety due to the dispersion of varieties. However, the variety can be developed advantageously in the seasonal parfait sold online and in the fruit parlor, and in 2003, "Kannonyama" was registered as a trademark. Under this trademark, we aim to be a representative of fruit brands.