[Ginza Mitsukoshi] Connected daily style-GINZA FASHION WEEK

October 20, 2021 (Wednesday) -November 2, 2021 (Tuesday) Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building / New Building

"GINZA FASHION WEEK" that energizes Japan with fashion from Ginza. This time, which is the 18th time, Ginza Mitsukoshi and Matsuya Ginza, Wako, Tokyu Plaza, GINZA SIX, and Ginza Belvia Pavilion will collaborate to hold joint projects and SNS projects under the common theme of "connecting". ..

This year's Ginza Mitsukoshi is in line with the theme of "connecting", and will energize this time when the distance between the hearts and the fun of fashion are distance. It's packed with items that will make you feel better, items that convey your feelings, and special projects that are full of charm that you want to incorporate right away!

・ A wonderful encounter that moves your heart.

This is a special project that you can enjoy at fashionable items and stores that connect the hearts of family, friends, and loved ones.

Beauty lessons to find yourself <br /> Through personal color advice, suggestions for point makeup that matches the color type, and lessons, beauty advisors will make each customer realize what they want to be.

<Ginza Beaute Concierge> Personal Color Advice & Point Makeup Lesson ■ Period: October 23 (Sat), 24 (Sun), 30 (Sat), 31 (Sun)
■ Time: 11:00 am ~ / 3:00 pm ~ each day
■ Time required: Approximately 120 minutes each time ■ Price: 6,600 yen ■ Capacity: 1 person each time ■ Reception place: Ginza Beaute Concierge Counter on the 1st basement floor of the main building ■ Reservation start date: From 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 13 ■ Reservation / Inquiries: Ginza Beaute Concierge Counter 03-3535-9204 Direct

A delicious gift that brings you closer <br /> A colorful package of chocolate and a wine pair carefully selected by the stylist is a perfect gift. Combined with fragrant foam … A luxurious taste of 40% cacao milk chocolate and a mellow champagne aged for 6 years.

Right: <Ta Milano> Milk chocolate (made in Italy / 50g) 1,080 yen
36 points left: Champagne Castelno Reserve (Made in Italy / White foam / 750ml) 6,050 yen ■ Sales period: October 20th (Wednesday) -October 26th (Tuesday)
■ Main Building B3F La Cave * Drinking by people under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.

・ New & Update connected by Ginza Mitsukoshi

We will introduce items that connect the past and the present, such as new autumn works, reprinted models from the brand archive, and goods that have evolved by breathing new life, from Ginza, the epidemic of fashion.

New Face born from connection <br /> A collaboration between fashion print brand <Mannine>, which handles unique textiles, and pouch brand <Artisan and Artist>. The "HAIR MAKEUP STYLIST" drawn for this time is very cute for the cats who are preparing to go out.

<Artisan and Artist> x <Mannain>
Left: Pouch (Outer material: Polyester / Lining: Nylon / Approx. W12 x H9 x D2 cm) 4,620 yen * This item can also be purchased at the Mitsukoshi Isetan online store.
Right: Pouch (Outer material: Polyester / Lining: Nylon / Approx. W15 x H5 x D8 cm) 5,500 yen * This item can also be purchased at the Mitsukoshi Isetan online store.
■ Fashion items on the 1st floor of the main building

[Event | mannine print festa]
Announcing a new work that will be the first collaboration with the pouch brand <Artisan and Artist>. Please look forward to the two-day <Mannine> designer's visit.
■ October 20th (Wednesday) -October 26th (Tuesday) 11:00 am to 6:00 pm each day * Designer visit date and time: October 20th (Wednesday) and 23rd (Saturday)
■ Fashion items on the 1st floor of the main building

・ What you want to give to yourself in the future

Hair and makeup are also one of fashion. Introducing cosmetics that will make the future a little more beautiful and fashionable and gentle items with ethical thinking.

The essence of beauty that affirms what it is <br /> Fashionable fun is only possible with a beautiful body. Based on the basic nutrition test and the diet / lifestyle questionnaire, we will provide the nutrients necessary for each person's body in one pack.

<FANCL> Personal One from 4,000 yen ■ October 20th (Wednesday) -October 26th (Tuesday)
■ GINZA Stage on the 1st basement floor of the main building * The image is an example of the product.

A new story that begins at your feet <br /> A lineup of shoes with a new eco-friendly design that uses 100% recycled yarn made from PET bottles. With sophisticated visuals that are perfect for both casual and office styles, you can play an active role in any scene.

Left: Pumps (Black / 22.5-26 cm) 15,400 yen Right: Pumps (Camel & Black / 22.5-26 cm) 15,950 yen
■ Promotion on the 1st floor of the main building

Based on the concept of lightweight and gentle comfort, we will develop ethical shoes using "non-mulling wool" that is cut without damaging the recycled fiber or the body of the sheep.
■ October 20th (Wednesday) -November 2nd (Tuesday)
■ Promotion on the 1st floor of the main building

An ethical piece that you want to wear now <br /> Stretch denim pants made from recycled yarn and denim fabric made from recycled polyester. Enjoy eco-friendly fashion with eco-pants.

Hyperflex Re-used denim (78% cotton, 18% polyester, 4% polyurethane / 28-36) 35,200 yen
Limited to 10 points ■ Replay on the 6th floor of the main building

・ Send "connecting trends" from Ginza!

Ginza Mitsukoshi stylists will propose trend coordination based on the concept of "connecting", the theme of this "GINZA FASHION WEEK", from the official SNS account that sends out the items you want to recommend now. Introducing a wide variety of unique items such as "earth tones" that have reigned as trend colors in recent years and those that convey your own style.

Seasonal styling that incorporates the leading items <br /> Select a double-faced trench coat with a checkered pattern that symbolizes this season's <hike>. A handsome style with a coat that has a perfect balance between modern and classic and a white shirt with a simple stand-up collar.

■ 4th of GINZA on the 4th floor of the main building
* Ginza Mitsukoshi 4th floor 4th of GINZA official account https://www.instagram.com/4th_of_ginza_ginmitsu/
* The image is a reference product.

The decisive factor in styling is the use of miscellaneous goods!
The compact hair arrangement fits the popular voluminous coordination this season as well. We will create sophisticated styling with Katyusha, which makes simple arrangements look trendy, and hair accessories that are perfect for accenting ponytails.

■ Main Building 1st Floor Costume Accessories / Hair Accessories * Ginza Mitsukoshi 1st Floor / GROUND FLOOR Official Account https://www.instagram.com/ginza_mitsukoshi_ground_flo
※The image is an image.

・ Ginza 6 stores common event

Chance Flower Walk ~ Chance Flower Walk ~
"Chance flowers" are flowers that are not normally on the market because of their sparse stem length and flower size. With the cooperation of <hanane>, which handles many events using flowers, we have prepared unique flowers with different expressions one by one at 6 commercial facilities in Ginza. Please enjoy collecting chance flowers while strolling around the city of Ginza.

■ October 30th (Sat) and 31st (Sun)
■ Participation fee: From 100 yen ■ Reception: Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 9th floor Ginza Terrace

* All proceeds from the sales of Chance Flower Walk include overseas medical activities, a wide range of activities such as support for children with childhood cancer in Japan and disaster support, medical supplies support for the new coronavirus, and medical workers. It will be donated to the activities of "Japan Heart, a specified non-profit activity corporation" that also dispatches and prevents the spread of infection.

Instagram application project "Campaign to recruit thoughts to connect from Ginza"
We are looking for memories of everyone who regularly patronizes the city of Ginza! Please send us an episode about Ginza that you would like to connect to the future.

# ginzafashionweek2021 #Ginza Fashion Week 2021 #Connect in Ginza #Connect #Campaign #Present #Souvenir #Ginza Mitsukoshi #Matsuya Ginza #Wako #Tokyo Plaza Please post with a hash tag such as Ginza.

■ October 20th (Wednesday) -November 2nd (Tuesday)

* There are 5 participating stores: Ginza Mitsukoshi, Matsuya Ginza, Wako, Tokyu Plaza Ginza, and GINZA SIX.

* All prices include tax.
* The information posted is subject to change or cancellation without notice due to various reasons.
Please be sure to check the website in advance before visiting the store.
* Customers may be restricted from entering the facility from the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Please note that.

■ Date: October 20th (Wednesday) -November 2nd (Tuesday), 2021
■ Venue: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building / New Building ■ https: //www.mistore.jp/shopping/event/ginza_e/gfw_51

<Ginza Mitsukoshi>
Address: 4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3562-1111 (Major representative)
Business hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm ■ https://www.mitsukoshi.mistore.jp/ginza.html

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