“Kanigennu Ginza”, a live crab specialty store where you can enjoy fresh crabs in front of you, will open in Ginza on November 15, 2021!

~ The season has arrived! Winter taste crab fishing 11/6 (Sat) lifted ~

QRAUD Co., Ltd., which operates meat cooking "salon du kuma3" and shellfish restaurant "Epoque" in Tokyo and Osaka, will open a live crab specialty store "Kanije" on November 15, 2021. "Nnu Ginza" will open in Ginza, Tokyo.

"Kanigennu Ginza" is a private space with a completely private room, and is a specialty store where you can enjoy crabs and crab dishes prepared by a dedicated cook from the state of being alive in front of you. In addition to nails and shells, we provide loincloths and hearts that can only be tasted with live crabs, using sashimi, boiled (rare, medium, well-done), roasted, and other cooking methods suitable for each part. ..

In addition to the fresh crabs that can only be tasted here, the rare "golden crabs", which are said to be "phantom crabs" that can only be landed with a probability of 1 in thousands, and crab liquor made by boiling baked crab shells. You can also enjoy the experience unique to "Kanigennu Ginza". The crabs we provide will be delivered directly from the production area on that day, so you can enjoy the same freshness as the production area while you are in Tokyo.

Live crab specialty store

Crab miso shabu-shabu

Crab risotto

・ Live king crab course 28,000 yen ・ Live pine needle crab course 40,000 yen to 50,000 yen ・ Yellow crab and pine needle crab course 50,000 yen ・ Special Echizen crab course market price (80,000 yen ~)
* In addition, special menus are available depending on the season.

<Menu contents (example)>
Sashimi / Shaoxing wine pickled / How much egg pickled / Boiled (rare, medium, well-done) / Charcoal-grilled / Crab miso shabu-shabu / Shark fin crab ankake / Crab fried / Crab curry / Crab cooked rice

[Store overview]
Store name: Crab Jennu Ginza Address: 7-13-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tiara Race Ginza Tower 2F
Phone number: 03-6281-5454
Seat type: Private room only (2 people / 4 people / 6 people, 4 rooms in total)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/canni.ginza/

[Operating company]
Company name: QRAUD Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-3-19 Higashidaisaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Representative: Yukihiro Teraya Business: Management of restaurants such as cafes and restaurants, and consulting business

There are 4 completely private rooms

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