SHISEIDO x HAKUTEN develops “Ginza Ecology Map” that considers sustainability from “Ginza Ecology”

Starting from window art, it is expressed in three phases from "plants and creatures" in Ginza to "earth" and "human activities".

Hakuten Co., Ltd., together with Shiseido Co., Ltd., has been developing a project "Ginza Ecological Map" for one year to visualize the ecology of Ginza from various perspectives and think about a sustainable society. Is on display.

▲ Ginza Ecological Map Mid-term <Ginza Earth Edition>
This project is to visualize the ecology of Ginza from various perspectives, starting from the window art of the Shiseido Ginza Building. <Ginza's Earth Edition> is on display. In addition, from November 29, 2021 (Monday) to around February 2022 (undecided), we will develop the second half <Ginza People's Activities>.

Ginza is the place where Shiseido was founded, and we are co-creating it with Hakuten, which has its head office in the same area, and through this project, we aim to revitalize communication that connects with the area.

・ Overview of "Ginza Ecological Map"

Exhibition location: Shiseido Ginza Building (7-5-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Through fieldwork with various people surrounding Ginza and window art of the Shiseido Ginza Building, we are disseminating information about the ecology of Ginza. It is a project to discover, observe, and create Ginza from various perspectives, consisting of three phases: [early stage], [middle stage], and [late stage] in line with the conversion of window displays that will be carried out throughout the year.
* The mid-term "Ginza Earth Edition" is on display until November 26, 2021 (Friday), and from November 29 (Monday) to around February 2022 (undecided), the latter term "Ginza People's Activities" Will be deployed.

・ Project background / intention

▲ Actual observation and collection of the characteristics of the land in Ginza At COP26, which closed the other day, not only climate change but also biodiversity loss was mentioned as a global crisis related to each other.
When thinking about the future of society after the corona, is it okay to simply regain the original life? What is a sustainable society? This is a project to find new discoveries and hints for the future of the city by looking at the city of "Ginza" from the perspective of "ecology".

・ About the mid-term "Ginza Earth Edition"

Exhibition period: Until Friday, November 26, 2021

▲ Mapping the soil and stones actually collected on the MAP of Ginza

Observing the "land of Ginza" that you usually walk casually, you can see not only the asphalt, but also colorful and diverse tiles on the sidewalk, soil and stones of various shapes and colors under the roadside trees, and people passing by. Notice that there are traces of. There was a glimpse of the "beauty consciousness" and "history" of the people of Ginza.

▼ Exhibition details (partial excerpt)

On the back of the exhibition, the process, pottery made of Ginza soil and stone (Ginza ware), mud dumplings, mud dyeing dyed with soil, etc. are exhibited.

・ About the latter term "Ginza's People's Activities"

From Monday, November 29, 2021, we plan to exhibit the latter half of the Ginza Ecological Map, "Ginza People's Activities".
There will also be an exhibition on the proposal of living value utilizing industry and academia under the theme of "sustainable beauty" that Musashino Art University and Shiseido are working on.
Musashino Art University Press Release >>

・ Project members

Executive Creative Director: Yoji Shinto (Creative Hongu)
Art Director: Keisuke Hori (Creative Hongu)

Planner: Yosuke Nakazato Designer: Koji Nakae Promoter: Takuya Hasegawa Research and Production Manager: Ryuka Aosu, Naoki Nishimura, Kei Suzuki, Aiki Ito, Hibiki Ito, Tomoki Shinami, Keiko Fujiwara, Maiko Mori, Tsutomu Narukawa I, Yohei Honda, Riho Moroto, Kenji Tsu, Takumi Takahashi

Photographer: JUNPEI KATO

・ About the previous term "Plants and Creatures in Ginza" (April-September)

In the previous term, we focused on the plants (roadside trees / stray flowers, etc.) and creatures that inhabit Ginza, which were discovered through fieldwork and ecological surveys in the city of Ginza.
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・ About Hakuten Co., Ltd.

Based on our medium-term vision, "Creating a moment that shakes our hearts and moving the world to the next," we will experience various experiences in "places" and "spaces" where people meet through such projects. We will create value and draw new communication between people and society.
We also have various examples of brand communication support related to corporate sustainability, so please feel free to contact us.

Representative: Tokuhisa Taguchi, President and CEO Location: 1-13-14 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045 NBF Higashi-Ginza Square 9th floor Established: March 1970 Business description: Communicating with companies and organizations through the creation of experience value I am designing.

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