The classical Hawaiian restaurant “The Island” will open in Ginza 1-chome, Tokyo!

You can enjoy Hawaiian plate lunch, one plate lunch, fish burger, original pancakes, Hawaiian cocktails, etc. that are particular about "Hawaii local taste" from early lunch to dinner.

M-Star Dining Co., Ltd., which operates five Hawaiian plate lunch specialty stores "Island Plate Lunch" (as of November 2021), has opened the long-awaited first full-scale Hawaiian restaurant "The Island" in Tokyo. It will open on Thursday, December 2nd at Ginza 1-chome.

M-Star Dining Co., Ltd. will open the long-awaited first Hawaiian restaurant "The Island" in Ginza 1-chome, Tokyo on Thursday, December 2, 2021.
At the Hawaiian plate lunch specialty store "Island Plate Lunch," which opened in 2020, we offer casual products in take-out containers like a local plate lunch restaurant in Hawaii. The Island, which will open this time, has the image of a restaurant in a long-established hotel in Hawaii, and you can spend a relaxing time in a spacious and classical restaurant with a high ceiling and a feeling of openness. It is a full-fledged Hawaiian restaurant that you can enjoy.

[Imagine a restaurant like a long-established hotel in Hawaii]
With the image of a fictitious long-established hotel in Hawaii, we created a brand with the hero who owns it as a motif.
We will welcome customers with warm hospitality peculiar to Hawaii, imagining a restaurant in a classic Hawaiian long-established hotel so that customers who can not go to Hawaii can feel the local feeling of Hawaii even a little in the corona.

[A menu full of individuality centered on seafood]
Hawaiian plate lunch is centered on seafood such as "poke" and "garlic shrimp" which are standard Hawaiian dishes, "mochiko chicken" and orange scented "honey chicken", and "surf & turf" where you can enjoy a combination of seafood and meat. There are more than 80 combinations of Hawaiian plate lunches. You can choose from white rice, wakame seaweed rice, and five-grain rice as a side dish.

Poke plate lunch

Garlic shrimp plate lunch

Honey chicken plate lunch

Surf & turf plate lunch (pictured is mochiko chicken & poke)

"Ebimoko", which is a completely original signature menu that can only be tasted at our shop, and "Seafood curry", which is made from the soup stock carefully extracted from several types of seafood over a long period of time, have become a self-confident work through trial and error. We are here.

Shrimp Moko

Seafood curry

In addition, we have a large selection of seafood-centered menus that are full of originality that can only be tasted at "The Island", such as "Mahi Mahi Burger" which is excellent for eating and "Shrimp Burger" where you can taste the texture for the first time.

Mahi Mahi Burger

In addition, the "Shrimp Salad Plate" is our signature salad plate, which is made by carefully hand-peeling the boiled Brussels sprouts one by one and using the original lemon herb dressing.

Shrimp salad plate

[Addictive side menu]
We have a wide selection of "truffle fries" and "popcorn shrimp" that do not stop once you start eating, "garlic shrimp boats" where garlic shrimp rides on French fries, and a la carte menu of seafood that can be ordered separately. It's perfect for a little snack.

From left: truffle fly, garlic shrimp boat, popcorn shrimp

[Sweets menu such as pancakes and malasadas]
The "roll pancake", which is a pancake made by rolling a thinly baked dough into a circle and tasted with warm maple butter syrup, blueberry jam and whipped cream, is moist and has a unique chewy texture.
In addition, Hawaii's classic suit "Malasada" is also available in two types: sugar and cinnamon sugar.

Bread roll cake

Malasada (sugar / cinnamon sugar)

[Collaboration with a long-established Hawaiian brand full of Aloha spirits]
The island's coffee menu collaborates with one of Hawaii's most beloved brands, Lion Coffee.
We prepare fragrant coffee using the original mug of "Lion Coffee" featuring the logo of the lion's head.

In addition, the original chocolate sweets (* coming soon) and ice cream (* coming soon) are collaborating with Hawaii's long-established brand "Hawaiian Horst", which made the world's first macadamia nut chocolate. We will provide deliciousness full of aloha spirits with chocolate scented with macadamia nuts.

[Alcohol menu such as draft Kona beer and Hawaiian cocktail]
We also offer a variety of Hawaii-themed cocktails such as raw beer from KONA BREWING CO., Hawaii's No. 1 craft beer born in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and "My Thai".

[Infection prevention measures and efforts for safety and security]
At "The Island," we place the highest priority on "safety" and "safety" for our customers and employees, and are implementing measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus infection.
・ Wide space between tables, spacious space from the next seat ・ Regular ventilation in the store, regular disinfection of tables, chairs, door knobs, etc., high temperature washing of tableware ・ Wearing employee masks, hand washing, alcohol Disinfection, thorough gargle, physical condition management, alcohol disinfection at the time of customer entry, temperature measurement with a non-contact thermometer

【store information】
Store name: The Island Ginza Store Address: 1-5-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza First Five Building 10F
Access: Subway Ginza Line "Ginza Station" Exit A13 3 minutes walk / Subway Yurakucho Line "Ginza 1-chome Station" Exit 6 1 minute walk / JR "Yurakucho Station" Kyobashi Exit 4 minutes walk Phone number: 03-3535-4808
Business hours: 10: 30-21: 00 (LO 20:00)
* Business hours are subject to change at the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Number of seats: 48 seats Reservation: Available holidays: Irregular holidays Open days: Thursday, December 2, 2021
Official website:
Instagram: @theisland_byislandplatelunch

[Operating company]
A member who loves Hawaii was founded in 2019 and is developing "Island Plate Lunch", a Hawaiian plate lunch specialty store, nationwide.
With the policy of "providing customers with fresh and outstandingly delicious products," the stores that have produced in the past have won the Michelin Bib Gourmand four times.
A support group for restaurants and restaurants that have developed numerous restaurant brands in Japan and overseas.

Company name: Mstar Dining Co., Ltd.
Business contents: Operation and development of restaurants, franchise business, provision of various consulting services Operation brand: Island plate lunch (ISLAND PLATE LUNCH), The Island, other brands URL: